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Greetings from Kindle Nation!

Even with the remnants of some post-operative medication, I’m pretty sure that it’s time for a fresh issue of our free weekly Kindle Nation newsletter. So, it’s nice to see you again, and here we go.

Thanks to all of you who have been in touch to wish me well or offer assistance. I’m pleased to report that the recovery is going splendidly and I’m actually contemplating a walk to Arlington Center sometime after I cross my final “t” and dot my final “i” on this week’s issue.

Speaking of which, it’s probably in those details of typographical correctness that I may fall short of your expectations this week, and I appreciate your indulgence and any available relaxation of standards should you spot such errors. As of a couple of days ago I was a little concerned about the quantity and quality of Kindle Nation content this week, but then I remembered that in a few of the first issues of this newsletter I actually made promises to limit its weekly length to no more than 1,000 words! All I better say on that subject now is that I have run this week’s entire issue through my Google Docs “word count” calculator and, well, let’s just not go there….


To read, the entire issue in our Kindle Nation Archives, just click here.

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