FEEL THE RUSH! BARGAIN BOOK ALERT! Buy One eBook, Get Two Bestsellers Free!




Today’s Bargain Book Alert places the spotlight on author Richard Bard’s “Feel the Rush” promotion, which is designed to be a win-win for everyone: you get three books for the price of one — including two Kindle bestsellers! — and Richard gets a chance to find another fan for his novel BRAINRUSH.


And if that isn’t reason enough to give BRAINRUSH a try, consider the fact that this page-turner of a novel has already garnered 15 straight 5-star reviews from Kindle readers and, as Richard relates below, it has scored kudos from at least one celebrity reader:

Show of hands—How many of you are Crosby, Stills & Nash fans?  If you’re over 30, you’ve got a hand up, over 55 and you’ve got two hands up.  And you younger folks…you’re fans too, even though you may not know it; you hum along to their songs everyday on the radio, never realizing the artists behind the music are the voice of three generations.


I’m a big fan—always have been—so imagine my elation two weeks ago when I received an email from David Crosby telling me that he absolutely loved my debut thriller, BRAINRUSH.  And he wasn’t kidding; he even gave a shout-out at the MUSE benefit concert at the Shoreline Pavilion in SF on August 7th, with the likes of Jackson Brown, Bonnie Raitt, John Hall and a bunch of others on the scene.  Now that’s a brain-rush!


Nothing would make me happier than for you to share David’s excitement over my new thriller.  That’s why I’ve come up with a unique promotion that gifts you two (2) Bestsellers from the Top-10 PAID Kindle-Bestseller list when you purchase BRAINRUSH for $2.99.


Here’s how it works:


You purchase the BRAINRUSH eBook for $2.99. Then just email a proof-of-purchase in the form of a screen-shot of your order confirmation, or simply forward the order-confirmation email you receive to Promo@RichardBard.com.


I will then immediately send you a gift certificate for each of these Kindle bestsellers:

As of Aug 22nd, they’re both in the Top 20 overall in the Kindle Store!


That’s it! No Tricks… No Gimmicks… No Obligation. Do I hope that you’ll read BRAINRUSH first? Sure! Am I keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll let me know how you feel about it by leaving a review on Amazon? Of course! But that’s entirely up to you. Happy reading!


Richard Bard


(This is a sponsored post.)




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2 Responses to FEEL THE RUSH! BARGAIN BOOK ALERT! Buy One eBook, Get Two Bestsellers Free!

  1. Vicki Baldwin August 22, 2011 at 8:50 pm #

    Great offer for a great sounding book “Brainrush”. Also look forward to reading the two free top selling books included free.

  2. Tommy Jordan August 22, 2011 at 1:39 am #

    Just ordered mine today. Great promo! Looking forward to trying out a new author!

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