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Limited time only: You depend on KND to give you a heads up on great deals for Kindle readers, so here you go: Amazon has done it again with “Beach Bag Reads for Summer,” one of the best ever with 50 must-read books by bestselling authors, starting at only $1.99!

Here are a just a few to whet your appetite, but be sure to click here on Amazon’s BEACH BAG READS FOR SUMMER page to see all of these intriguing summer reads for your Kindle by bestselling authors! 


Simone de Beauvoir


 * * *


Stephen Coonts

*  *  *


When the Legends Die

Hal Borland

*  *  *


James Gleick

*  *  *


Slots: Praying to the God of Chance

David V. Forrest

*  *  *


Writing the Novel: From Plot to Print 
Lawrence Block

*  *  *

Buon Appetito: A Taste of Italy from…

Christopher Hirsheimer, Melissa Hamilton

*  *  *


James Herriot

*  *  *


Joyce Maynard
And that’s just for starters!
Click or tap here to see all titles included on Amazon’s BEACH BAG READS FOR SUMMER page – and please remember, these prices are discounted for a limited time only.

(This is a sponsored post.)
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