Amit Verma’s mixes mystery, romance and backroom political intrigue, spiced up with a touch of big-brother espionage and a good dose of mystical surrealism in THE LIVES AND THE TIMES – Our eBook of the Day at just $3.65, with 4.8 Stars on 6 Reviews, and Here’s a Free Sample

Here’s the set-up for Amit Varma’s The Lives and the Times, just $3.65 on Kindle:

June is an average man leading an average life, with only his name being somewhat non-traditional. Little does he know, however, that such a commonplace task of moving from Bangalore to Delhi to rise up in the corporate ladder will bring him front and center of some interesting happenings, and in contact with strange people.

He is being actively pursued by an organization that believes he is its leader, and is someone who will take the organization and ultimately India to its destiny.

The organization is facing a nemesis, a part of the government that is attempting to maintain  a status quo. And all this takes place on a stage defined as the Indian subcontinent, which is a land that is alive, quite literally that is.

From the reviewers:

“The humor and satire keep you going, and the suspense keeps you flipping pages. I did not come across a dull moment. Throughout the book there is a blend of the realism, surrealism, the mundane, and the bizarre”.  —  Jets  |  2 reviewers made a similar statement

“I believe it also very accurately applies to the American middle class, and perhaps the middle class the world over. ”  — Traveler Doc

“With a rather surprising mix of mystery, romance and backroom political intrigue, spiced up with a touch of big-brother espionage and a good dose of mystical surrealism, Dr. Amit Verma guides the reader through a captivating power struggle that builds up explosively, chapter after chapter.  The maze of relations between characters unfolds progressively, and unexpected and new connections are always only one page away. ”  —  Lino

Ultimately, Mr. Verma suggests that the story is not about a battle between poverty and affluence but rather that the larger middle class only somewhat perceives this battle and less rarely takes part in it. This is a social commentary of our times with the likes of Upton Sinclair, Salinger, Ralph Ellison   –  MMG

Amit Verma was born in New Delhi, India in 1975. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Institute of Technology-Banaras Hindu University, a Master’s degree from Vanderbilt University, and Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology. He currently resides in Texas, U.S.A.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample of THE LIVES AND THE TIMES by Amit Verma:


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