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Today’s Kindle Daily Deal – Tuesday Oct. 25 – Save 75% on a deeply affecting novel by Deborah Reed, who signed an AmazonEncore contract just months after her first appearance as a Kindle Nation sponsor, plus … George Berger’s coming-of-age novel MENDACITIES is “cool in so many different ways, you can’t classify it.” (Today’s Sponsor)

But first, a word from … Today’s Sponsor

It’s cool in so many different ways, you can’t classify it. … And the whole thing is couched in prose that is both beautiful and endlessly surprising. The simplest scene may cause you to spray coffee on your Kindle, or just sit back and stare in sheer disbelief at the originality of it all.” – Brent Nichols



by George Berger
4 stars
Lending and Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
The truth really is out there. Finding it, however, can be hazardous to your health.When a high-school student inadvertently discovers the truth behind the “accident” that killed his father, he and his two best friends–a quiet tomboy and an eccentric with dark secrets in her past–are forced to expose the government’s lies in a desperate bid to avoid becoming victims of an “accident” of their own.A 70,000-word first novel, Mendacities is an entertainingly dystopian coming-of-age story of love, lies, and casual nudity, which defies genre conventions like a Mideast dictator thumbing his over-sized nose at the United Nations…but in a good way.


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and now … Today’s Kindle Daily Deal!

Under the pen name Audrey Braun she was one of Kindle Nation’s first sponsors over a year ago with A Small Fortune – and now she’s back with an AmazonEncore contract and a Kindle Daily Deal!

Carry Yourself Back to MeKindle Daily Deal: Carry Yourself Back to Me

Deborah Reed’s deeply affecting novel, Carry Yourself Back to Me, cultivates an always tender, sometimes tart portrait of one family’s regret and redemption. Inflected with melancholy and redeemed by melody, the story is certain to strike a resonant chord with music fans and fiction fans alike.

Yesterday’s Price: $7.99
Today’s Discount: $6.00
Kindle Daily Deal Price: $1.99 (75% off)
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