Need a Good Scare? J.G. Cuff’s Horror & Dark Fantasy Novel Ultimate Fantasy I-III … Brace Yourselves For A Fantastic And Twisted Ride Into A World of Magic, Vengeance, And Heroic Justice – 5.0 Stars & $4.99 on Kindle



by J. G. Cuff

5.0 stars – 1 Reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

*WARNING:  This book contains descriptions of violence and some graphic language.  Parental discretion is advised.

In a world that grows with every woeful mind that crosses over in the darkness, a new legend is about to be born when two young brothers find a strange path hidden in the forest, and experience something that will forever stain them both; one with blood and the other with endless nightmares. Many years later, when a mysterious bestiary is found, it will push a traumatized man to seek-out the one person who may have the answers he needs.
Mr. Ferran Grayling has an unbelievable story to tell, and Atticus Sloane will have to decide if it is pure fantasy, or if he’s prepared to bet his own life against what may be an incredible truth. His curiosity will ultimately take him to the Gehenna Towers, where all but time and sanity will leave him. A home for sinners, where a man’s only hope and prayer is to die as quickly as possible, the ancient stone spires are known to break the unbreakable. Even in the darkest of places, a light may still shine, but horror awaits with the setting sun, as a fallen warrior believes that he has awakened from his death, and miraculously found redemption at the bottom of a deep ravine.
Rejected by the heavens and sent back on a divine mission?  Or, is John the Rabid really just a delusional serial killer?
There are some who believe that those who harbour a deeply troubled soul have shattered their inner-being; that the shamefully broken pieces of their collective sub-conscience have been reborn into another place, where part of them exists until they find resolve on either side, or destroy themselves completely.
Welcome to the Queen’s Realm; a place where the creatures of all gods, of all things majestic and monstrous, must walk their path.
Anthology:  The first three novellas from the now-popular Ultimate Fantasy Series are woven together into a novel of fluid chapters, summarizing the first three volumes, including extras and a special preview chapter of volume four titled:


Amalie Paquin – St. Laurent, Montreal Quebec
Shivers ran down my spine when John found the cabin in the woods.  I loved this dark fantasy and the quick pace to the story as if it is being narrated to you.  I imagined Ian McKellen (Gandolf the Grey) reading to me in his soothing accent and it was all good!
– (via kindle book club)
Kyle R Schmitt –  Well, what a wonderful combination of serial writing and epic fantasy without the typical ‘info-dumps’ that are all too common to fill pages for publishers.  I should have noticed the US military’s Silver Star on the book cover but I missed it altogether the first time around.  I have not enjoyed a series with a twist like this one in a long time.  I love the pace as the story strides forward like a long-legged dream. customer feedback
Karen Tomlinson – Amateur writing style, but you can brace yourselves for a fantastic and twisted ride into a world of magic, vengeance, and heroic justice.  I especially liked John The Rabid.  He is a very cool character.
– Via forum post 
Cheryl Aaronson – I cried at the end (happy tears). This is a must-have for every fantasy/horror loving young adult. Atticus Sloane, John The Rabid, Ferran Grayling, so many great characters who’ve we’ve just started to know.  It’s obvious that this series has only just begun to peel back the layers of J. G. Cuff’s imagination and hopefully set the stage for more books to come.  Why can’t this book be 10,000 pages long?  I’d still be reading it! 
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