A Legal Self-Help eBook With Real-Life Examples, Practical Tips and Actionable Advice – Sue Wang’s 22 Legal Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make: A Guide for Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, & Small Businesses – 4.8 Stars & Just $1.99 on Kindle! A Must Have in Your Kindle Library

Here’s the set-up:

Don’t let legal mistakes hurt your bottom line. Written in plain English, this book covers real-life examples, practical tips, and actionable advice for businesses of all sizes. In 140 pages, how to avoid the most common mistakes that smart businesspeople make, including:

• 3 common scams to watch out for
• Practical tips on accepting family investments safely
• Smart ways to pay people with equity
• 2 things your privacy policy should never say
• 4 powerful ways to discourage nuisance lawsuits
• What to look for when you review a contract
• Simple ways to keep strong corporate records
• What to look for in a confidentiality agreement

…and much more!

“I’ve tried to read legal books before, and this is definitely the best. The writing style is crisp and conversational, and the author uses the word “I” and “my clients” to tell stories, so it feels like talking to a very smart and experienced business person rather than plowing through a textbook. The book used a lot of real-life examples, which is the only way I can get my head around legal issues, so I feel like I got more out of this book than the big start-up textbooks I tried before…” –  Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

“If only every legal guide could be like this. IT HAS PICTURES! And it’s super easy to read. It feels like the author is just talking to you over coffee and giving you some pointers on your business…” – Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars


Sue Wang has advised clients from tech start-ups to restaurants, one-person consulting services to global corporations, and three-buddies-with-an-idea to publicly traded companies. She has been invited as a guest speaker to entrepreneurial events at Startup Weekend, the Founder Institute, and Georgetown Business School. Ms. Wang earned her J.D. from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where she was a contributing editor of the Michigan Law Review.
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