John Lindensmith’s Thriller HELL – Think “Carrie Meets Columbine” … But it’s so Much Grittier Than That. John Lindensmith Has Created a HELL That’s Entirely Believable And Deeply Disturbing

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Here’s the set-up:

Hell High: here, teenagers lose their innocence in a cesspool of recreational and psychiatric drugs, meaningless sex, pseudo-macho ideals, and incessant verbal, psychical, and sexual torture. After a cruel prank causes a girl to commit suicide, the school must face their inner darkness. At the junior prom, none of them may survive when a gun-wielding maniac opens fire on the festivities.

Praise from reviewers and Amazon readers:

“Raw, real, shocking. …Thanks for bringing to the front what is at the back in the deepest pits of the mind.” – Karl Vadaszffy, UK author of Full of Sin

Hell on Earth, and Not in Small Doses
“…a hideous compression of small town evil…Exaggerated? Unlikely? So you or I might say. But the realities of such massacres as Columbine High School say otherwise, with a far louder and far clearer voice.”

Gloriously Different from Anything Else you have Ever Read
“Take every person you knew in high school and take their bad character traits to the extreme and you will have the characters of Hell High….Personally, I could not put this book down. I finished it in two days in between classes and homework and do not regret it at all.”

About The Author

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Writer from Fargo, North Dakota. Born in Kagoshima, Japan. Author of Mystery Man, Hell, Revenge of the Fast Food Mascots, and Pete.

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