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“Once again, Kathryn Shay blends realism and romance to flawless perfection.” Be the first in your reading community to discover our Kindle eBook of the Day: MICHAEL’S FAMILY, the latest from Kathryn Shay, author of the bestseller AFTER THE FIRE!

Here’s the set-up for Kathryn Shay’s Michael’s Family, jut $3.99 on Kindle:

When his sixteen year old son Michael asks to meet his biological mother, Lucas Rayburn reluctantly agrees. Since his wife Sara’s death three years ago, Lucas has developed a closer bond with his son–a bond he’s terrified
will be destroyed when Meredith Hunter enters their lives.

Meredith is an assistant District Attorney with a bias against public defenders, something Lucas just happens to be. Despite their personal and professional clashes, Lucas is determined to make his son happy.

Meredith gave up her son but she never forgot him. The circumstances of his birth are a horrible memory for her, but getting to know Michael brings more joy than Meredith ever hoped. True, the growing attraction to Lucas could become a problem–but she lost her son once and nothing, not even a handsome public defender, is going to tear her away from Michael again.

From the review:

Once again, Kathryn Shay blends realism and romance to flawless perfection. Her strength lies in her ability to capture the voice of children with thoughtful insight into how they think and what they feel. In this case, Michael Rayburn is the catalyst that brings Lucas and Meredith together. The love story is passionate and bittersweet. Lucas is torn between his feelings for Meredith, his duty to his son and the guilt of betraying his dead wife’s memory. Meredith has to reconcile her personal grudge against public defenders with the pull she feels toward Lucas while finding her place in her son’s life. Michael’s Family is a special story about love and what it means to be a family. Kathryn Shay’s characters are memorable and special! She has a unique talent for crafting stories that are down-to-earth and still hopelessly romantic! Michael’s Family is well written and delightfully realistic! There’s no stopping this gifted author! — The Literary Times, Inc.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:

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