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Authors are Readers, Too: The Joys of Finding Independently Published Treasures in the Kindle Store

By DL Rose
Author of Shepherds of Terror

So I wandered into my local Barnes & Noble bookstore yesterday to browse the bestsellers.  Yes, I’m a huge Kindle fan, but I also like my hardcover library.  The trouble is, as I was perusing I kept telling myself how many Kindle books I could get for the same price as one hardcover.

Also, what seemed most available at B&N were authors who were well known to everyone.  The beauty of Kindle, for me, is having found treasures by reading books written by authors who I’ve never heard of but are every bit as prolific and entertaining as any of the top ten … and for a fraction of the cost.

I’m sure others, including some who have found and read my novel Shepherds Of Terror, can say the same thing.  For a first-time author like myself, publishing for the Kindle has given me an opportunity to share my book with folks who would never have heard about Shepherds Of Terror And where, you might ask, does one find these treasures?

A year ago, before I even received my new Kindle, I found this nifty weekly newsletter called Kindle Nation. It’s about all things Kindle, including free and low-cost books.  Well, I purchased many books though the Kindle Nation links even before my Kindle arrived.  I was hooked, still am.

Not only do I look forward to my e-mailed version of Kindle Nation every Tuesday, but with the Kindle edition I also receive updates on pertinent issues and links to free books all during the week.  Waahoo!  No, this isn’t a paid Kindle Nation ad, it’s me just telling my story and saying thanks!!!

(Editor’s Note: If you haven’t read Rose’s novel set in London and Basque Spain, you can click here for the excerpt that we featured as a Free Kindle Nation Short last Fall.)

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