Profound Historical Fiction Set During The Financial Crisis of 2008 – Cassia Cassitas’ Saga of Wealth
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Saga of Wealth

by Cassia Cassitas

4.3 stars – 41 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Saga of Wealth is a historical fiction novel set during the financial crisis of 2008.

The novel tells a story of people who live in the era of finance, fund implementation risk and the quest for money and power. People that, despite real estate bubbles, subprime securities and unemployment, envision and pursue paths of prosperity.

The chapters relate the story that originated the facts to the current developments. While the U.S. real estate bubble burst in 2008, leaving many people homeless and jobless, the first generation of the saga left Europe in search of housing and employment.

The main character is Ricardo, a financial executive torn between his own wealth and the ethical conflict of endangering an entire segment of society in favor of the profitability of his investment agency. Through his thoughts, the reader will learn a little about the rules of the economy and the alternatives governments possess in relation to the distribution of wealth.

Carolina, his wife, is an architect who decides to create her own company when she discovers that she is pregnant. Amidst her relationship with her husband, the international crisis, and the opportunities of the globalized environment, her trajectory reflects the decision making process of the contemporary woman.

The novel addresses several veridical events pertaining to Brazilian history, such as the transformations which occurred at the start of the republican society, the Estado Novo, and the real estate and economic expansion. The characters in this fiction live amid real facts. When the U.S. real estate bubble bursts, the characters react accordingly to their socio-cultural characteristics.

Saga of Wealth is a living book — a story that is not over. It goes on in countries that struggle with instability and unemployment.

5-Star Amazon Reviews

“I was captivated instantly by this great book. So often as Americans we don’t see what is global, we see just how things affect us. This book really shows us how the economic crisis has a cause and effect system that ripples through the entire world….”

“This is a powerful story, almost a timely reminder on how to live a happy and rewarding life in our modern world where, on any given day, we have so much battling for our time and attention. Sparing the time to read this cleverly insightful and enjoyable book is a true personal investment and highly recommended.”

About The Author

Cassia Cassitas made her career in technology. She has remained in academics both as a teacher and a student, working on innovative projects including those that involve prospects.

She specialized in philosophy and existence, information engineering, and college didactics. Currently she studies French, due to her husband’s influence, and English to enlarge her world.

Mother to two adolescents who devour books, Cassia published her first work, Sunday, The Game, in 2010, a digital best seller in Brazil. Cassia Cassitas lives with her family in Curitiba, where her dreams prosper under the eyes of her readers.

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