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Amazon Slashes Extended Warranty Prices for New Kindles By $15 to $25

I mentioned this in passing in an earlier post, but I think it is important enough to “warrant” its own headline.

As editor of Kindle Nation, I have received some heartbreaking emails I receive from folks who drop their Kindles or experienced other problems after the Kindles were out of warranty. At that point, I seldom have the heart to ask folks why they didn’t purchase an extended warranty. It’s like the old question about backing up one’s hard drive. “I meant to!”

Happily, in association with the launch of the new Kindle 3G and Kindle Wi-Fi, there’s a nice $15 to $25 reduction in the cost of Amazon’s extended two-year warranty for your Kindle, which doubles the length of the standard one-year warranty and adds coverage for accidental drops and spills. Until now the price for the Kindle 2 warranty was $65, even after the recent price cut, but now the warranty prices have been reduced to $49.99 for the new Kindle 3G and $39.99 for the new Kindle Wi-Fi:

Not for nothing, but it seems like there should be a concomitant cut in the $109 price of the 2-Year Extended Warranty for Kindle DX (9.7 Display, Free 3G, Latest Generation), U.S. customers only, now that the DX price has come down from $389 to $379. After all, the extended warranty for the Kindle 1 was only $65 back when the Kindle 1’s price was $399.

If you want to shop around for a warranty, SquareTrade also provides multiple levels of Kindle warranties, including a 3-year extended plan with warranty protection for $39.99 that would fit the Kindle 3G.

My point here, generally, on warranties is not that they are a must-have items. Taking your chances and assuming that you’ll be upgrading eventually — possibly at a lower price — can work out. But is always makes sense to think these things through so that you you’ll be prepared for any eventuality.

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