Lisa Hyatt & Joni Davis’ Feng Shui Love (A Romantic Comedy) – A Fun Romantic Comedy For Anyone Who Has Ever Looked For Love in All The Wrong Places! Just 99 Cents For A Limited Time on Kindle!

Feng Shui Love (A Romantic Comedy)

by Lisa Hyatt, Joni Davis

5.0 stars – 5 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Most women cite adultery, financial ruin, or irreconcilable differences for the demise of their marriages, Lily Chamberlayne cites a dark musty closet…

After Lily returns from a disastrous second honeymoon in which her high-powered attorney husband cops to having an affair with his trashy legal assistant (so cliché she could book them a spot on Jerry Springer), she’s forced to pick up the pieces and start again. And what better place than the New York City doorstep of her lifelong friend, Brook Bellevue, a rock journalist for a cable station, who’s also newly single.

Enter Lily’s wacky mother, Lauraine, who believes the pair’s failed relationships are due to the bad energy trapped in their living spaces. During an urgent visit, with her pony-tailed Feng Shui Designer in tow, she insists on transforming the girls’ apartment into a perfectly rearranged peaceful and harmonious space (insert eye roll here). But when positive changes result almost immediately, Lily can’t help getting caught up in the Feng Shui frenzy herself as she’s inundated with a new batch of suitors; her very own Dr. Dreamy, her nerdy classmate from 11th grade biology, and even her ex-husband is back for forgiveness. But what she didn’t count on conjuring up were long buried secrets, proving that a little Feng Shui can go a long way!
Feng Shui Love has been optioned twice as a television show, but has yet to find a home with a network… fingers still crossed. Fans of Chick Lit Stars, Sophie Kinsella and Jane Green will love this fast paced Romantic Comedy!


Feng Shui Love is a fun shui read! —Cindy Williams, “Laverne & Shirley”

Joni Davis and Lisa Hyatt have tossed up an array of quirky, likeable, and yes, sometimes duplicitous characters just like the people we know in the mixing bowl of life for a fun, entertaining read. My recommendation? Stop rearranging your furniture and spend your time reading Feng Shui Love. Along the way you might learn a little about life its own self. —Emyl Jenkins, “The Big Steal”

I had so much fun reading this book…and couldn’t put it down! I even have taken the Feng Shui principles in the book and applied them in my life.–Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

About The Authors

Lisa Hyatt is a corporate flight attendant whose day job is flying various celebrities and world leaders around the globe on a private business jet. Lisa has also written several screenplays and optioned one as a television show. She currently lives in the Outer Banks. Joni Davis is a partner with the entertainment law firm of Schroder, Fidlow and Titley, PLC. Her diverse clients include authors, artists and musicians, who are often seen scurrying out of her office with a suspicious pink heart and instructions to clear their love corner. She lives in Richmond, Virginia with her daughter and two cats.
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