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A Few Tips for How to Find Some of Kindle Nation Daily’s Most Helpful Features – Part 1

As we’ve continued to add cool new features each month to help you find great Kindle content at the most ridiculously cool prices (including FREE), we haven occasionally fallen victim to the incorrect assumption that “you will find it, if it is there.” (Sort of like, “If you build it, they will come,” or, for authors, “If I write and publish it, they will read it.”)

Of course, it doesn’t really work that way. We’re all busy people, and even if you have some time, it’s to your credit as one of the greatest readers of the world that you’d rather spend that time reading the next great book on your Kindle TBR list than rooting around for hidden links and hard-to-find content on our websites.

So let’s take a few moments a day for the next few days to map out a few things that you may have missed, and make a few comments about what we’re doing to make Kindle Nation Daily work even better for you.

Finding Free and Bargain Books by Category

Chances are that you are already well aware of certain daily features like our Free Book Alerts, our Kindle Daily Deal posts, our eBook of the Day feature, and our various reader alerts, but some of the most helpful, money-saving material on our website is just there all the time, on our website, without daily posts to highlight it.

What am I talking about? Well, if you scroll down the left sidebar on our website, you will find our three most popular bargain book search tools broken into popular categories. That way, if your thing is Biographies or Literary Fiction or Sports Books, you can confine tour searches to those categories alone. Here are links to each set of categories:

By the way, about once a week we get an email from one of our readers saying something along the lines of “None of the books in your free book listings are free!” or “The books in your free book listings are only free if your have Amazon Prime!”

We always appreciate the feedback, and we always check, but we work very hard to make sure that our Free Book Search Tool software returns up-to-date prices, and more often than not there is one of two things going on:

  • the reader has inadvertently clicked on one of the other kinds of listings (like the 99-centers) rather than the free book listings; or
  • the reader is accessing the Kindle Store from outside the US

Please remember:

References to prices on this website refer to prices on the main Amazon.com website for US customers. Prices will vary for readers located outside the US, and prices for US customers may change at any time. Always check the price on Amazon before making a purchase.

We’ll be back with more tomorrow!

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