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***Kindle Store Bestseller***
Paranormal Suspense/Werewolves & Shifters
20 straight rave reviews!
If you like great dark story telling, surprising twists, and a super ending… you need to read LONGLCAWS – Now $2.99


by Steve Peek

4.8 stars – 20 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Their world is crowded with active volcanoes, sulfur and acid rains, permanent thick clouds turn day into deep twilight. It is a violent place: moment-to-moment survival is victory, every creature is constantly predator and prey, sleep is certain death.

This is home to the longclaws, beings of super-human speed, strength and senses. Their predatory skills allow them only a tenuous niche in their hellish environment. Though smart and fierce, their rank in the food chain is far below the top. One clan leader draws from ancient legends of paradise and devises a plan to escape and take his clan to the otherworld — a world filled with slow, defenseless prey.

The clan activates an Indian mound deep in southern forests and enters our world — hungry for prey. Torrential rains and washed out bridges force a runaway teen, an old dowser and a Cherokee healer to face the horrors of the clan’s merciless onslaught.

Mankind’s legends are filled with vampires, werewolves, dragons and other nightmarish. Perhaps our legend of hell is based on the world of the Longclaws.

Reviews From Amazon Readers


“the stuff of nightmares.”
“I was swept into darkly fabulous storytelling.”
“Instead of struggling to finish the book, I was thinking about the book when doing other things”
“5 Stars!  It is well written, hard to put down, character development, the way the author tied everything together and the fact that every time I thought I had it figured out I was wrong!”
“I was thrilled and impressed by Peek’s ability to transport readers to another world”
“This story is amazing. Steve Peek has a unique talent for building believable characters that you can’t help but identify with.”
“The suspense he builds through uncertainty and terror leaves you half afraid to turn the page.”
“By the time you reach the middle of this book, the pages turn furiously.”
“I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next, but at the same time I hated to see this book be over with.”
“Steve Peek has a real talent for writing”
“The underlying premise that folklore, especially about vampires and werewolves, stems from encounters with creatures from another dimension mark Longclaws as an outstanding work in the ‘fangs&claws’ genre.”
“an ambitious book that posits a unified theory of terror”
“There’s a Grisham-like Painted House feel to the simple rhythms he portrays”
“The suspense is phenomenal”
“His creatures are awe inspiring”
“I read Longclaws straight through – I loved it that much. Peek is a GREAT story Teller!”
 “This book is my favorite of the year….by the way I just finished Tom Clancy’s newest and I liked this writing better…..”


From The Author

The first draft of this yarn was completed in 1984.  Since then it has been rewritten more times than a sane person would consider.  Had it not been for the success of another of my books, Alien Agenda, on Kindle, it would have remain undisturbed until one of my children found it after my death.

Longclaws, previously entitled Night Clan, stems from my enduring fascination with ancient history, physics, and parallel dimensions.  Two of my other books:  Otherworld and Alien Agenda share these roots.

I hate horror books and movies where people and/or monsters do stupid things.  As characters and situations developed in the writing of Longclaws I tried very hard to not let anything stupid take place.  Hopefully, you will tell me if something got through.

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