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Kindle Nation Daily Free Book Alert, Wednesday, September 29: Kensington Books brings us two great new reads that won’t set you back a single penny, plus Zach Hamric’s Crescent Rising (Today’s Sponsor), “a mix of Cussler, Clancy and Flynn, but with a style and feel all its own,” and Links to Over a Million Free Kindle Titles

Kensington Books brings us “a big ol’ pitcher of Mississippi mystery” from Peggy Webb and a Charlie Carillo offering that sports-writing novelist Mike Lupica calls “The best kind of journey, one you don’t want to end” to head up today’s Free Book Alert….

But first … a word from Today’s Sponsor

by Zachary Hamric

Ryan Black is living a life most men will never know- filled with high-risk adventure in exotic locales, an authentic hero who willingly confronts head-on the life and death challenges found in emerging trouble spots around the globe.

This high impact thriller takes you on a desperate mission to prevent a radiological attack on the United States by Jusef al Sudairy. From mysterious crashes of Soviet-era fighters in California to high-tech naval battles in the Atlantic, the action is nonstop in this first volume in the Ryan Black Series.

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Couldn’t Put It Down!, June 29, 2010 By Greta S. Carlo 
Amazon Verified Purchase

“This book had it all- Nonstop action and a great story line with a couple of unexpected twists. I read a lot of thrillers and this had the right blend of characters and plot. I especially liked the scenes in Miami at the Delano Hotel- I need to meet a guy like Ryan Black!” 

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Elvis and The Dearly Departed
Elvis and The Dearly Departed
by Peggy Webb
4.2 out of 5 stars  (9 customer reviews) – Kindle Price: $0.00 Text-to-Speech: Enabled

They say you can’t get to Heaven without passing through the Eternal Rest Funeral Home. And no one gets into Eternal Rest without passing muster with Elvis-the basset hound who’s convinced he’s the reincarnation of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Brewing up a big ol’ pitcher of Mississippi mystery, Peggy Webb’s delightful new series is as intoxicating as the Delta breeze.

…  Pure southern lunacy of the best possible kind.” -Laurien Berenson

Raising Jake

by Charlie Carillo
4.5 out of 5 stars (79 customer reviews) – Kindle Price:    $0.00 – Text-to-Speech: Enabled

The best kind of journey, one you don’t want to end…funny, moving.-Mike Lupica, New York Times bestselling author of Heat  In Charlie Carillo’s funny, insightful novel, a divorced man gets to know his seventeen-year-old son in a tale that rewrites the book on quality time together. . .  Sammy Sullivan is working his way down the ladder of success. Divorced and pushing fifty, his relationships have the longevity of a fruit fly. But how many men can get themselves fired and have their only son expelled from prep school all in one day? Now, after almost eighteen years, he and Jake may finally get to know each other. (That’s if his ex-wife–the super-achiever Sammy can only dream of being–doesn’t find out.) Jake knows virtually nothing about his roots. So, Sammy shows him the old neighborhood in the far reaches of Queens. But it’s been thirty years. The older woman Sammy lost his virginity to now uses a walker to get around. Most of his hangouts are long gone. It’s dreary, born-to-lose stuff. But Jake is on a mission. Wise beyond his (and his dad’s) years, he doesn’t want his father to miss out the second time around on the good things he blew the first time. And they’ve got a whole weekend together–a journey where Sammy will confront his, dysfunctional childhood and Jake will face a past he never knew he had.  This isn’t your typical father-son story–one is still growing up. The other is his son.  “In the tradition of Tom Perotta, Carillo explores the strength of the family bond, the power of forgiveness, and the hope that comes from embracing second chances. . .truthful, and hilarious.”–Alison Grambs, author of The Smart Girls Guide to Getting Even  “I don’t like funny, touching novels because they make me wish I’d written them myself. I enjoyed Charlie Carillo’s book from beginning to end and now I’m miserable.”–Sherwood Kiraly, author of Diminished Capacity  “A literary romp through the minefields of a totally normal, and totally abnormal, family. . . I actually laughed out loud and kept turning the pages to make absolutely sure that all worked out at the end.”–Cathy Lamb, author of Henry’s Sisters  “Scathingly hilarious and truthful.”–Sally Jenkins

The 7th Victim
The 7th Victim
by Alan Jacobson – Kindle Price: $0.00 – Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Jacobson’s third novel (after False Accusations and The Hunted) has all the ingredients for a best-selling psychological thriller: strong female lead, multifaceted serial killer, compelling plot, and just enough secrets and surprises to keep the adrenaline racing. The hunt is on for the notorious Dead Eyes killer who is preying on young women. Karen Vail is a gritty yet vulnerable FBI profiler with a precarious personal life. As Vail and the task force pursue the serial killer, readers are drawn into the inner sanctum of a profiler while simultaneously privy to the killer’s crazed thoughts. The murders rapidly escalate, and Vail’s personal life is careening out of control, threatening to derail her investigation. When the killer strikes a seventh time, surprising revelations provide a shocking finale. The author’s seven years of study with the FBI’s profiling unit have helped him craft a riveting, authentically detailed thriller that will ensnare readers. Strongly recommended for all popular fiction collections.—Mary Todd Chesnut, Northern Kentucky Univ. Lib., Highland Heights 


 by Alan Jacobson – Kindle Price:    $0.00 – Text-to-Speech: Enabled  
Pre-order FREE now and this title will be auto-delivered to your Kindle on October 5, 2010.

Michael Connelly, New York Times bestselling author: “From the first page Velocity is as relentless as a bullet. Karen Vail is my kind of hero and Alan Jacobson is my kind of writer!”  

Supervisory Special Agent Michael Upchurch, Drug Enforcement Administration (ret): “Jacobson captures the complexity of the mission faced by DEA, the threat posed to our country, and the constant danger our agents face battling members of international drug trafficking organizations. As someone who devoted his career to carrying out that mission, I can say first-hand that Velocity hits the target. Jacobson’s acquired a new fan.” 

Ridley Pearson, New York Times bestselling author: “Alan Jacobson writes with a firm hand, a strong voice, and fine eye for detail.”

by Mike Shevdon – 5 out of 5 stars (2 customer reviews) – Kindle Price: $0.00 Text-to-Speech: Enabled 
THERE IS A SECRET WAR GROWING BENEATH THE STREETS OF LONDON.   A dark magic will be unleashed by the Untainted…Unless a new hero can be found. The smarter, faster brother to Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere has arrived. 

Twelve Kindle-Compatible Math and Science Textbooks

Can you imagine a future when high school students can work on their tans, shoot baskets in the driveway, or chill on the sofa while their Kindles read their homework assignments to them?
That future is here, and here are 12 very useful and very free high school math and science textbooks to prove it. With innovative public high school administrators like Clearwater High School’s Keith Mastorides buying Kindles by the thousands for their students, it is just a matter of time before we’ll see textbook publishers jumping through hoops to provide Kindle editions of their texts. But these 12 free math and science ebooks with text-to-speech enabled are a great start, and they are well worth downloading and keeping in your Kindle archives for whenever you or someone younger in your family might need them. They’re pretty good on the Kindle 2 or 3, fine on a Kindle DX, and especially user-friendly on an iPad, Mac, or PC. 
(Once you buy just about any Kindle ebook, it’s a snap to go to your Manage Your Kindle page and send the ebook to other registered devices to which you have downloaded free Kindle apps. See the screenshot above at the right.)

CK-12 Trigonometry
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