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Tip: How to Set Up a Text "Slideshow" to Allow Automatic Page Turns and Hands-Free Reading with the Kindle

Want to read a book on your Kindle without having to use your hands to turn the pages?

This feature exists with a straightforward “slideshow” command or shortcut on the Kindle 1: you just press ALT+0 to enable the slideshow, then press ALT+1 to start it and ALT+2 to stop it.

The feature was abandoned for the latest-generation Kindle (Kindle 2) and the Kindle DX, but there’s an easy work-around involving the Text-to-Speech feature. Since text-to-speech is involved, this will work only on books and documents for which Text-to-Speech is enabled, but here are the steps:

  1. Open the book or document for which you want to enable hands-free reading.
  2. Press the font key marked “Aa” just to the right of the spacebar on your Kindle keyboard.
  3. Select “turn on” Text-to-Speech, and after a few seconds the book’s pages will begin turning to keep up with the Text-to-Speech feature.
  4. Use the volume control on the upper right edge of the Kindle to turn the volume all the way down, unless you prefer to listen to Text-to-Speech as you read.
  5. Press the font key marked “Aa” again and use the “Speech Rate” control to control the speed of the page turns.
  6. When you are ready to stop the automatic page turns, just press the font key marked “Aa” again and select “turn off” Text-to-Speech.

This feature works especially well with a bookstand such as the M-Edge Platform series.

Please note: regardless of volume level, the Text-to-Speech feature and other audio features make intensive use of Kindle battery power, so be prepared to recharge your Kindle battery more frequently if you are using such features.

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