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The Truth Doesn’t Always Set You Free

In 1987, the dirty war that will last twelve years and kill thirty thousand Peruvians finally reaches up through the Andean cloud forest for Nina and her family. Nina’s father is shot by soldiers, her mother raped, and her brother lost to the shadowy ranks of Shining Path guerrillas. And when Agustín Malqui, the village pastor, files a legal complaint against the military, it’s no surprise when he disappears in the middle of the night—just another casualty of the military regime.

Twenty-odd years later, Nina, now an officer in Cuzco’s tourist police, comes across a familiar name on the police printer that she scans daily for any trace of her long-lost brother. Agustín Malqui is alive. After spending years in a political prison, the broken pastor has been wandering the country, saving souls and drowning his demons in pisco. Nina tracks him down, only to lose him yet again in a police sweep of political malcontents. But before Malqui disappears, he tells her a drunken tale she can scarcely believe: that her brother Miguel is still alive.
Despite warnings and threats from her chief and the pleadings of her lover, an officer in Peru’s anti-terrorist branch, Nina presses on to find Malqui. Her search takes her through Peru’s underworld, from remote villages high in the Andes to the steaming jungle haunts of the narcotraficantes, and ultimately to a secret political prison in the altiplano, where she learns the truth about Malqui and her own vanished brother.

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From the reviewers:

“A vividly described journey through Peru’s underbelly as the narrative gains momentum, hurtling toward a dramatic climax.”…Kirkus Reviews

“Tomlinson’s princely, epic debut spans decades in a Peruvian family’s separation and reunion amid political unrest and terrorist atrocities. Elaborate and robust; a prime example of history and histrionics juggled with equal precision.” — Kirkus STAR Review

Strong, superbly researched and well written, mystery/action story. This is a solid adventure/mystery story made memorable by 1.) a detailed, well-researched look at contemporary Peru 2.) original, convincingly drawn characters 3.) clean, clear but sufficiently detailed – very good, really – prose that keeps you turning the pages.  –  C.M. Briggs

A great thriller–but more.  Both as a novel and as a thriller, the book did not disappoint.  I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in this part of the world [Peru], but also to anyone looking for a thoroughly engaging summer read.   –  Elise Miller


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Max Tomlinson is a Bay Area writer who has traveled extensively throughout South America. Sendero, a novel of suspense set in Peru, won the Kirkus Star.

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