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Today’s Kindle Daily Deal — Friday, June 1 – Two Great Reads for under $3 — Save 80% on Cynthia C. Kelly’s Detailed Collection of Accounts About Creation of the Atomic Bomb inTHE MANHATTAN PROJECT, plus … Don’t miss Lawrence Kelter’s DON’T CLOSE YOUR EYES (Today’s Sponsor)

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Don’t Close Your Eyes (Stephanie Chalice Mysteries)

by Lawrence Kelter
3.4 stars – 39 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
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Here’s the set-up:

Stephanie Chalice is a cop’s cop. She’s bold, smart, independent and beautiful–a powerhouse working in NYPD’s homicide unit. She’s seen a lot in her years on the force, but she’s never come across anything like the case she’s up against now.

A murdering psychopath is stalking Manhattan, on the prowl for a very special type of woman. Part of his twisted game is intentionally leaving clues for the police, clues designed not only to taunt, but to do something much worse.

Will Chalice be able to discover his real purpose before another woman dies?

From the reviewers:

“Lawrence Kelter is a new novelist who reminds me of an early Robert Ludlum.” – Nelson DeMille
“Chalice’s acerbic repartee is like an arsenal of nuclear missiles.” – BookWire Review

“Chalice is irresistible; a contemporary tour de force!” – James Siegel, Bestselling Author of Derailed

“Edge of the seat tension with a killer on the streets of New York and homicide detective Stephanie Chalice hot on the trail.” – Coffee and Crime

“Chalice is Plum and then some! All the humor and twice the drama.” Ann Loring, International Women’s Writing Guild

BookWire review:

“Don’t Close Your Eyes” begins with a whimper and a bang–two seemingly unrelated deaths. The first is a teenage girl whose asthma suffocates her while sleeping. The second is a man shot on the tram that connects Roosevelt Island to Manhattan. Lying next to the man is the real puzzle: a woman who might appear to have died of natural causes if not for the handwritten note stuffed in her mouth that simply reads “Look back.”

Meet Stephanie Chalice. She’s a smart, beautiful, 28-year-old NYPD homicide detective whose acerbic repartee is like an arsenal of nuclear missiles–it convinces her male colleagues that she means business.

Behind all the bluster, though, is a young woman with fierce passions who shows the same tremendous dedication to her ill mother as she does her job. Chalice is an excellent detective, but it comes at a cost. She suffers recurring nightmares, and obsesses that the diabetes that killed her father and weakens her mother will one day come for her.

When a second woman is found dead with a rag in her mouth and another cryptic note nearby, Chalice realizes a serial killer stalks Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Her detective work combines intelligence, persistence, a skilled partner, and well-connected friends.

“Don’t Close Your Eyes” is entertaining and engrossing. Detective Chalice is a strong character, the killer is devilishly intriguing, and the well-paced plot will keep your eyes wide open.

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The Naming: The First Book of Pellinor (Pellinor Series)Kindle Daily Deal: The Manhattan Project
The race to develop the world’s first nuclear weapon began in 1939. This groundbreaking collection of documents, essays, and articles from, and about, the original creators of the atomic bomb is the first of its kind. Included are accounts by Einstein, Oppenheimer, and many others along with dozens of photos.

Yesterday’s Price: $9.87
Today’s Discount: $7.88
Kindle Daily Deal Price: $1.99 (80% off)
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