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Here’s the set-up:

Sisters are meant to always be there for each other, or are they? In the glare of reality, clashing views and acts of betrayal can work to form unbridgeable gaps, and the fabric of sisterly love must be delicately rewoven from whole cloth. Reel Life charts the story of redheaded sisters Betty and Jamie, who must call upon the past to forge a new and meaningful connection for the future. With iconic moments of contemporary cinema driving the narrative thread, this absorbing work will cut straight to the heart and reveal the intricate, complex emotions that come together to form a family. Exploring themes of motherhood, body image, ambition and love, this tender, deeply affecting tale of two sisters offers a poignant close-up of this most intimate of relationships, which can both haunt and heal. Surging with drama that is interlaced with subtle irony, Reel Life illuminates how, sometimes, escaping reality can be the clearest path to emotional truth.


“A realistic, moving chronicle of the evolving relationship between sisters.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Surprising twists add to the drama, as infidelity and betrayal re-occur like a generational curse. But, that’s real life, and ultimately, Reel Life turns out to be interesting, just like in the movies.” – San Francisco Book Review

“This novel took me a while to finish, not because it was slow or boring in the least, but the subtle nuancing made me really want to take my time and make sure I didn’t miss anything. The characters were fascinating enigmas throughout…Reel Life was a thoroughly compelling tale.” – Bellas Novella

About The Author

Jackie Townsend, a native of Southern California, spends a lot of her time in places not her own. As the youngest of four children, she carries a strong sense of family with her to these places, often foreign, and writes about belonging (or not belonging), loss, and love. She lives in New York with her husband. Reel Life is her first book.

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