Kindle Nation Daily Zombie Alert: Tristan Vick’s Bitten is Our eBook of the Day at just $2.99 and Here’s a Free Sample

Here’s the set-up for Tristan Vick’s Bitten, just $2.99 on Kindle:

After what appears to be a massive outbreak of rabies, the denizens of Newcastle City soon discover they are dealing with a much deadlier scourge than initially thought. Amid the rising dead and ensuing chaos, Rachael Ramirez searches for her missing son.

Soon enough she meets a young veterinarian named Alyssa Briggs, and the two of them team up with a struggling band of survivors, including a schizophrenic nymphomaniac, a narcissistic playboy, and a ragtag group of hardened soldiers. Little does anyone know, however, that Rachael holds a shocking secret that may be the key to humanity’s salvation or else prove to be humanity’s worst curse.

While the city falls apart around them, the small band of survivors do the only thing they can do… try not to get bit.

Bitten: A Resurrection Thriller is a character driven, survival-horror, story for adults. Over 75,000 words. Contains themes of horrific violence and explicit depictions of sex. Recommended for mature readers only.

From the reviewers:

“Tristan Vick’s debut in the zombie genre is one that does not politely knock on the door, asking for an entry. It kicks the door in, kicks ass and takes names. With Bitten, Tristan demonstrates real talent…” -Mainak Dhar (Bestselling author of Alice in Deadland, Zombiestan and Through The Killing Glass)

To start off, the book is very smooth. The characters are well-faceted and progress without making the writing process obvious. As with his The Scarecrow & Lady Kingston, the characters are witty and knee deep in adult content (humor, sex and sexual tension, you name it). While some of the scenes can be shocking, it never seems to be profanity or sexuality just for the sake of it. Also, it felt real. All 200 odd pages.

Bitten isn’t a few-hours-at-the-beach kind of read, and Tristan Vick does a great job of weaving in some higher-level imagery and plot. So, if you’re looking for young adult lit, you’re looking in the wrong place. That being said, he takes the zombie genre and makes it not only palpable but makes it a good read. There is always something that hooks you into reading just a few more pages.

This is Vick’s 3rd work in the fiction genre and greatly surpasses the first two. You can tell he is progressing as an author. He definitely put in some serious thought and fine-tuning with Bitten…and it shows. Do check it out.  – Daniel Moeller


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Tristan Vick graduated from Montana State University with degrees in English Literature and Asian Cultural Studies. He speaks fluent Japanese and lives in Japan with his wife and daughter.

When he’s not commuting on the train or teaching English, he spends his time reading, writing, blogging, and eating Sara Udon. Learn more about his upcoming projects and contact him at:

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