R.S. Baskerville’s Touching Debut Novel One Hundred Percent Innocent – A Story of A Young Woman Abandoned at Birth, Examining Her Troubled Beginnings Filled With Loss, Love And Hope

One Hundred Percent Innocent

by Reginald Baskerville

4.3 stars – 3 Reviews
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Here’s the set-up:


In his touching first novel, R.S.Baskerville writes with the voice of a young woman abandoned at birth examining her troubled beginnings filled with loss, love and hope.


District Attorney Max Black’s life takes an unforeseen turn when he discovers the intruder he kills in his home is a childhood friend he sent to prison.
Jada Parker spent the first thirteen years of her life in foster care until Max shot and killed her father. Max’s chance to redeem himself and the memories of his lost friend is rekindled when he moves the teenage girl into his home and raises her as his own. Now in college, the young woman weaves the stories told to her by Max, her father’s correspondence while imprisoned, and the pages of her journal into a story spanning twenty years of loss, love, and hope.


One Reviewer Notes


“I really liked this book! One Hundred Percent Innocent is a touching story about adversity, love, natural talent that comes in all shapes and sizes, and life’s strange connections that you never see coming. The author has pulled on my heartstrings, made me laugh, and touched my soul with his words. I cannot ask anymore of a fellow writer, and want to thank him for inspiring me to really focus on my own writing and to remember that life’s path may be lonely sometimes, but there is always someone willing to help you when you need it most…” – Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars


About The Author

Reginald Baskerville is a married father of three and a registered nurse. He lives quietly in Maine on the small island of Eastport overlooking the Passamaquoddy Bay and Canada. Originally from Philadelphia, much of his writing uses the city as a backdrop for his various stories.

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