Seven Brand New Kindle Freebies! Download Now While Still Free! Brett Battles’ THE PULL OF GRAVITY, Emlyn Chand’s FARSIGHTED, Barbara Mack’s CHASING THE SUNSET, Scott Marlowe’s THE FIVE ELEMENTS, Harper Alibeck’s LEGS, John Dominick’s BOTTLE FULL OF SCORPIONS and Stephen Windwalker’s KINDLE FREE FOR ALL

With hundreds of new books turning up free each day now in the Kindle Store, it can be tough to hone in on books that you will actually want to read. And most of the new free books will be free for just a day or two at a time, so we are working hard to make sure that you do not miss the ones you want!

Here are a few books that have just gone free by authors who have already proven to be favorites with Kindle Nation readers. Please grab them now if they look interesting to you, because they probably won’t stay free for long!

Important Note: This post is dated Wednesday, March 21, 2012, and the titles mentioned here may remain free only until midnight PST tonight.

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The Pull of Gravity

by Brett Battles

4.5 stars – 21 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

From Brett Battles comes a different kind of novel, one Edgar Award nominated author Tim Hallinan calls, “a mesmerizing thriller of the heart.” It’s a story of love, tragedy, and those searching for redemption.

Jay Bradley thought he could leave the Philippines behind. But though he’s started a new life, with a woman he loves, he’s still tormented by questions from his past.

He returns to Angeles City where he once worked as the papasan watching over his bargirls. On the surface he’s there to sell his stake in a bar on the notorious Fields Avenue. In reality he’s come back to find Isabel–one of his old dancers, and the only person who can answer his questions, and quiet his demons.

Because death is seldom an ending, and always haunts those left behind.

*  *  *


by Emlyn Chand

4.2 stars – 144 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Alex Kosmitoras’s life has never been easy. The only other student who will talk to him is the school bully, his parents are dead broke and insanely overprotective, and to complicate matters even more, he’s blind. Just when he thinks he’ll never have a shot at a normal life, an enticing new girl comes to their small Midwest town all the way from India. Simmi is smart, nice, and actually wants to be friends with Alex. Plus she smells like an Almond Joy bar. Sophomore year might not be so bad after all.

Unfortunately, Alex is in store for another new arrival–an unexpected and often embarrassing ability to “see” the future. Try as he may, Alex is unable to ignore his visions, especially when they suggest Simmi is in mortal danger. With the help of the mysterious psychic next door and friends who come bearing gifts of their own, Alex embarks on his journey to change the future.

*  *  *

Chasing the Sunset

by Barbara Mack

3.8 stars – 9 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
As a girl, Maggie had been happy, mischievous, and coddled by loving parents. Now her parents are gone, and she’s running from an abusive marriage. She has no choice but to take refuge in the wilds of Missouri. When her Uncle Ned gets her a job as a live-in housekeeper to the intriguing Nick Revelle, Maggie feels an immediate attraction – mixed with fear – for her employer. Nick has been hardened by a past marriage, and Maggie’s afraid her hidden secrets will make him hate her…

*  *  *

4.4 stars – 5 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Aaron–scholar, alchemist, and sorcerer’s apprentice–wants nothing more than to study his tomes, perform his experiments, and spend time with his closest friend, Shanna. Substitute the occasional romp about the city for the books and plenty of games of crutchit for the smelly alchemicals, and Shanna is just fine with that, too.

Their routines–and their lives–are thrown into chaos when an elemental attack is launched against their home. Aaron thinks Shanna killed, while Aaron himself is forced to flee for his life. For Shanna, who survives that fateful night, the greatest adventure of her life is about to begin. Only the worst of nightmares awaits Aaron: pursued by dwarves, hell hounds, and a demon who will not stop until he is dead, the only thing keeping him alive is his own resourcefulness and an eslar mercenary whose reputation as a killer might make him the worst threat of all.

Though Aaron and Shanna travel different paths, their purpose is joined when they individually learn of the mysterious Fifth Element. Shanna sees it as the final piece in the puzzle that is her destiny. To Aaron’s logical mind, it is an impossible ambiguity. Whatever the answer, the Fifth Element draws them back together and into a final confrontation not as allies, but as adversaries.

*  *  *

Legs (A Reincarnation Romance)

by Harper Alibeck

4.1 stars – 18 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Whose romance are you reliving 100 years later?

SO IF LOVE NEVER DIES, THEN where does it go? Recurring dreams haunt history scholar Jill  Knowles. Sometimes she’s in a foreign country, where a lover betrays her, wearing clothes from a century ago. Sometimes she’s making love with the same man, dreams so erotic that she wakes up burning with desire.

Fellow grad student Seth Hines has been having the same erotic dreams. Neither links the dreams to the other, not even when a surprise encounter that feels more like déjà vu than chance leads them into an unexpected affair. Sex deepens into love, until an enemy tricks Jill into believing Seth will betray her, exactly as the lover in her dreams betrayed her.

Even as she runs away, Jill’s research leads her to believe her dreams may be memories of another woman’s life; on his own, Seth realizes they may be reliving a painful love story. Now Seth must win back Jill’s trust before history repeats.

Fans of “Dead Again,” “Somewhere in Time” and Possession may enjoy the ride as as Legs covers three continents, two centuries, and one fiery journey of two souls destined to make history together.

Legs is a full-length novel of 50,000 words with the first three chapters of its prequel, “Unfinished,” offered as a sample at the end.

*  *  *

Bottle Full Of Scorpions

by John Dominick

Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Warning: graphic violence, sexual content, R-rated profanity.

Mankind has been all but wiped out.

A ravenous plague of alien, scorpion-like creatures has invaded both cities and countryside, devouring every living thing they can find.

Ben is the only survivor in his desert community ninety miles north of Los Angeles. For all he knows, everyone else in the world is dead.

But he has a small supply of canned food and water, and he’s prepared to wait out the apocalypse – until a group of outsiders stumbles across his hiding place.

Now Ben must figure out which is the greater threat to his survival:

The alien monsters outside his concrete bunker…

…or the human monsters within?

BOTTLE FULL OF SCORPIONS is apocalyptic horror at its most terrifying.

48,000 words.

*  *  *

Here’s the set-up:

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