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Kindle Nation Daily Bargain Book Alert: Patricia Rockwell’s BINGOED is Our eBook of the Day at just $2.99, With 4.8 Stars on 4 Reviews, and Here’s a Free Sample!

Here’s the set-up for Patricia Rockwell’s Bingoed, just $2.99 on Kindle:

Why would spry senior Bob Weiderley suddenly fall into a coma after winning a game of Bingo? After all, he was the most physically fit of all the men at the Happy Haven Assisted Living Facility—able to bend over to tie his own shoes and use the stairs rather than the elevator. It was just very suspicious. That’s why Essie Cobb and her friends and fellow residents–Opal, Marjorie, and Fay–decided to investigate.

Was it possible that someone was out to get the friendly old gentleman? Maybe it was Violet, Happy Haven’s manager, trying to cover up her shady past. Or Sue, the activities director, whose behavior was strange to say the least. Maybe it was one of the three women who sat at Bob’s regular table in the dining room. Or the mysterious man who had recently sent Bob a startling letter. Essie Cobb is determined to find out—and she’s not going to let her age (90), her weak bladder, or her various infirmities hold her back.

Welcome to Happy Haven. If you thought most elderly residents of assisted living facilities spent their days sitting in the sun watching television, you haven’t met senior sleuth Essie Cobb and her three detecting buddies. These four elderly ladies have curiosity and drive unusual for women in their 80’s and 90’s. They may not be able to get around as fast as youngsters in their 60s, or navigate the Interstate or Interweb (or whatever that computer thing is called), but they can solve a mystery. And they’re starting with this one.

From the reviewers:

Bingoed is a humorous book filled with both mystery and laughter – not to mention a number of endearing characters that will warm your heart. It’s a fast-paced, quick read that will surely lighten your mood. This is the first, and hopefully not the last, in the Essie Cobb Senior Sleuth Mystery series.  –  Yvonne Reviews “Mystery Lover”  –  Kaelebs Momma

Jessica fletcher and Miss Marple watch out for Essie Cobb.  The story is full of twists and turns and hilarity to find out what is going on. Essie is mentally spry and will stop at nothing to solve the case with out getting caught. The author Ms. Rockwell certainly catches the atmosphere of life in a retirement residence with sensitivity and and humor and paints great characters in Essie and her friends as well as the staff.  –  Karen H. Vaughan

I wasnt sure how I would like a book centered on a cast of older characters, however, this novel was splendid! The twist and turns, and all the possible endings made this novel hard to stop reading. I would definitely recommend others to read if they enjoy witty, thrill-thicked artistry.  –  “12playmia”

Patricia Rockwell is the author of the Pamela Barnes acoustic mystery series. This amateur sleuth solves crimes using her knowledge of sound. The series includes SOUNDS OF MURDERFM FOR MURDER, andVOICE MAIL MURDER. Her new series, Essie Cobb senior sleuth, features a 90-year-old assisted living facility resident who solves mysteries. The books in this series include BINGOED and PAPOOSED.

Dr. Rockwell has spent most of her life teaching. From small liberal arts colleges to large regional research universities–and even a brief stint in a high school, her background in education is extensive. She has taught virtually everything related to Communication–from a fine arts speech-theatre orientation to more recently a social science research approach. Her Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees are from the University of Nebraska in Speech and her Ph.D. is from the University of Arizona in Communication. She was on the faculty at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for thirteen years, retiring in 2007.

Her publications are extensive, with over 20 peer-reviewed articles in scholarly journals, several textbooks, and a research book on her major interest area of sarcasm, published by Edwin Mellen Press. In addition to publications, she has presented numerous papers at academic conferences and served for eight years as Editor of the Louisiana Communication Journal. Her research focuses primarily on several areas of communication: deception, sarcasm, and vocal cues.

She is presently living in Aurora, Illinois, with her husband Milt, also a retired educator. The couple has two adult children.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample of BINGOED by Patricia Rockwell:

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