Take flight on an adventure of love, fear, freedom, tears, and laughs and eventually enlightenment, with Sreejit Poole’s Of Mind Or Matter – just $2.99, and here’s a free sample

Here’s the set-up for Sreejit Poole’s Of Mind or Matter, just $2.99 on Kindle or Currently Free Via the Kindle Lending Library:

Overcome by the weight of his own failure to live up to the world’s standard of success, to the point where he no longer cares about his own life, Ballard Davies decides that there is only one solution. He gets in his car and drives.

He drives away from everything and everyone that he knows, in an effort to just start over. He doesn’t care where he’s headed; he just wants another chance to get it right.

What he finds is beyond his imagination, as he befriends an exciting and eccentric cast of characters. From the divinely inspired to the rationalistic blowhards, everything is suddenly new for him. But there is one problem. He still cannot escape himself.

What will it take for Ballard to overcome his own self-imposed limitations and live the adventure he feels he deserves? This is the journey he now travels, down a path where truth, love, desperation, honor, the forgiving and the righteous, the mystics and the scientists all battle for the chance to be given the foremost spot in the realm of his mind.

Will the pain of loneliness and separation prevail, or will Ballard find something to live for?

From the reviewers:

Tapping into a universal pain, Sreejit Poole writes every person’s story. The “what if” story. What if I just started over? What if I had the courage to believe that my life was worth more than a 9 to 5, or who we know? – Frank Seth

I couldn’t put it down! and like the other reviewer here procrastinated on all of my other work until it was finished. the characters are compelling and quirky, and the dilemmas that they face aren’t the BS storytelling issues that most novels deal with – they’re real situations that anyone could face. – “cmwinn108”

Enjoyable and thought provoking. The author did a good job of blending an engaging story with philosophical and eastern spiritual principles. I loved the way he described each of his characters and enjoyed not knowing what was around the next corner as his story evolved. The book reminded me that we all have our insecurities and our yearnings; our eccentricities and our stories – Shirley

Refreshingly earnest examination of life’s biggest questions. This book is a breath of fresh air in a world where literature so often seems about literary sleight-of-hand and cheap parlour tricks. The author shows the courage to address life’s biggest questions with heart-wrenching sincerity. You come away admiring his gutsiness, and feeling a stirring within your own heart to look up at the stars and find your own way. – Dan

Faulkner Meets Camus Meets Kerouac Meets Ellison. Haunted by his failures as a human being, the protagonist sets off on an existentialist fugue journey, wandering along the dusty roads of Self-examination. Calls to mind the journeys of Faulkner’s Joe Christmas, that of Ralph Ellison’s unnamed protagonist in Invisible Man, as well as the wanderings of Kerouac and the reflective despair of Camus. – Lance Murdock

I enjoyed the fast pace and originality of the novel as well as its gritty description of life. – Al


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Philosopher, poet, musician, cook, Sreejit Poole’s writing reflects his quest for meaning in an ever changing world. Living in the ashrams of revered saint Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma), for the past 20 years, he has learned the power of service to humanity at the feet of one of the world’s great humanitarians.

In his most recent work, Of Mind Or Matter, Sreejit takes us on the journey of humility through the knowledge that we all have a purpose greater than ourselves.

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