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Here’s the set-up:
Slimmer features a winning combination of:

  • Fat-burning ingredients from the Mediterranean
  • 9-week meal-plan cycles featuring incredibly delicious, easy, and satisfying recipes, including several made with Greek yogurt
  • Simple lifestyle changes practiced in the Mediterranean to help you eat, relax, and live well
  • Testimonials and success stories from Harry’s Health and Diet Centre in Athens
  • The psychology behind your weight-gain—how to understand your weight-gain triggers so that you can change your habits, eating and otherwise

The International Bestselling Diet Plan

Released for the first time in America: Join the hundreds of thousands who have lost weight and kept it off for good with this bestselling diet book from the Mediterranean, featuring over 80 delicious, easy-to-make recipes.

In just one year, Harry Papas gained 110 pounds. Then he lost it all for life. Papas, a certified dietitian in Greece, shed the pounds by creating a simple yet revolutionary nutrition plan: a delicious, low-fat Mediterranean diet coupled with the self-awareness he needed to combat the triggers that contributed to his weight gain.

Unlike other diets, Slimmer’s three-cycle, richly varied meal plan doesn’t restrict you from enjoying carbs, sugars, or fats, and it doesn’t enforce calorie counting. Rather, the nine-week program is designed to help you stay slim while actually enjoying what you eat, encouraging you to adopt a simpler lifestyle and lifelong healthy habits. This easy-to-follow plan will allow you to get rid of those unwanted pounds with incredibly flavorful and satisfying meals, full of sustaining, wholesome foods—such as fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, and yogurt—that have been enjoyed for centuries by those in the Mediterranean.

Packed with recipes and practical nutritional advice, Slimmer also helps you understand why you gained weight and provides the psychological support and encouragement you need to successfully lose weight and permanently retain the loss.

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Slimmer offers an exquisitely fresh and flavorful approach to the Mediterranean diet plan — the one program that seems to work for everybody and makes deliciously perfect sense.” —Ann Louise Gittleman, NY Times bestselling author of The Fat Flush Plan

“A fabulous book! Slimmer: The New Mediterranean Way to Lose Weight is the hot new way to be slimmer for Summer!” Victoria Keelan, “Victoria’s Favorite Finds,” NY Radio 101.9

“As a personal trainer, I’ve seen it all. Slimmer amazed me. Delicious food, easy recipes, quick results. You won’t believe how well you can eat and still lose weight.” Veda Radanovich, Health Science Personal Trainer

“Ada’s Rule #6 is identify and learn from iconic diet books. Ada would buy and love Slimmer. It’s an improved twist on an iconic diet . . . a perfect companion to someone trying to Ada-size.” Alice Randall, New York Times bestselling author of Ada’s Rules

About The Author

In many ways, the Slimmer story is really my story. As a young man growing up in modern Athens, Greece, I had an enviable life. I looked good, felt good, was popular and smart, and saw nothing but continued success and happiness in my future. I ate a relatively healthy diet, without too many indulgences, and was physically fit and active. Then something changed.

Many people gain weight as they get older, particularly in middle age, because their diet does not reflect their change in lifestyle and the need to adjust to a natural slowing of the metabolism. But what happened to me, and what happens to millions of people around the world, can be more sudden and drastic and can occur at any stage in life regardless of age. Events such as divorce, job loss, family and romantic problems, depression, stress, and even boredom can create a weight gain cycle that quickly and easily spins out of control. Before we know it, we are looking in the mirror at someone we no longer recognize.

For me, my entry into a new academic environment at college proved to be the trigger for the unraveling of my good health. I was now merely a small fish in a very big pond. No one envied me. In fact no one even knew me. I was stressed, depressed, lonely, and bored, not only with my uninspiring choice of economics as a major but with my daily, unrewarding routine. In a very short time my life had gone from a sunny romantic fairy tale to a gloomy Shakespearean tragedy and in the process, food became my only friend. I reached for junk food for comfort and chocolate for fulfillment. My daily calorie and fat intake snowballed as I ate more and more of these empty calories at every turn. I felt sluggish and unable to break from the sedentary existence I had created for myself. In one year I gained 110 pounds.

Unhappy and unhealthy, I knew I needed to lose weight. So I began dieting. If one diet didn’t work for me I’d try a different one from the multitude available. I’d lose a little bit of weight and then quickly gain it back. Or I’d find a particular diet difficult to stick with and not lose any weight at all. Often the food was tasteless and unsatisfying, or the ingredients were too unusual and hard to find. Sometimes the strictness of a program itself would make me feel so deprived and full of cravings that I would abandon it in a moment of weakness and head for the nearest pizzeria. Surely there had to be a better and easier way.

I made a decision. At the University of Athens I switched my major from Economics to Diet and Nutrition. If there was a better way, I would figure it out myself! As a Diet and Nutrition major, I was exposed to a great deal of valuable research including the landmark 1960s Seven Countries Study which was, in many ways, responsible for the popularity of the Mediterranean diet. The results determined that the Mediterranean diet eaten in Greece and specifically on the island of Crete was the healthiest for reducing heart attacks and coronary disease (more on this study in Chapter 1). And since then, the components of the traditional Mediterranean diet, including olive oil, lean protein, whole grains, and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, have been determined to be beneficial for a number of health issues we are facing in today’s world including diabetes, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, depression, and yes—obesity and the need for healthy weight loss. Here in my own country, the answer, at least in part, was right in front of me.

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