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Kindle Nation Daily Bargain Book Alert: Terry Tracy’s A GREAT PLACE FOR A SEIZURE is our eBook of the Day with 4.3 Stars on 14 Reviews – Now Just 99 cents!

Here’s the set-up for Terry Tracy’s A Great Place for a Seizure, just marked down to 99 cents on Kindle:

Mischa Dunn’s family flees Chile in the wake of the 1973 coup d’etat that installs a military dictatorship. She settles comfortably in her newly adopted country, the United States, until one day, an unexplained seizure in a library signals the beginning of her life with epilepsy.
With an engaging balance of humor, insight, and sensitivity Mischa draws the reader into a vivid tale that travels across three continents over thirty years.

“A Great Place for a Seizure” is not the only, but it is the first of its kind to be identified as a novelory*.

Says the author:

[no * ve * lor * y ] noun  (1) A fusion of the terms  “novel”and “short story” to describe a series of linked stories that may stand by themselves as individual tales and/or come together as a novel, when read in sequence.  (2) A term, coined by Terry Tracy, to identify aspecies of literature that reflects the 21st century IT-induced mind-set of tight schedules, rapid communication, and the desire to have all things at once.  (3)  a gimmick.

From the reviewers:

Heartwarming, Funny, Human, Uplifting.  I thoroughly enjoyed Terry Tracy’s “A Great Place for a Seizure”. As my review title indicates it makes you feel good about people in general and those with epilepsy in particular.  –  Serrano
This book should be translated into every single language in the world and given in schools,distributed in clinics, handed around, so that people could understand conditions and disabilities…Thank you Terry. Thank you for writing this book.  May ArendBrazilianbookworm.blogspot.com

This book will make you laugh out loud, cry and even, at one stage, be left feeling a little shocked and if I’m honest the ending is incredible on so many different levels and literally made my jaw drop…you will understand when you read it.  Leanne Bell,

Mischa may have epilepsy but epilepsy does not have her. It is a part of her life but doesn’t even begin to define her life. And, I promise not to give it away, the ending is totally unexpected, heart wrenching and beautiful. Great job Terry Tracy!!   –  Dana

An incredible book…full of compassion and wisdom.  This is a book that is so compelling, you won’t want to put it down for an instant. (I was up until 3:00 AM.) Whether you have epilepsy or you don’t, it’s a story rich with possibilities and hope that will touch your heart and soul.  –  Phylis F. Johnson

A great place to start.  As a person with epilepsy, I have wanted to explain how my life has been interrupted by epilepsy. Ms. Tracy’s main character, Mischa, explains the disruption very well.  –  Bryan Farley

Visit Amazon’s Terry Tracy Page

Terry Tracy, has worked as a human rights activist, journalist, and U.S. diplomat. She has epilepsy and in 2007 wrote the charter for an association of disabled employees at the U.S. State Department.

Terry Tracy was born in Virginia, but moved around Latin America in her childhood as an army brat. She is an Asian-Irish American and currently resides in London with her German husband and their Asian-Irish-German-American daughter (who tries desperately to teach her mother German).

After college Terry worked as a receptionist, then left to work for free in Honduras at an orphanage. She returned to work in a human rights organization in Washington DC, then left for Guatemala to work as a free-lance journalist. By this point, it was clear that she had developed an addiction to wanderlust. In denial, she flew across the Atlantic to Cambridge, England to get a Master’s degree in an irrelevant, impractical, but nevertheless intriguing subject: 16th century Spanish colonial judicial systems.

Upon her return to the US she joined the establishment and began working for the government. In 2007 she left the State Department to take turns as a stay-at-home parent.

Terry has had epilepsy for more than 25 years and with her extra time (between 12am and 2am) she decided to write a funny, sad, strange, and moving tale about a sarcastic epileptic.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample of A GREAT PLACE FOR A SEIZURE by Terry Tracy:

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