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Kindle Nation Daily Free Book Alert, Friday, December 31: Pour the Champagne with 6 Brand New Free Books for New Year’s Eve! plus … Can an Angel Love a Demon? Her Warrior Angel by Felicity Heaton (Today’s Sponsor)

Would you choose to spend New Year’s Eve with the Perfect Woman, the Queen’s Dollmaker, a Mistress by Mistake, or a Louis L’Amour-style Western? The choice is yours with six new freebies atop this morning’s latest additions to our 225+ Free Book Alert listings….

But first, a word from … Today’s Sponsor

Can an Angel love a Demon?

 Ring out 2010 with this great mixture of the dark and the seductive that asks and answers that question….

Her Warrior Angel (Her Angel Romance Series)
by Felicity Heaton
5.0 out of 5 stars   2 Reviews

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Prolific and popular romance writer Felicity Heaton has been fascinated by the paranormal, preternatural and fantastical since childhood. She puts her fantasies to good use in this novel one reviewer describes as “scary good”…
Here’s the set-up:

Einar is one of Heaven’s best hunters and he’s on a mission to uncover why an angel was working with demons. When he finds the first demon fighting a beautiful woman named Taylor, he intervenes and saves her life. Taylor has spent her whole life protecting London from the lowest demons and she’s not about to let an angel waltz into her city and take over her job, and she’s certainly not about to fall in love with him, even if he is gorgeous. The reason why she can’t is simple—she’s half demon.

There is no love in this world more forbidden than that between an angel and a demon.

Sense tells Taylor to get out before she gets her heart broken, but she winds up convincing Einar to partner with her instead. Einar is certain that working with Taylor is a bad idea, and not only because he can’t focus when he’s around her, but he can’t let her go. The mission leads them deep into the city’s underworld, where old flames burn Taylor while new flames of passion and fear of the consequences consume them, and the threat of Einar’s demons hangs over them both.

Can a love so forbidden ever have a happy ending or are they destined to break each other’s hearts?

What the reviews say
I love all of Felicity’s books and this book was no exception. I loved all of the characters in this book. Taylor, even though she is half demon, she still saves London from other demons. She doesn’t like that Einar has come to take over her job. Einar and Taylor partner up and Einar knows that it is a bad idea, but the do it anyway. I just love this book, even though the characters for the last two book are not in this book. It is still a great book. Everyone should read this book. —AmberPreer

Her Warrior Angel is good! Like scary good. It is like the other books in the series and talks about Angels. But what I liked about this this, is that it also has a demon in it as the main character and how a Angel can love a Demon. Pretty good story. Give it a try! —E. Chung

About the Author
Felicity Heaton is a romance author writing as both Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton. She is passionate about penning paranormal tales full of vampires, witches, werewolves, angels and shape-shifters, and has been interested in all things preternatural and fantastical since she was just a child. Her other passion is science-fiction and she likes nothing more than to immerse herself in a whole new universe and the amazing species therein. She used to while away days at school and college dreaming of vampires, werewolves and witches, or being lost in space, and used to while away evenings watching movies about them or reading gothic horror stories, science-fiction and romances.

Having tried her hand at various romance genres, it was only natural for her to turn her focus back to the paranormal, fantasy and science-fiction worlds she enjoys so much. She loves to write seductive, sexy and strong vampires, werewolves, witches, angels and alien species. The worlds she often dreams up for them are vicious, dark and dangerous, reflecting aspects of the heroines and heroes, but her characters also love deeply, laugh, cry and feel every emotion as keenly as anyone does. She makes no excuses for the darkness surrounding them, especially the paranormal creatures, and says that this is their world. She’s just honored to write down their adventures.

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