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Kindle Nation’s Free Weekly Digest, January 27, 2011: Kindle Tips, Kindle Lending, Kindle Freebies, and the Kindle Revolution

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Kindle Nation Weekly Sponsor:
A Novel by Deborah Wallis
another 5-star read @ just $2.99!

Deborah, I just finished listening to the excerpt on my Kindle and I’ve gotta say you’ve hit the sweet spot. Even though the genre is not usually my cup of tea I could tell right away that you’ve got terrific command of the tools of your trade as a novelist. I’m setting it up … as a Free Kindle Nation Short, and I will be in touch. Cheers, Steve
That’s the email message I sent immediately after I first read the work of this week’s sponsor, debut thriller novelist Deborah Wallis, and I meant every word. We’ve had three previous Free Kindle Nation Shorts authors who have turned up later signing AmazonEncore contracts, and after reading Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines: Murder at Cherry Point it would not surprise me a bit if Deborah Wallis turns out to be the third.
Here’s the set-up:
For the first time in more than a year, Abby Weaver’s family is together when her husband, Major Danny Weaver, returns home safely from Iraq. But only a few months later, a twist of fate puts him in the cockpit of a Harrier spinning out of control during the Cherry Point Air Show. Abby and her six-year-old son, Chris, watch in horror as their lives explode in a fiery crash on the tarmac in front of them.
Was it an accident or murder? Determined to find out what happened, Abby is drawn into the same sordid squadron secrets that Danny had stumbled onto before his death, secrets someone may have wanted concealed badly enough to kill for. As she hunts the person she believes murdered her husband, Abby becomes the hunted in this heart-pounding page-turner.

And here’s another author’s take:
It has become a cliche to say that you couldn t put a book down, but I literally stayed up all night turning the pages of Deborah Wallis’s new thriller. Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines: Murder at Cherry Point gives the reader a rare glimpse behind the Marine Corps chain link fences. This rip-snorting read offers real insights into the day-to-day events, the politics, the competition, and, yes, the intrigues of the military life. And it will keep you biting your nails the whole time.
–Edward Barnes Ellis, author of In This Small Place

Click here to download SWEET DREAMS AND FLYING MACHINES (or a free sample) to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android-compatible, PC or Mac and start reading within 60 seconds!

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