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KND Kindle Free Book Alert, Wednesday, May 25: 2 BRAND NEW FREEBIES! plus … Paul Levine’s very first JAKE LASSITER mystery, TO SPEAK FOR THE DEAD (Now just 99 cents! – Today’s Sponsor)

Are you tired of being tired? This morning’s latest addition to our 500+ Free Book Alert listings is a book that may put you to sleep, but this time you could be grateful for it….

But first, a word from … Today’s Sponsor

Speak For The Dead

(First in the Jake Lassiter Series)

by Paul Levine

List Price: $0.99

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It would be interesting to know, if there were an authoritative way to find out, if crime novelists are more likely than the rest of us, in any situation, to do the right thing. Preoccupied as they are with the quest for justice, it seems like a real possibility.

If it were on us to prove the affirmative, we could do much worse than to offer, as Exhibit #1, Kindle Nation fave and all-around good guy Mr. Paul Levine. It’s been a treat to get to know Paul over the past year or so, and it is a special treat to go all the way back down the alley with him here today to offer a special price and a chance to help him do some good with his very first novel in his much-loved Jake Lassiter series, To Speak For The Dead

You’ll get a chance to say hello to Lassiter, a lawyer who doesn’t mind breaking the rules to serve justice, and along the way, as you’ll discover below, you’ll have a chance to help kids who need it most, because Paul is donating all proceeds from To Speak For The Dead to support the search for a cure to childhood cancer.

Join Paul by donating here: Four Diamonds Fund

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About the Author

PAUL LEVINE worked as a newspaper reporter, a law professor and a trial lawyer before becoming a full-time novelist. Obviously, he cannot hold a job. Paul claims that writing fiction comes naturally: he told whoppers for many years in his legal briefs. His books have been translated into 23 languages, none of which he can read.
He has won the John D. MacDonald fiction award and has been nominated for an Edgar, a Macavity, the International Thriller Writers Award, and the James Thurber Humor Prize.

What’s new? Now on Amazon Kindle at $2.99: The 20th Anniversary edition of “To Speak for the Dead,” the first of the bestselling Jake Lassiter novels. All author proceeds of the novel are pledged to the Four Diamonds Fund, which supports cancer treatment and research at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.

Paul wrote 20 episodes of the TV series JAG, which gave him an opportunity to steer a nuclear submarine and land on the deck of an aircraft carrier, all without endangering national security. He is a graduate of Penn State University where he majored in journalism and the University of Miami Law School where he majored in the swimming pool. He passed the Florida Bar exam in his first try in what he suspects was a computer glitch.

He was a trial lawyer with the mammoth international law firm of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, where he did not even pretend to know all his partners’ names. He specialized in “complex litigation,” cases so abstruse that even lawyers charging 500 bucks an hour didn’t fully understand them. He tried hundreds of cases and handled appeals at every level, including the Supreme Court. Along the way, he filed expense accounts nearly as creative as his legal briefs.

Paul says he enjoys writing more than lawyering because he no longer keeps time sheets and gets to work in his underwear. He lives in the hills of Southern California, which he claims are populated by rattlesnakes and coyotes, and those are just the Hollywood agents.
More info at http:www.paul-levine.com

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