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Author’s Note:

As with all of The Foxworthy Files, this Erotic Romance is intended for a mature audience.

I found so much to tell about Peter and Lily’s journey into unchartered territory within their married lives, with this 8th Foxworthy, that it’s the longest one yet at almost 40,000 words. There are many more romantic and detailed love scenes in this adventure and with the next in the series, Phoenix, I hope to explore and reveal even more about my favorite two people, living with me here in Santa Barbara, FBI agent Lily Foxworthy and her husband and partner, actor Peter von Rabenhorst.

Synopsis: After Peter’s illness and his slow recovery, Lily Foxworthy found that he was a changed man. Unfortunately, he’s changed into someone she cannot easily recognize. When she thinks that a psychiatrist she hired, Dr. Hadrian Green, is responsible for the sudden differences in Peter’s sexual appetite—with a penchant for toys and other things—she also believes that Peter has picked up more than a few idiosyncrasies from his dead brother, Lothar.

Dr. Green is far more than a simple doctor to Peter, and Lothar. Eventually, Lily finds out what his real motives are and much more about his sordid past. Unfortunately, it may be too late to reverse the effect that Green has had on Peter. Lily cannot know what this means to their strong bond, but she hopes that they will both survive.

There’s a real cliffhanger at the end of this story and please, stay tuned for the ninth Foxworthy, Phoenix.


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Hi. I am so pleased to have my series of erotic and romantic thrillers up on Kindle, called The Foxworthy Files. Their link is here:

There’s a brand new mini-movie trailer on YouTube for the first six books and the link is at:

I have several series of erotic short stories up also, under The Impregnated Files, Strictly Virgin Territory and Impregnating Virgin Curves.

I am a former literary agent, born in England. I’ve lived in Santa Barbara, California for many years and all of The Foxworthy Files are set partially amongst the upper echelon of California society, and in the vineyards and art venues of beautiful Santa Barbara.

My two websites/blogs are: and

I love writing dialogue and I guess this comes from reading and writing so many screenplays! I feel that when you can create emotions and a vivid atmosphere, you entice the reader to enter the world of the people in your books, even if for a few hours!

I know that if I am feeling what’s happening, that I must have gotten it right, and I read my own books over and over again (as well as other ones of course). My husband and I have two cats, no children, and he works backstage at a gorgeous renovated theatre in Santa Barbara. I drew some of my background for The Foxworthy Files from there.

The Foxworthy Files always feature a strong and sensuous love story, plenty of adventure and the main characters now are FBI agent Lily Foxworthy and Shakespearean actor Peter von Rabenhorst. Other books I have are How to Get The Most From Your Disneyworld Trip and The Sum of All Evil (Stonehenge is the location there and this one is a dark, psychological thriller).

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample of The Foxworthy Files: Singularity, by Susan Hart:


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