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She never asked for the unusual abilities she possesses. Would they torment her the rest of her life? The Awakening by Jill Sanders

Meet a most unlikely crime fighter made out of things most people throw away…. Garbageman by Erik Dean

A vivid portrait of our closest relatives… Through a Window: My Thirty Years with the Chimpanzees of Gombe by renowned British primatologist Jane Goodall

An emotional tale of how one young women’s “monsters” manifested into an eating disorder… In The Presence of Monsters: The story of a fat girl, who wasn’t by Gabriella Leigh

Epic Fantasy Alert! A new hero must rise, or all is lost… The Chaos Gate by Jeff Pantanella

Someone has been sabotaging Miss Josie’s business, and all signs point to her evil ex… Love, Chocolate, And A Dog Named Al Capone by Abigail Drake

Hundreds of rave reviews for this cute story with an important message: Paula And The Pandemic by Dorothea Laurence

Representing vicious killers comes at a price, and if anyone discovers criminal defense attorney Sarah Knight’s dark secrets, she’ll be the one on trial…Dark Moon by Deborah Hawkins

There’s a war in the streets. No one is safe as bodies fall and houses go up in flames… Jocelyn’s War: A Novel (Journeys Down a Long Dark Road) by Jason Ryan Dale

There’s no one she can trust—not with her life, her heart, or her mother’s legacy… Salvaging Truth by USA Today bestselling author Joanne Jaytanie

Hearty & Delicious Meals You Can Prepare Ahead! Knack Slow Cooking by Linda Larsen

A killer is taunting him, not for the thrill of being chased, but with the intention of recruiting him… I See You by Elle Gray

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Kindle Nation Daily Digest For Sunday, March 18, 2012: Brief Tips, Freebies and Bargain Updates

Kindle Nation Daily Digest

Brief Tips, Freebies and Bargain Updates
March 18, 2012

Please note that this is the daily digest for Sunday, March 18, and many of the free and bargain ebook offers noted here are on offer only until midnight PST tonight.
Kindle Daily Deal


Today’s Kindle Daily Deal – Sunday, March 18 – Four Great Reads for 99 Cents each – Save 67% to 69% on Michael Wallace’s “RIGHTEOUS” Thrillers, plus … Don’t miss Deanna Roy’s SINGLE EDGED BLADES: 7 STORIES FOR A BROKEN AND ANGRY HEART (Today’s Sponsor, 99 Cents) http://bit.ly/xc5HgN


eBook of the Day


Kindle Nation Daily Bargain Book Alert: Marta Szemik’s TWO HALVES is Our eBook of the Day at just $2.99, with 4.7 Stars on 10 Reviews, and Here’s a Free Sample! http://bit.ly/zxMgAO


KND Free Book Alert


KND Kindle Free Book Alert for Sunday, March 18: 215 BRAND NEW FREEBIES in the last 24 hours added to Our 3,200+ FREE TITLES Sorted by Category, Date Added, Bestselling or Review Rating! plus … Veronica Blade’s BLIND DATE, CHECKMATE (Today’s Sponsor – 99 cents or FREE via Kindle Lending Library) http://bit.ly/yWfIPd


Free Kindle Nation Daily Shorts


RADICAL EQUATIONS from Robert Spiller’s Bonnie Pinkwater Mysteries is featured in today’s FREE KINDLE NATION SHORTS excerpt; plus a link to enter to win a Kindle Fire! http://conta.cc/y7nfQF


KND Bargain Book Readers Alert!


Kindle Nation Daily Bargain Book Readers Alert! Announcing Lucky Days Free Par-Tay by FREE PAR-TAY – Over 40 FREE Ebooks and A Chance to Win $100 in Amazon Gift Cards! http://bit.ly/FOlJPC


Two Brand New Kindle Freebies!


Two Brand New Kindle Freebies! Jorge’s HERE COME THE BLOBBIES and Stephen Windwalker’s KINDLE FREE FOR ALL http://bit.ly/yVRjBI


KND Bestseller Alert


Kindle Nation Daily Bestseller Alert! Benjamin Wallace’s Comedy POST -APOCALYPTIC NOMADIC WARRIORS (A DUCK & COVER ADVENTURE) – Now $3.50 on Kindle http://bit.ly/FRkgG4


Looking For a Sophisticated Romance? Look No Further – THE CRACKED SLIPPER

Kindle Nation Daily Bargain Book Alert! Stephanie Alexander’s Sophisticated Romance THE CRACKED SLIPPER – Now Just 99 Cents on Kindle http://bit.ly/yGwpch


KND Bargain Book Alert!


Kindle Nation Daily Bargain Book Alert! Kerry Barger’s AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST: THE STORY OF LATAINE’S RING – The Story of a Real Life Disaster – Now $2.99 or FREE via Kindle Lending Library http://bit.ly/wSGljR



Hope you’ve found at least one item of value here, and we’ll check in again tomorrow. Thanks, as always, for being part of the Kindle Nation community.

Candace Cheatham
Associate Editor
Kindle Nation Daily


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