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In today’s Publetariat Dispatch, the Copyright Clearance Center presents a Beyond the Book podcast on the subject of curation: separating the wheat from the chaff in publishing.

In this new “Beyond the Book” podcast and transcript from Copyright Clearance Center, CCC’s Chris Kenneally discusses the activity of curation with Steven Rosenbaum, author of Curation Nation. Rosenbaum explains that “curation is theoretically the cure to what ails us, which is this pounding headache of data that is really… getting worse and there’s no signs of it easing up… There’s nobody that’s set the gold standard for curation. Huffington Post was a pretty good early model, because what Arianna figured out was that if she could aggregate traffic, which she did really well, that people that need content would come to her and that she could become the arbiter of what goes on the home page.”

He goes onto clarify that when information is “organized by some kind of robot online, it’s not what you’re expecting, [or] what you want…. We’re all going to make content and so what we’re beginning to see is a Web in which everybody is a publisher and increasingly what I want to do is narrow the number of places that I go to listen to the world. ”

To give an example of how Rosenbaum is taking curation head on, he previews that his company Magnify is now powering TEDx, the technology conference TED’s local event operation, because TED wanted a “video experience that felt curated.”

The podcast and transcript are available via the respective links blow:

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