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Nana Malone’s Sexy in Stilettos is Our eBook of the Day at just $3.99, with 4.2 Stars on 29 Reviews, and Here’s a Free Sample

Here’s the set-up for Nana Malone’s Sexy in Stilettos, just $3.99 on Kindle:

What’s worse than having to watch your sister marry your ex fiancé? How about when that fiancé fires you from the family business?

Hyper-organized, event planner, Jaya Trudeaux is used to doing things by the book and never making waves. It’s a strategy that’s served her well until she finds herself in failure alley with no fiancé, no job and her thirtieth birthday looming. Maybe it’s time to change her methods. Starting with an unlikely date to the wedding from hell.

The only thing that can tie carefree, playboy, Alec Danthers down is his formidable step mother. When she calls him home to help find his wayward brother, he never imagines an uptight, list making, sass-talking woman would make him think about putting down roots.

Can Jaya put the lists down long enough to enjoy the ride that is Alec? Will Alec stop running long enough to recognize true love?

Warning: Sexy, sass talking women will make you laugh, cry and want a pair of killer footwear.

From the reviewers:

I loved both main characters! – Book Lover | 5 reviewers made a similar statement

I read this book in a day and a half! – Sabchild | 7 reviewers made a similar statement

Really enjoyable & casual summer read with fun characters. – Arya Hariharan | 4 reviewers made a similar statement

Hot, hot, hot! That is really all you need to know about this book. But to be fair, it is also funny and sweet, all of the things you should expect from a good rom-com. – danikat

Great read! It’s just a run Romance read and won’t make you hate youself for reading it unlike some other more popular romance reads. – Frellac

I really liked it. The heroine, Jaya has this charming way about her. And the friendships seemed real. I can see me and my girlfriends gabbing like that. The author has a way with dialogue. The hero, Alec seems a little like a jerk in the beginning, but you warm to him as you go on. He doesn’t do anything overt, but maybe I just don’t like that kind of cocky, over-confident guy. Turns out he’s quite fun. – Megan Watson

I’m so glad I picked this one up. I became a fan of Nana Malone after Reluctant Protector. I’m so glad I got in on the free party and picked this one up. Jaya was funny and charming and Alec is that guy we all fantasize about. You know, the super sexy guy your mother told you to stay away from? It’s a light sassy read. Though you can see a hint of the author’s romantic suspense roots with one of the side story lines. I think this is another series so count me in as a fan. – Julie S.


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Nana’s love of all things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense she borrowed from her cousin on a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana at a precocious thirteen. She’s been in love with kick butt heroines ever since. With her overactive imagination, and channeling her inner Buffy, it was only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.

Waiting for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin, Nana, meantime works out her drama, passion and sass with fictional characters every bit as sassy and kick butt as she thinks she is. Though, until that ninja job comes through, you’ll find her acting out scenes for hubby and puppy while catching up on her favorite reality television shows in sunny San Diego.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample of Sexy in Stilettos by Nana Malone:


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