Here’s Your Live Link to an Archived Copy of the Latest Edition (April 27) of Kindle Nation’s Free Weekly Email Newsletter & Digest of Kindle Nation Daily Posts

Greetings from Kindle Nation!

I’m hoping that this finds you, like it finds me, in finest fettle.

I try for a balance each week between tips, news, free book alerts, and analysis of what’s going on in the Kindlesphere. I never totally nail that balance, but this issue feels to me like a good mix, and I hope that you agree!

Here’s a link to this week’s issue:

Contents include:

Amazon Touts Free Mother’s Day Shipping for Kindle in a Release That Invites Comparison with the iPad
Kindle Nation Daily Free Book Alert: “Wounded Healer” and “Scent,” and Dozens More!
RIP Alan Sillitoe – A Favorite of Mine, And a Litmus Test for the Backlist Reach of eBooks
From the Kindle Nation Mailbag: Legacies (eBook, Literary, and Political), eBook Architecture, and Free Book Alerts
Amazon Allows Kindle Owners to Set a Charge Limit for Transmission of Personal Documents
A Tip for Kindle Owners with Access to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch: Thousands of Free, High-Qality Audiobooks
Amazon Poised for Earnings Report, and Why It Matters to Kindle Customers
Summing Up the Last Week, and the Last 2 1/2 Years, for Amazon: Phases I, II, and III of the Kindlle Revolution Are Over, and Amazon Has Won All Three
About That Kindle Revolution: A Few Nuggets from Amazon’s April 22 Conference Call on Quarterly Earnings
Around the Global Kindlesphere: Paulo Coelho Kindle eBooks Available in Spanish & French Worldwide


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