A Novel That Can be Read Aloud to The Little Ones or Enjoyed by The Young at Heart – Walter Eckland’s Humorous CORIE UNIVERSE FEEDER – 5.0 Stars on Amazon with 10 out of 10 Rave Reviews and Now $2.99 on Kindle

“…I simply have to mention how impressed I was with Corie Universe Feeder. I have read it twice, and it was completely enjoyable both times. I have NEVER read anything like it before.” – Autumn Conley, Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

Corie Universe Feeder

by Walter Eckland

5.0 stars – 10 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

What’s not to love about digging and mud?

Corie: tall, thin, scruffy, female, student, blondish, smart, creative, outspoken, trouble-finding, precocious (whatever THAT means), eager, mature, silly, immature, messy-roomed, imaginative, animal-loving girl ……

……. has actual PERMISSION FROM HER FATHER to dig a hole in the front yard of her house. As an added bonus she can use the water hose, wheelbarrow, shovel, spray paint, a sign and any and all neighborhood friends she wants. After this whole, hole digging event, lots of oddness ensues not just from the aforementioned father, but from her mother, a dog walker, the police chief, the newspaper guy and the scowling town librarian.

Does any good come of this at all? Well, sit down, grab a free cheese sandwich and find out. Oh! One other thing. If you ABSOLUTELY do not like reading, then read this book. It is a tad nutty, nonsensical and sometimes barely even seems like a book.

If you are a parent who has a child that appears to be un-fond of reading, well, then, bribe them to try this by telling them it’s about popcorn, pudding, and Popsicles.

And pickles.

One Reviewer Notes

“So utterly different to anything I’ve ever read before, I began reading as though it was a children’s book – yet still I was captivated within a few pages. Somehow this story just flows into you – quirky and odd in just the right measure, simple yet not-so-simple… Before I even knew it, this delightful story had me completely enthralled! It has such an uplifting feel, such a positive and happy message, I read it cover to cover in one sitting with a stupid grin on my face the whole time. I heartily recommend you buy and read this unusual book, for you, your children, for anyone! It will leave you feeling great. It might even make you wish you were nine again… For me, it just makes me wish I could write like Walter Eckland. 5 Stars.” – Tony Slater, Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

About The Author

Walter Eckland is an odd sort of duck who throws a bunch of words together and then hacks the heck out of them afterwards. Sometimes they align well pre or post the masticating. Sometimes said words align humorously. Once they made someone cry. We don’t know why. Most times the words get tossed in an electronic waste receptacle to be reused in a more conventional manor by someone who probably DID pay attention in seventh grade English and did learn about grammar, punctuation and run on sentences while Walter was listening to his ADHD and trying desperately to sit still.

Walter used to spend a boatload of time in airplanes crossing the little pond between the North East of the new world and the old continent. Australian Shiraz fueled much of the word proliferation during that time until Walter switched to Cabernet Sauvignon.

These days Walter does a little repetitive South to North travel path and dusts off some old words and tries to make sense of what ever nonsense he intended at the time. Most of his ramblings fall into silly children’s books or old style Science Fiction. One SciFi book involves a fat lady and a Volvo.

Walter’s first Kindle offering involves a young girl that reminds him a bit of his daughter. There are three more books in the series (so far) and if Walter would stop obsessively reading web stuff about how to get his nonsense novel noticed and trying to convince people to cough up 2.99 American and instead got back to Cabernet and Microsoft Word he could release book two of the whole Corie Universe Feeder thingy. Book three takes a few odds turns and almost makes a point or two.

Hang on and give me a second I’m looking for a corkscrew so I can finish this bio.

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  1. Maryann Jones May 6, 2012 at 7:43 pm #

    Reading these reviews;makes me eager to read this book. I’m sure I will enjoy it.