Like A Great Thriller? How About A Free Excerpt From This Week’s Thriller of The Week: Nine Lives by George M. Moser – 4.8 Stars With 15 Straight Rave Reviews & Now Just $3.03

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Now we’re back to offer our weekly free Thriller excerpt, and we’re happy to share the news that this terrific read is FREE for Kindle Nation readers during its TOTW reign!


Nine Lives

by George M. Moser

4.8 stars – 15 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
“Michael Merlino lives a charmed life with a successful career, beautiful wife, and beloved son—until his dear father passes away; then things turn strange. Michael can’t seem to shake this weird feeling, but maybe he just misses his dad, his mentor. He ignores the feeling that something is wrong.One day, he accidentally kills a stray cat—a sad but everyday sort of accident; he doesn’t give it much thought. When another cat appears in Michael’s life, however, it makes him wonder whether the stray cat really died, and whether cats actually do have nine lives, as the saying goes. But this isn’t your normal stray kitty. This cat is out for revenge. Its spirit wants something from Michael, but what?When a man has everything to lose, however, it’s much easier to make it happen—especially when that man is up against what appears to be a supernatural enemy. As Michael begins to face his own demons via a demon cat that won’t die, his work begins to slide. His life at home gets more difficult, even with his wife there to support him. Then, there was that note his father left that told Michael to “drive it.” What did the note mean? Could it possibly have been a warning? The mystery must be solved, as the reincarnated cat keeps getting bigger and meaner, threatening not just Michael’s life, but his soul in the bargain.”

And here, for your reading pleasure, is our free excerpt:



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