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When ex-Cop turned Private Investigator Robert Hoskins saves the life of ex mobster and casino owner Eddy Milagre he figured that he’d stepped into something he shouldn’t have. Even after getting shot with a bolt of electricity and taking down two of the ‘would be’ kidnappers Robert finds himself in Milagre’s office getting the third degree. But that’s just the beginning. When Milagre’s people start asking him about wizards and magic all he wants to do is to get out of there in one piece. Magic wands? Mobsters or not, these people are nuts!

But when his dog starts talking to him and he gets a mystical visit from an Aunt and a Dwarf he knows his life has changed, and not necessarily for the better. What kind of world has Robert stepped into when he finds out he’s descended from the Gods?

From disbelief to acceptance, Robert encounters a variety of mythical beings. From Faeries and Norse legends to the Oracle at Delphi, from Mermaids to Werewolves to everything in between, Robert’s world has definitely changed. While his path through that world appears chosen he soon learns that the beings that reside in the world of myths and fairy tale’s aren’t that much different than those of the mortal world. Good and evil still battle one another and it’s time to take sides.

What should Robert do when the world around him stops making sense? When he finds out from a Dwarf that his dog is descended from Fae hunting dogs. When he knows that corporations and even the mob don’t run Vegas, it’s the Fae. When the prettiest girls he meets are over 3,000 years old and some of them drink blood. And that stripper, is she really a Faery? Let’s not even go there. What should Robert do when he learns that strength in his new world is measured in magic and he barely has a clue how to wield it?

Do Demons, Gods, Elves, and Faeries really exist? Are Vampires truly the children of Lilith? Robert didn’t believe it at first either.

From the reviewers:

“It kept my attention and interest throughout the book. ”  Bud Sutch  |  3 reviewers made a similar statement

“If you like spies, private investigators, fairies, magic, and mobsters, you’ll love High Fae. ”  CaptJax  |  2 reviewers made a similar statement

“Kinda like a mature version of Harry Potter. ”  K. Fox  |  1 reviewer made a similar statement

This is not just another typical PI mystery story.  A spellbinding fantasy with the action of natural forces…good v. evil. It was difficult to put the book down. In my opinion, it won’t disappoint. P.S. Can’t wait for the sequel.  –  Kathy

You won’t be disappointed by this crime/fantasy drama that kept me turning virtual pages as fast as possible. The plot builds very well and evenly – an important element to keeping it interesting. I thourgughly and completely enjoyed it!  –  Mike M in LV

This is not the sort of book I usually read. It took place in Las Vegas, and involved an investigation. As a 30 plus year cop and an avid fan of Lad Vegas , I had to read it. It kept my attention and interest throughout the book. Great job ! Each page I read, kept me wanting to learn more. With the right director and cast, this could turn into one heck of a movie.  –  Bud Sutch


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Not the sort of person you’d want to let too close to your computer, unless you need it fixed, Tom Keller is a former computer forensics expert and retired police sergeant now working as a defense investigator.

He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his family, two dogs, and a mystical black cat that has decided to rule them all.

He is currently working on the second book in the Vegas Fae series.


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