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Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Here’s the set-up:

The author uses examples from his own writing and hyperlinks to examples in his other e-books, to help a new or experienced writer refresh their writing world. “We get validated as a person when we create, and when we show or let people hear, see or read what we “think” we have created. That is secret #1. And you already know it. Oh, and there is no ranking of #1, #2, #3. All of the secrets of being a creative writer or whatever, overlap. They flow. FLOW along with them.”

About The Author

I’ve been writing for over 25 years, mostly plays, although I have written screenplays. I also do photography and videos. You can find my videos at . And since I am mostly a playwright, people always ask me if I’ve been produced in NY City. And the answer is yes. I’ve also been produced all over the U.S. and in Europe. I write unusual plays. I write a lot of Southern, U.S. plays. I write trilogies and I write modern plays. I also write plays from the 1800’s South and in old Southern dialect.

My plays have bite.

Making my plays available as e-books will mean more people will have a chance to discover my plays. Theaters, even though they might have found my plays interesting, often were afraid to do my them because they have an edge or seem to be risky. Theaters can’t afford to take risks on “new work”, unless the author has a name. MY NAME IS STEPHEN PEACE!

I think reading a play is a different experience for most people. People are used to reading novels, but plays can be just as interesting. In a play there is more emphasis on a look or a lighting change. Plays are also more about dialogue. Some will like reading a play and some won’t. I hope you do.
Now, what is my name?

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