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Never Too Far

by Thomas Christopher

4.7 stars – 17 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

A harrowing story of love and survival.

In a future of scarce resources, where the possession of gas and diesel is punishable by death, a teenage boy and a pregnant girl must save their impoverished family. They risk their lives on a terrifying journey to sell stolen fuel on the black market.

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Tamara’s Child

by B K Mayo

5.0 stars – 16 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

This award-winning novel is a captivating and profoundly relevant story about the struggles of a homeless pregnant teenager, set against a backdrop of murder and deceit. The novel won the 2011 Eric Hoffer Award in the Young Adult book category. It was also named a Finalist in the Popular Fiction category of the 2010 National Indie Excellence Book Awards. Midwest Book Review says, “‘Tamara’s Child’ is a thought provoking and heartstring jerking tale that should not be passed up.”Tamara Ames is sixteen years old, pregnant, and on her own when she arrives in the small lumber town of Fir Valley, Oregon, determined to make a new and better life for herself and her child. And when she falls victim to a diabolical scheme to steal her newborn baby from her, she is not about to give her child up without a fight, even if she has to take on the wealthiest and most powerful family in the county. But is Tamara fighting against her child’s own best interests? Only she can decide. And it’s a decision that she–and her child–will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

In “Tamara’s Child,” B K Mayo weaves from sensuous detail a storyline as gritty and complex as life itself. Loss, treachery, greed, even murder play roles in this riveting tale. But in the end, it is the redemptive value of unconditional love that drives the pivotal action of the novel. One part suspense, one part drama, and wholly satisfying, “Tamara’s Child” plumbs the psyche of a dynamic cast of characters, some motivated by self-interest, some by self-sacrifice, some by self-doubt, but all clinging to the hope that they can ultimately wring from life the happiness and fulfillment that has thus far been denied them.

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Here’s the set-up:

Resilience is that trait that empowers us to not merely manage life’s inevitable challenges and detours, but to bounce back stronger than ever. It’s about having the willingness to pursue stretch goals, the courage to get up when you’ve been knocked down, and the tenacity of spirit to embrace all that makes life worth living.

To regard adversity as an opportunity for personal growth may seem idealistic; especially in the midst of typically overloaded schedules and the noise and stress of everyday living … but the hard truth is that from time to time we are going to stumble; encounter unexpected detours, and fail. No matter how much we try to outrun or sidestep adversity, it’s going to happen. The question then becomes not how to avoid obstacles, but how to use them to our advantage.

The good news is that research has proven that resilience is not a genetic gift for the lucky few. It is a set of skills that can be practiced and mastered over time. Stepping Stones to Greater Resilience is a self directed learning guide to help you strengthen the characteristics that enable you to avoid getting sidetracked by life’s inevitable challenges and thrive as a result of the experience.

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The Siren of Paris

by David LeRoy

4.7 stars – 6 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

In German occupied Paris, a group of unlikely people join in collaboration to smuggle Allied airman south to Spain. One of those intrepid heroes happens to be American. The Siren of Paris, the debut work of historical fiction by David LeRoy, tells a searing story of love, betrayal, forgiveness, and war that brings to vivid life the shimmering City of Lights during its darkest hours during World War II.

The story starts in 1939, when Marc Tolbert, the French-born son of a prominent American family, takes off for Paris to follow his dream of becoming an artist. Marc’s life soon sparkles in the ex-pat scene in Paris. His new friend Dora introduces him to a circle that includes the famous Sylvia Beach, owner of the bookstore Shakespeare & Company; and he accepts a job with William Bullitt, US ambassador to France. At art school, he finds himself further enchanted by the alluring model Marie.

Marc’s Parisian reverie, however, is soon clouded over by the increasing threat from Germany. As Americans scramble to escape Paris, he finds himself trapped by the war, and nearly meets his fate on the disastrous day of June 17, 1940, aboard the RMS Lancastria. Upon returning to Paris, his fate grows more troubled still, as he smuggles Allied airman through the American Hospital to the Paris Resistance underground, until a profound betrayal leads him into the hands of the Gestapo and onto Buchenwald.

Rigorously researched and vibrant in historical detail, The Siren of Paris reimagines one of history’s most turbulent times through the prism of an American abroad in Europe’s most harrowing days. Poignant, gripping, and thought-provoking, The Siren of Paris mines the human dilemma of revenge versus forgiveness, and vividly captures the conflicted state of survival.

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The Raven’s Curse

by Jamieson Wolf

4.0 stars – 1 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Susan Halliway is desperate to change her life. But something is desperate to hunt her…

A serial killer begins to leave increasingly frightening notes for Susan after he kills each of his victims, little girls with blond hair and bright eyes. She receives details of the killings days before the bodies are found with no knowledge of how to find them or stop the killer.

The trouble is, the killings match a storyline on the soap opera “Hope Falls”. The storyline where Susan’s old character was the final victim.

Turning to Erin Edwards, the script writer who wrote the “Hope Falls” storyline, they both try to solve the puzzle of who is killing little girls and why they‘ve targeted Susan. When Erin and Susan both receive curses, the bodies of dead ravens found nearby, they know that this is no ordinary killer.

Meanwhile, Derrick Madison, Susan’s old flame comes back into her life.

Will Derrick’s flame for Susan get in the way of his police investigation? Or will Susan’s lust for Derrick blind her to powerful secrets that Derrick may be withholding from her.

They will need all their cunning, all their daring, if they are to reach the end of this hunt alive…

*  *  *


by WRR Munro

4.3 stars – 9 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

It’s April 2033. Drought and water wars ravage Africa, and heat-waves kill tens of thousands in Europe. Famine sweeps across Asia after the monsoon fails, and the United States struggles with massive social upheaval following decades of economic malaise.

Ayden Walker is a young field researcher. It’s his job to limit the damage to the environment from climate change, greed or plain incompetence. He’s also part of the virtual BioWatch community where he works to hold those responsible to account. As such, he has little patience for people who rush to commercialise genetically modified organisms before the risks are properly understood.

So he is appalled when he meets William Hanford and learns that, decades ago, their parents were involved in illegal genetic experimentation.

But what he learns next shakes the very foundations of his existence.

He isn’t given time to deal with it though. Ayden stumbles across something that could change the course of humanity if he doesn’t stop it… but he’s not so sure he should. People are consuming without thought, placing unbearable loads on the planet’s resources and playing havoc with the world’s climate. Perhaps truly radical action could be justified.

*  *  *

5.0 stars – 1 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Harry is a divorced man who has not been able to see his daughter Lisa since she was five years old. But Harry still loves Lisa more than anyone else in the world; and he worries about her future because she was born without a left foot. When Harry is offered the chance to win a million pounds for Lisa, by taking part in a reality TV show, he immediately accepts. All he has to do is find a woman who is willing to risk her life for him – and there’s a deadline.

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