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Janet Maple’s stellar career ended with a layoff and her boyfriend of almost five years told her that he wants to be just friends. When she lands a job at one of New York’s premier boutique investment firms, Janet begins to hope that her luck is finally turning for the better.

Not only is she happy with her new paycheck, but things also seem to be looking up on the personal front, as the company’s handsome attorney expresses keen interest in Janet. However, her euphoria is short-lived, as Janet soon discovers alarming facts about her new employer’s business tactics.

When her boss dismisses her suspicions as groundless, Janet finds herself confiding to a cute IT engineer, Dean Snider. The closer she gets to Dean, the more Janet is tempted to break her rule of not dating co-workers, but what she doesn’t realize is that everything she knows about Dean, including his occupation and even his name, is a lie.

Dennis Walker is a top-notch white collar crime investigator who will stop at nothing to put culprits away. When an opportunity for an undercover assignment at one of New York’s premier boutique broker dealers comes up, Dennis jumps at the chance, adopting a persona of geeky IT engineer, Dean Snider.

While he may be an ace at his job, years of experience fail him when Dennis meets Janet Maple and finds himself torn between his professional obligations and his personal desires. Will he have to choose between his feelings and duty, or will he find a way to satisfy both?

From the reviewers:

“An entertaining and fast-paced romantic suspense. ”  –  “syed”  |  11 reviewers made a similar statement
 “Janet Maple – a great new heroine. “

“I have read all of Marie Astor’s books. I have loved each and everyone of them. Hope she does a sequel To Catch a Bad Guy. ”

“Janet Maple is an appealing character who has had to climb her way up with good old fashioned hard work and for her efforts has been knocked back down to square one. As she tries to climb that ladder once again we see she is a person of integrity and hope for her success.”


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 Marie Astor is the author of contemporary romance novels This Tangled Thing Called LoveOn the Rim of LoveLucky Charm, romantic suspense novel, To Catch a Bad Guy, and a short story collection, A Dress in a Window. 

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