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Jimmy O’Brien, defense attorney to the dregs of the criminal world, is on the case in our Kindle Nation eBook of the Day, Jeff Sherratt’s LA film noir mystery Detour to Murder. About $2.50 on Kindle, and here’s a free sample!

After 29 years of silence a convicted murderer’s changed tune threatens secrets that could destroy the underground aristocracy that has held power for years in the city of broken dreams. 

Here’s the set-up for Jeff Sherratt’s Detour to Murder, just $2.51 on Kindle:

In 1945, the semi-nude body of a woman is found in a two-bit Hollywood motel, a telephone cord wrapped around her throat; face frozen in a grimace of horror. The stolen car of a murdered motorist is parked in the motel parking lot, the owner lying broken and dead on the side of an Arizona highway. 

Al Roberts confesses and has spent the last 29 years in prison. Now, nearly three decades after meekly confessing, the aged Roberts swears his innocence. Jimmy O’Brien, defense attorney to the dregs of the criminal world, must find out why. 

Why did Roberts give a false confession? And why has he waited 29 years to tell the truth? 

O’Brien digs into the past, igniting a powder-keg that threatens to expose the long-held secrets behind Detour, the iconic Hollywood film documenting Roberts’ story. Secrets that could destroy the underground aristocracy that has held power in Los Angeles, city of broken dreams, for years. 

Jimmy’s ordeal takes him from the bleakness of Roberts’ prison cell to the seedy streets of Hollywood, frantically searching to find out who took this DETOUR TO MURDER.

From the Reviewers:

DETOUR TO MURDER is smoothly written and incredibly intriguing. I’m hooked on the Jimmy O’Brien series, and fell deeper in love with his cast of characters, particularly Rita and Sol. The feel of the time period is authentic, beautifully rooted. The story has enough twists and turns to keep you up at night, and Sherratt’s talent weaving the tangled web is superb.

If you like noir mystery, or if you don’t know if you like noir mystery, you must read Detour to Murder, by Jeff Sherratt. Heck, if you just like mysteries, read this book. 

Newport Beach author Jeff Sherratt brings his cop-turned-lawyer hero Jimmy O Brien back for a third adventure in this noir set in Southern California in the 1970s.   Sherratt does a great job with snappy comedic dialog and evocative descriptions of the Southland from the gritty streets of Downey to Chino, Los Feliz, Hollywood and the coast north of Santa Barbara. The story involves stolen identity, political corruption and tragic romance, as well as murder. What more can a reader ask? –OC Metro

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:

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