The Kindle Nation Weekender – July 23, 2011: Announcing the Most Powerful Kindle Bargain-Hunting Tools Ever!

Greetings from Kindle Nation!


Things have come to a head here at Kindle Nation.

Don’t get me wrong. We haven’t quit doing any of what we had been doing. In this issue you’ll still find news about new Kindle features, other ebook readers, benchmarks in the ongoing Kindle Revolution, and insightful analysis by Publetariat founder (and Kindle Nation general manager) April Hamilton on ebook business-to-consumer models.

But we never forget how important it is for us to deliver value to our readers, and to respond to your requests. So — in addition to information on Amazon’s Kindle BIG DEAL ebook sale this week, the new Kindle Textbook Rental program that was announced the other day, and chances to win a free Kindle or a $25 gift cardwe are today unleashing the most powerful Kindle bargain-hunting tools ever, and we are announcing them here first.

It’s not just one thing.

When we launched Kindle Nation Free Book Tool with category search and sort features several weeks ago, we immediately began to get emails asking for additional categories. We got right to work on that, and today we are delivering a full set of genres and categories in our Free Book Tool. Just navigate down to this week’s Free Book Alert to see the complete list — all of them linked so you can check any of them out with a single click.

But we didn’t stop there, because the key to saving money on Kindle is not just the ability to find free and bargain books, it’s the ability to find the free and bargain books that you want.

We are also, today, unleashing an amazing Kindle Nation Search Tool for Quality 99-Centers. There are tens of thousands of cheap books on Kindle, but this tool, and with an amazing array of search and sort categories and features, will allow you to hone in one the best books — those with 4-star ratings from at least 4 reviewers — priced at 99 cents and below. Sunshine Deals and Big Deals may come and go, but from now on you’ll always be able to count on Kindle Nation Deals.

A little further below you’ll find a full set of linked categories for quality 99-cent books, but first….

… yes, first, I just wanted to call your attention to our sponsors — like the weekly sponsor of this issue and our Romance of the Week and Thriller of the Week features. Their sponsorships pay for our ability to hire the web developers and staff to create the features that we deliver each week with Kindle Nation, so … well … I’m just saying. What goes around comes around. Don’t ever buy any books you don’t want, but when you see something of interest by one of our sponsors, I hope you’ll jump on it. And thanks. Nuf sed, I imagine.

And here are the categories in our new Quality 99-Centers Book Search Tool:

sponsor This Week’s Kindle Nation Sponsor:

by Mitch Davies
4.5 stars – 4 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Don’t have a Kindle ?
“The book is a sailing person’s dream….a lot of seafaring terms and fun details for folks who enjoy being on board a ship/boat. The beautiful landscape of Tahiti was also well described, along with some mystery and, of course, romance.
Here’s the set-up:
Who hasn’t dreamt of sailing in the South Pacific as the owner of a sleek, gleaming yacht? Ben Beck finds that dream job as a crew member sailing on just such a ship. With a history of working ‘too good to be true’ opportunities, he still can’t believe his luck. Sailing excursions in Tahiti for a year then sell the yacht and get a nice chunk of the proceeds. 

The ad said, “No Sailing Experience Necessary” and he had the qualifications. His fellow group members include Carl, the millionaire boss, Duane, a hard-to-please captain, Purrette, a serious beauty and Rudy, a potential danger.

After a confusing start of mis-information, Ben isn’t sure of exactly what he’s gotten himself into. How many partners does he have? Where exactly are they going?

And then there’s Tahiti.

Can they sail the southern seas without any mishaps? When Ben finds out what’s really going on, can he save the dream?

One Reviewer Notes:
“When something is too good to be true, it almost invariably is. Better Than Ever, Again is a story of Ben Beck, who follows his dreams of sailing the South Seas despite having no nautical experience whatsoever. A crew filled with offbeat characters, plenty of danger, and Tahiti, Better Than Ever, Again is a quirky and fun read that will prove hard to put down.
–Midwest Book Review
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