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Kindle Nation Daily Free Book Alert, Monday, December 27: Back to business with 7 brand new free book listings, plus … “Ian Fleming would be proud” of A Touch Of Deceit by Gary Ponzo (Today’s Sponsor)

We won’t lose the holiday spirit here, but if you are going back to work or planning a prosperous 2011 you’re bound to find benefit in the new business and inspirational titles that top this morning’s latest additions to our 225+ Free Book Alert listings….

But first, a word from … Today’s Sponsor
“Ian Fleming would be proud.”

“…Ponzo manages to portray the inner workings of the FBI and other agencies as if he is an insider… The set pieces are exciting and I can just see this on the big screen making a great movie. It is sort of like a Kindle version of NCIS or NCIS LA two of my favorite shows. It has scenes as good as any in Clear and Present Danger.” –Clement Singarajah, Reviewer

A Sicilian FBI agent, Nick Bracco, recruits his mafia cousin to chase down the world’s most feared terrorist in this award-winning, heart-thumping thriller from Kindle Nation fave Gary Ponzo – the first volume in the Nick Bracco Series.

A Touch of Deceit (Nick Bracco Series) 
by Gary Ponzo
4.8 out of 5 stars   25 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled 
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Winner of the Southwest Writers Novel Contest, Thriller category!

Here’s the set-up:

FBI agent Nick Bracco can’t stop a Kurdish terrorist from firing missiles at random homes across the country. The police can’t stand watch over every household, so Bracco recruits his cousin Tommy to help track down this terrorist. Tommy is in the Mafia. Oh yeah, it gets messy fast. As fast as you can turn the pages. 

The reviewers are raving about A Touch of Deceit….

“Emerging author Gary Ponzo creates a fast paced roller coaster ride with his debut novel “A Touch of Deceit”. Follow FBI Terrorist Agent Nick Bracco as he races against the clock to save an unsuspecting America from a dire threat. Face with critical decisions, Bracco walks into those gray areas where the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the individual. I absolutely loved the merging of the FBI and the mafia. It’s a realistic emotional journey fraught with human frailties, however the action does not slow down. From beginning to end, the twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat.” –Cuqui Zweig, Reviewer
“If you want to sleep at night I would not keep this book on your bedside table because you won’t be able to leave it alone. A very good book with a lot of tough guys & a touch of love to soften it a bit. Thanks Mr. Ponzo.” –Kodiak Snow Bunny, Reviewer

“Can you imagine the intersection of the FBI’s top anti-terrorist special agent, a mafia crime boss and his closest “operatives”, and a President under seige with a small army of terrorists that have infiltrated the United States … jointly facing an evil master-mind with the means to carry out his threats to bring a nation, and the world, under his thumb? For non-stop action and thrills, no less a writer than Ian Fleming would be proud — and this, A Touch of Deceit, is Gary Ponzo’s first novel.” –Alexander Inglis, Reviewer

“Mr. Ponzo has created a wonderful story. A touch of deceit is quite a thriller with many twists and turns and a great ending. The best part is the weaving of the “Mafia” culture into the FBI as they try to solve the terrorist plot.  This easily could become a series and I hope Mr. Ponzo will keep writting. Nick is a compelling character. Kindle publishing has allowed promising authors access. This is a prime example of a book which is a cut above the other “mega” stuff out there seeing the light of day.” –James F. Ganem, Reviewer

About the Author

Author Gary Ponzo began his writing career over a decade ago by writing short stories. He quickly discovered a knack for the short form. In just five years he’d published seven short stories in various publications, two of which were nominated for the very prestigious Pushcart Prize.

His first novel, “A Touch of Deceit,” took five years to write and one to pick clean. The story was born from his childhood experiences working in his father’s candy store in Brooklyn, NY. His father was Sicilian and became friendly with some local members of a different kind of Sicilian family. Since Gary was just fifteen at the time, these family members would make sure he was protected whenever he would work late at night by himself. He soon discovered a side to the mafia not many people knew. It was these relationships which caused him to write about Sicilian FBI agent, Nick Bracco, who recruits his mafia cousin to chase down the world’s most feared terrorist.

A Touch of Deceit went on to win the 2009 Southwest Writers Novel Contest, Thriller category. He is working on the sequel to the novel as well as continuing to publish his short stories. Gary currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Jennifer and two children, Jessica and Kyle.

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