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Tina Seskis’ Suspense Novel One Step Too Far – Now on Sale For a Limited Time For Kindle Nation Daily Readers – Just $1.99!

“It’s compelling, gripping, frightening, embarrassing, deeply sad and lovely all at once. Just read it. You won’t be sorry. I loved this book.” myzennana.com

One Step Too Far

by Tina Seskis

4.3 stars – 40 Reviews
On Sale For Kindle Nation Daily Readers! Regularly $5.75
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Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled

Here’s the set-up:

An apparently happy marriage. A beautiful son. A lovely home. So what makes Emily Coleman get up one morning and walk right out of her life – changing her name, holing up in a grotty house in North London, taking a dead-end job where she won’t be found. Has she had a breakdown? Was it to escape her dysfunctional family, especially her malevolent twin Caroline who always seemed to hate her? And what is the anniversary that looms, threatening to force her to confront her past? No-one has ever guessed her secret. Will you?
One Step Too Far captures your imagination from the start in this contemporary story with the unguessable ending that’s been compared to One Day and Gone Girl.


“The author reveals Emily’s motivations for leaving her family with great patience and narrative skill… (there is) excellent dramatic pacing, dialogue and prose, culminating in poignant concluding chapters which examine Emily’s decisions without sentimentality. An evocative, skillful novel about the price of escape. Recommended.” Kirkus Reviews

“WOW! This one is a winner! While the plot might seem like a “movie-of-the-week”, the gorgeous writing elevates it to fine contemporary literature. By the end, I was truly aching for Emily/Cat, desperate to know her secret. And when it was finally revealed I gasped out loud! This is an excellent example of how a book can play our emotions like an instrument… I am praying that someone options this for the big screen.” Suzanne Rogers, South Carolina, US

“As Emily starts her new life in London I never stopped rooting for her… What also really stood out was how real it all felt. Locations are described vividly and you can almost smell Emily’s first London lodgings. It’s a real page-turner – a must for fans of Jodi Picoult and David Nicholls’s One Day.” Sandie Kirk, Surrey

“The author does a wonderful job of keeping the reader guessing and clueless until she’s ready to let you in on the secret. And when she finally does, the reader should be prepared for a jaw-dropper. Seskis’s book was a wonderful read that I fully expect to quickly rise on the list of bestsellers.” Catherine Armstrong, Rochester Public Library, US

“Beautifully written and well-paced, it has an endearing, fascinating and realistic set of characters, many of whom we might recognize from our own lives, with a sense of mystery, sadness, joy and anticipation. The story is powerfully told, descriptive and vivid, with twists and turns which kept me reading, intrigued, until the early hours… A must-read and destined for great success. Highly recommended, 5 stars at least!” Christine Miller, author, christinemiller.co

About The Author

Tina Seskis grew up in Hampshire, the daughter of an airline engineer and a sales rep. Her parents bestowed upon Tina a certain degree of eccentricity her dad amongst other things built a boat in the front garden on their commuter belt housing estate, moved them into a touring caravan when their new house wasn t built, and took them all over the world with his free air travel and limited budget. Tina studied business at the University of Bath and then worked for over 20 years in marketing, advertising and online, with varying degrees of success. Before that she did a variety of other jobs including door to door encylopedia selling in the US, industrial relations for Ford in Halewood, Liverpool, and selling bacon butties with her granny in the Halfway Hut at Wentworth Golf Club. Tina never intended writing a novel. She wrote One Step Too Far over a two month period in summer 2010 and then gave up writing entirely for well over a year, before writing her second novel A Serpentine Affair in autumn 2011. Her third book (working title Collision) is due for completion in 2013, and is the coming together of a key character from each of the first two novels, if Tina can one day solve how to make the plot work. Tina Seskis lives in North London with her husband and son, near many of the locations in One Step Too Far, such as the Parkland Walk, Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath, the Nags Head and Finsbury Park. Tina’s early influences included Agatha Christie for stunningly clever plot twists, Jilly Cooper and Harold Robbins for unputdownability, Salman Rushdie, Emily Bronte, Richard Adams, Shakespeare and Keats amongst others for their genius with the English language. Favourite contemporary books include The Secret History by Donna Tartt, Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers, One Day by David Nicholls, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks.

Check out Tina’s website at http://tinaseskis.com/.
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Mystery Readers Alert! All Rave Reviews For Monique Domovitch‘s Getting Skinny (A Chef Landry Mystery) – $2.99 on Kindle

4.8 stars – 6 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Or check out the Audible.com version of Getting Skinny (A Chef Landry Mystery)
in its Audible Audio Edition, Unabridged!
Here’s the set-up:

Owning a restaurant is as crazy for Nicky Landry as an alcoholic owning a bar. But despite having to cram herself into a body shaper to look decent in a dress, life is pretty good. She’s throwing the party of the year for her graduating doctor boyfriend, Rob, who she’s sure is going to propose—until his new girlfriend shows up at the party.

After ordering Rob to get his stuff out of her house and get lost, Nicky finds him faceup with her expensive Chroma knife sticking right out of his cheating heart.

As the prime suspect, Nicky is in hot water. And no matter how hard she tries to clear her name, her problems only mount. She’s convinced she can solve the murder—if only she can figure out the identity of the skinny person seen walking away with Rob after the party.

Getting “Skinny” won’t be easy for Nicky, but she never imagined it would be life or death…


Wonderful and funny!

“…So glad I read this book! Really great characters, I especially loved the main character…loved the pace of the book as well…”

You will get skinny, you will forget to eat! Great read…

“…I could not put this book down and when I did, I wanted to cook the recipes! What a great addition, adding a menu. A must for book clubs. Read and then cook!…”

About The Author

Monique Domovitch is the author of Scorpio Rising and The Sting of the Scorpio. She also writes under the pen name Carol Ann Martin for Obsidian, an imprint of Penguin. She is represented by Natalie Fischer of the Bradford Literary Agency, and lives with her husband and her three dogs in La Jolla, California.

She was born the first in a family of ten children in a small town in Northern Ontario, and maintains to this day that she was not harmed by the experience. She attended The Sacred Heart Convent, an Ottawa boarding school where she learned to keep her hands folded neatly in her lap and to smile vaguely when people use profane language around her.

Her first job was in Montreal as a fashion model, and she is credited with inventing the famous pouty pose that is now used by top models everywhere. She has turned thirty nine again this year and pledges to do it over and over. Just like everybody else in the world, she is working on a new novel, this one, her fourth.

For more about Monique Domovitch and her work, please visit her website.

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Kindle Daily Deals For Monday, Apr. 29 – New Bestsellers All Priced at $2.99 or Less! plus James D. Bell’s Vampire Defense

But first, a word from … Today’s Sponsor

Vampire Defense

by James D. Bell

4.8 stars – 27 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

John Brooks is a brilliant young lawyer working hard, but not getting much notice. Those who know him admire his work ethic and his intellect. His friends believe that he needs one big case to show off his talents. Defending Hal Boyd, known as the Butcher of Belhaven, on arson and four murder charges, looks like that big case as the world media, hungry to fill 24 hours a day of non-stop news coverage, converges on Jackson, Mississippi.

Soon the Boyd case looks like a career ender when Brooks announces his defense: “Not guilty by reason of insanity. My client was so insane that he believed that the person he intended to kill was a vampire.” The world media ridicules the “Vampire Defense,” and Brooks and his defense team become the laughing stock of the legal profession.

Ridicule becomes the least of Brooks’ problems when he discovers that a satanic cult is intent on exacting murderous revenge against Boyd and his defense team. Kidnapping and multiple murders occur at a dizzy pace as the action careens from the city to the swamp to the courtroom.

Romance coupled with comic relief allows you to occasionally catch your breath, until even that is stolen by a double climax with a verdict that shocks the world, followed immediately by a dramatic final battle between good and evil.

The Vampire Defense is so “bloody good” you can taste it.

James D. Bell is a retired Judge who received the highest bar association approval ratings ever given to a Mississippi Circuit or County Judge. He is listed in Preeminent Lawyers and Outstanding Lawyers of America.
Judge Bell has been involved in some of the most significant cases in Mississippi and drew on actual experiences when he wrote Vampire Defense. He is devoted to his wife, Joanne. They live in Ridgeland, Mississippi and have four children.

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Today’s Kindle Nation Daily eBook of the Day:

5-Star Reading at the sweet intersection of danger and delight!

Paradise (Girl Friday)

by Rachel Blake, Tess Oliver
4.9 stars – 7 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled

Here’s the set-up:

A deceitful trick by a coworker slash lover leaves Jayden Clark looking for a new job and vowing to never again engage in a relationship with a workmate. Of course her promise never mentioned a boss.

When Jayden accepts the position of girl Friday for Regent Realty, she knows she is overqualified, but a month in Tahiti, and Nick Regent, the six-foot-four, incredibly appealing owner of the company, make the job too tempting to pass up.

She flies to the island, knowing full well that she is at risk of losing her heart, but never could she have predicted the danger she would face in paradise.

Paradise is book #1 of Rachel Blake’s ‘Girl Friday’ Series. It is a 50,000 word contemporary romance.

*Contains Sexual Content*


* * *

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But first, a word from our Sponsor….

Surviving Curtis Hall

by L. A. Matthies
4.8 stars – 6 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled



Here’s the set-up:

Attempting to avoid the violence and drugs at Hibernia High, sixteen-year-old Tristen McCoy and his friends have transferred on a sports scholarship to the elite Curtis Hall boarding school. Hometown lacrosse heroes, the boys are tested as they attempt to assimilate into a student body where excelling is the norm.

Tristen hones his leadership skills and sense of humor while finding his way in this new environment. He and his friends must rise to the challenge of competing with peers whose skills equal and perhaps surpass their own. Tristen’s attention is soon captured by the beautiful and alluring Marcella Venier. Despite their different origins and upbringings, the two are drawn to each other. Marcella, compelled to live a clandestine life with dark secrets and a covert research mission, struggles with her desire to further her own designs and still remain in Tristen’s world.

Events spiral out of control, and a student is lost in the subterranean tunnels beneath the school’s campus. Tristen and his friends stand accused of foul play, and in an effort to make things right, he enlists Marcella’s help in organizing a search party. During the perilous rescue attempt, danger threatens to not only sever the bonds of friendship of the group, but take their lives as well. They hope they can survive until graduation.

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Free Book Alert for April 28: Three Bestselling Freebies Just For Today! Plus The Best Kindle Deals Anywhere … Sponsored by Gabrielle Raiz’s 132+ Delicious Salads, Dressings And Dips (Today’s Sponsor – 99 Cents!)

But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor
These wonderful recipes will definitely make more interesting options and there are a lot of vegetables mentioned that don't get the attention they deserve:-). This book is easy to follow and written with Gabrielle's great sense of humor I can't wait to dig in!!
132+ Delicious Salads, Dressings And Dips (Gabrielle's FUSS-FREE Healthy Veg Recipes)
by Gabrielle Raiz
4.8 stars - 72 reviews
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Currently FREE for Amazon Prime Members
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here's the set-up:
From the jaw droppingly simple to wonderfully inventive creations, you can (re-) inject some healthy magic into your mealtimes. No matter what your food preferences are - omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, raw-food, 'paleo' or meat eater, you'll discover how to transform salads into must-have meals and tasty side dishes. Making sensational salads, delicious dressings and delectable dips is one sure fire way to delight your taste buds – easily!

Let Gabrielle lead you on your own personal salad revolution! Never be bored with the same old boring salads again. Salads can be the flagship of any meal when you have the know-how. Sometimes it's in the salad itself. Other times it's in what you dress it with. Imagine combining two winning recipes which may very well inspire even the most salad-phobic of folk. Gabrielle shows you:
  • How to create delicious salads, dressings and dips – all fuss-free, tried and tested and … using easy-to-find ingredients!
  • How to make even the most often-used salad ingredients taste different, by cleverly preparing your vegetables to vary consistency and "mouth-feel". And what a difference that makes.
  • How simplicity can make you a winner in the kitchen. Some salad recipes you will learn are beautiful precisely because of their simplicity.
  • How you don't always need a complex or long list of ingredients to make your creations interesting or delicious.
  • Many versatile recipes, ranging from simple right through to Gabrielle's famous and sophisticated "super salads" showing you how to use anywhere from a handful of ingredients to a cornucopia of produce, all with spectacular result.
One Reviewer Notes:
I am a 51 year old female who is prediabetic and need to eat more healthy. This book is salad magic. Gabrielle includes great tips and information. The recipes are simple and can be customized with the variations and options suggested as well as recommended salad dressings to make, included in the book. I can now take the boring salads that I make and turn them into healthy meals. This book as well as Gabrielle's Green Smoothie Magic book has given me the knowledge and inspiration to eat healthier and improve my health.
About the Author
Gabrielle Raiz is an author, a keen foodie and health-loving educator who perhaps surprisingly started her working life as a dentist. She has a knack for making things practical and understandable and has a flexible approach to her food and her yoga.

Gabrielle has recently expanded her food writing to publish 2 top selling books "Green Smoothie Magic" and "132+ Delicious Salads, Dressings and Dips". All of her recipes are fuss-free adaptable recipes which most importantly use easy to find ingredients that anyone can make. Some embody beautiful simplicity of 1 or 2 ingredients while others are marvellously complex, but never hard to make!

Gabrielle Gabrielle Raiz is an author, a keen foodie and health-loving educator who perhaps surprisingly started her working life as a dentist. She has a knack for making things practical and understandable and has a flexible approach to her food and her yoga. Gabrielle has recently expanded her food writing to publish 2 top selling books "Green Smoothie Magic" and "132+ Delicious Salads, Dressings and Dips". All of her recipes are fuss-free adaptable recipes which most importantly use easy to find ingredients that anyone can make. Some embody beautiful simplicity of 1 or 2 ingredients while others are marvellously complex, but never hard to make! Gabrielle's talent as an author was crystallized through much online writing and of course with the publishing of her highly successful first book: "Hot Yoga MasterClass" (which is now finally, recently available on Amazon). Her hallmark style has an easy, intelligent and conversational tone with a touch of humor!

And Here Are Three Free Kindle Titles – Just For Today!

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*  *  *

4.7 stars – 26 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Luna couldn’t stand it anymore, so she escaped Grandfather’s house and sought refuge in the backyard. And that’s where she discovered the mysterious hedge-fence gate…

*  *  *

3.9 stars – 14 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Sara’s life is drastically changed the moment a convoy of horse-drawn caravans enters the quiet Reidenburgerstrasse where she lives with the people she thinks are her parents.

*  *  *

3.8 stars – 302 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
From dangerous trips into dark, apocalyptic cities, to patriotic rescues and furious revelations, Life After War is an action packed fantasy series where those left alive must come to terms with their mistakes in the old world, while fighting for a place in the new one. It’s the apocalyptic fantasy series that Stephen King fans have been searching for. This way, please…

*  *  *

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Do You Believe in Soul Mates? Check Out Deanna Lynn Sletten’s Romance Novel Sara’s Promise – Let Love Transcends Life

Sara’s Promise

by Deanna Lynn Sletten

4.6 stars – 40 Reviews
Or currently FREE for Amazon Prime Members Via the Kindle Lending Library
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Do you believe in soul mates?

William Grafton had the perfect life with his lovely wife, Sara, and two wonderful children. But one day his perfect forever was shattered when Sara died suddenly, leaving him alone to raise his children and wonder how he would ever get through life without his soul mate. Five years later, he finds himself looking into a familiar pair of blue-green eyes that remind him of Sara. The woman is the exact opposite of his late wife, yet he finds he is drawn to her. But after a few strange occurrences, he begins to wonder-are these just coincidences, or has his Sara come back to him as she once promised in the form of this new woman?

Annie Paxton doesn’t believe in soul mates or fate. She had watched her father die of a broken heart after her mother passed away and has since cast away any fairy tale ideas of love. Then she meets the man who has been haunting her dreams and she begins to see love in a whole new light. But her dream man is still tied to his deceased wife, and Annie doesn’t know if he will ever be able to break away from his past. As strange occurrences unfold, Annie wonders if William could ever truly love her for herself, and not for the traits that remind him of Sara.

Were William and Annie brought together by fate, coincidence or by Sara keeping her promise?

**Sara’s Promise includes an except from Deanna’s upcoming novel, Maggie’s Turn, coming Summer 2013. **

5-Star Amazon Reviews

“Nice romance novel created by someone with great imagination. Sara’s Promise was an easy book to read. Recommend to romance novel readers.”

“Won’t go through the plot, but will spill that this is a novel that will warm your heart. The perfect “before-bed” book that keeps its promise.”
“Love transcends life. Sara loves her family. She dies, but has a way to make sure that they recover from her death and even regain their happiness and love. Wonderful!”

From The Author

I want to thank everyone who has read my books and left reviews. I appreciate each and every one of my readers. The idea that someone actually wants to spend their time reading something you have created is heartwarming. I hope that you feel your time is well-spent and you enjoy the journey I take you on.

Sara’s Promise is a beautiful romance with a twist – it brings up ideas of soul mates, fate and destiny, and how those concepts work their way into our lives. I hope you enjoy this story – I just loved writing it.

About The Author

Deanna Lynn Sletten writes women’s fiction novels that go beyond the basic romance novel. Her stories dig deeply into the lives of the characters, giving the reader an in-depth look into their hearts and souls. Deanna has also written one middle-grade novel that takes you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Deanna started her writing career in the early 1990s writing articles for parenting publications and local newspapers. Over time she transitioned to writing for blogs and websites and was a contributing writer for the women’s website, She Knows. In November 2011, she changed course and put all her energy into novel writing and hasn’t looked back since.

Deanna is married and has two grown children. When not writing, she enjoys walking the wooded trails around her northern Minnesota home with her beautiful Australian Shepherd or relaxing in the boat on the lake in the summer.

Visit Deanna’s Blog: www.deannalynnsletten.com
Visit Deanna on Twitter: @DeannaLSletten

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