Amazon is Keeping Up with Its Kindle 2 Order Flow

Although there have been rumors that Amazon would quickly sell out of the Kindle 2, current indications are that the company has done a better job this time of preparing for the demand. Kindle 2 sales have been extremely brisk, but an order placed this morning for a Kindle 2 with one-day shipping ($3.99 with Amazon Prime) still shows an estimated delivery date of February 25, one day after the Kindle 2 release.

Amazon has always played Kindle unit sales numbers extremely close to the vest, but I wouldn’t be totally shocked if the company came out with an announcement of its one-day Kindle shipment figure for the Kindle’s February 24 release date. If they did, I wonder what would impress people. It’s been my guess for a while now that they will ship more than a quarter million Kindles this month.

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