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Here’s the set-up for Ed Brodow’s Fixer, just $2.99 on Kindle:

Power broker Harry Leonnoff takes on Mayor Fiorello La Guardia in this thrilling novel of New York City politics. From the slums of the Lower East Side to the bloody battle of Belleau Wood, Fixer is the spellbinding tale of a fearless politician with a limp and a .38 who is faced with an impossible choice between his career and his integrity.

Harry Leonnoff, uneducated son of Russian Jewish immigrants, overcomes the poverty of the Lower East Side, a crippling bout with polio, and rampant anti-semitism to become the admired Robin Hood of Depression-Era New York.

He confronts gangsters and bigots, saves nine innocent black men from the electric chair, and comes to the aid of immigrants and the poor. But vindictive Mayor Fiorello La Guardia doesn’t like losing out to Harry over his election redistricting campaign and swears he will get even. Ed Brodow introduces us to one of the most compelling antiheroes in contemporary American fiction.

From the author:

What is amazing about Fixer is how closely it coincides with the actual experience of my grandfather, a larger-than-life New York City politician whose type no longer exists. He was the most complex, extraordinary human being I have ever met. No one who knew him ever forgot him. He was a tough guy who came out of a tough school but what made him different from the rest was his lifelong, unselfish struggle to improve the condition of poor people and minorities. I have been carrying the burden of his story with me for a long time and I am grateful that people are finally finding out what happened to this fascinating man.

Critical Acclaim for Fixer:

“A passionate, tough and colorful story…fascinating!” — Iris Rainer Dart, author of Beaches

“A modern classic. Not since Edna Ferber’s great novels and Betty Smith’s ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn’ have I read a novel that is so lifelike, powerful and riveting.” — Susanna Hutcheson, award-winning journalist

“This story really grabbed me and kept me entranced with the characters and how they overcame adversity. I definitely recommend this book and give it 2 thumbs up!” — Storeybook Reviews

“Breathtaking! A powerful story and a real page-turner. Harry Leonnoff is an unforgettable character.” — Susan RoAne, author of How to Work a Room

“The book progresses cleverly and swiftly as the characters develop and their own individual stories come together in a wonderful climax. Brodow is a natural storyteller. Up there with the best of them!” — Ken Scott, author of Jack of Hearts

“An extraordinary book, and one you won’t be able to put down.” — C.L. Rossman at

“Extraordinarily interesting characters that are well drawn. The novel is never less than fascinating reading. Ed Brodow is a born storyteller.” — Grady Harp, Amazon Top 10 reviewer

“A lively, compelling novel with a good plot. Deft construction of scenes replete with provocative and fascinating dialogue. Wonderful shifting of perspectives and the manipulation of language and logic at every turn. A very good novel.” — Writer’s Digest


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Ed Brodow is the best-selling author of Fixer, The StampNegotiation Boot Camp, The Man Who Could Not Make Up His Mind, and Getting a Success Change.

An internationally recognized expert on the art of negotiation, Ed was dubbed “King of Negotiators” by SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt. Ed has appeared as negotiation guru on PBS, ABC National News, Fox News, Inside Edition, and Fortune Business Report.

As a speaker, he has enthralled more than 1,000 audiences in Paris, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Athens, Toronto, and New York.

Ed is a veteran member of Screen Actors Guild, appearing in American and European movies with Jessica Lange, Ron Howard, and Christopher Reeve. A former Marine officer, Ed graduated from Brooklyn College and lives in Monterey, California. Websites:,,

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is a free copy of FIXER by Ed Brodow:

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