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Find Virgil (A Novel of Revenge)

by Frank Freudberg

Find Virgil (A Novel of Revenge)
4.7 stars – 52 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Can you imagine yourself rooting for a madman to succeed in a terroristic plot to kill hundreds of people? Second-hand smoke gave Martin Muntor lung cancer, and he’s mad. Very mad…and he’s going to do something about it.

* * *


by Loretta Lost

3.9 stars – 327 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Fiercely independent Helen Winters was born completely blind, but she vowed never to let her disability keep her down. She did not expect a traumatic event to devastate her life and force her to drop out of college. Disillusioned by the cruelty of people, Helen retreated from society to live by herself as a reclusive writer in the woods–where no one could ever hurt her again.

* * *

Please Tell Me I
4.4 stars – 23 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Trying to preserve her last few precious shreds of sanity while working and raising children, Romi Brenner has come to terms with the fact that sometimes you have to turn a blind eye to the fashion whims of a four year old, that you can never underestimate the power of a phone with a working mute button, and that pedicures just aren’t for everyone.

* * *

Dream Keeper: Book II

by Parris Afton Bonds

Dream Keeper: Book II
4.8 stars – 4 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Annie Tremayne rises to the top of her family’s shipping empire in 1870’s Sydney ~ while holding at bay her grandmother’s stronghold manipulations. But can she hold at bay her heart’s yearnings, when besieged by newspaper owner Ryan Sheridan’s powerful magnetism, and cattleman Reggie Lewis’s sensuous lovemaking?

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Last Call for Free romance excerpt – Spirit Warrior: Spirit Pass Book 2 by S.E. Smith

Last call for KND free Romance excerpt:

Spirit Warrior: Spirit Pass Book 2

by S. E. Smith

Spirit Warrior: Spirit Pass Book 2
3.9 stars – 37 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Allie Whitewater was used to living between two worlds. She embraced both the Native American heritage of her father and the white heritage of her mother. She was happy with both and didn’t have the identity crisis many of her friends had growing up. Growing up on a large working ranch in Montana, she loved every aspect of the life that her twin had left behind. She had no desire to live town, or worse, a large city. She plans on spending the rest of her life on the ranch her father started, running it and making it even better than ever. All of that changes when she decides to take a little vacation to help out her best friend and sister of the heart, Indiana, return to her new home.

Jacob Tucker enjoys building up the ranch he and his twin brother, Jonathan, had settled. Sure, there were dangers – rustlers, the harsh environment, Indians – but he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. He is happy with life in the Montana territory. He never thinks there could be something or someone out there that could make him change his mind. At least, not until he travels with his brother to rescue his brother’s new bride, Indiana, when she is kidnapped. His idea of life and the world changes when he leaves his ranch in 1867 to travel to 2013. The world has changed a lot and so have the women – namely one called Allie Whitewater. She has the mouth of a cowpuncher, the body of an angel, and the temper of the Devil himself. Now all he has to do is get her back to his time and hold her so tight she won’t miss her fancy metal wagons and flying birds.

Jacob thinks his plan is foolproof. He just needs to kidnap Allie long enough to make her never want to leave him to return to her world. But things change as tension between the red-skins and the white settlers and the army escalate. History won’t stand still for two souls separated by time. How can he hope to keep Allie safe when the whites see her as a red-skin savage and the Indians don’t know what to think of her?

When the two cultures clash, it is up to Allie to show she is capable of walking in both worlds. She will prove to the whites that she is a force to be reckoned with and she will prove to her ancestors that she is a Spirit Warrior who will fight to the death to protect her hasáŋni, her mate.

Can the past handle a modern woman’s view that the two cultures are really not that different when it comes to love and family or will it destroy the very thing that makes her the perfect partner for a man of the past – her warrior spirit?

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  And here, for your reading pleasure, is our free romance excerpt:

Chapter 1

Montana, 1867


Jacob Tucker pulled back on the reins of his horse and studied the narrow cut of the pass. A shiver ran down his spine as his eyes moved up the jagged rock entrance. He had been up in these mountains, numerous times before, but had never come across this narrow pass. That really didn’t mean much. The mountains were filled with things you could walk or ride right by and never see.

Jacob looked over his shoulder and nodded silently to his twin brother, Jonathan. His brother had felt the change as well. Something was definitely unusual about the Pass they were riding through.

Jacob turned back around, lost in thought as he replayed the events leading up to the small group being here. If he thought their lives had changed since a stubborn, unusual female suddenly appeared, it was nothing compared to what it was about to. His eyes flickered to the stranger sitting slightly ahead of him and his brother.

Billy Cloudrunner, he thought as he stared at Billy’s back.

This was one Indian unlike any he had met. Hell, the man riding on Jonathan’s horse was unlike any man he’d ever seen before. He spoke, but Jacob only understood about every three words or so and it wasn’t because he was speaking Lakota. No, Billy was speaking English, but it wasn’t any English words Jacob had ever heard before. He was talking about things like night-vision goggles, trucks, and something called Monday Night Football on television.

Billy turned in his saddle where he was leading the small group and gave him a crooked grin. The crookedness might have been partially due to the swelling in his jaw where Jonathan had hit him. Still, there was a wry amusement in the man’s eye that shouldn’t have been there, as if he didn’t realize just how much danger he was in.

“It gets scarier once you go in,” Billy called out, gazing up at the narrow slit. “My old man isn’t going to believe me when I tell him I actually went all the way through the Pass to the other side and came out in one piece.”

“How far is it to the other side?” Jacob asked as Jonathan pulled Midnight, the black horse that belonged to his missing wife up beside him.

“I don’t know,” Billy replied, scratching his left arm. “About a mile or so, I’d say. I was never very good at judging distances.”

“Let’s go,” Jonathan snapped as he pulled back so he could take the back. “The longer we wait, the further the men who took Indy will get.”

Billy shook his head. “I’m really sorry about this,” he grumbled as he tapped his heels into the horse’s side and took the lead. “I like Indy. I didn’t know that she was what they were after. Indy got a really rotten deal. Everyone in town thinks her brothers are nothing but a pile of horse shit.”

Jacob could feel the tension radiating from his brother. If Billy wasn’t careful, and if he hadn’t been so needed, Jonathan would’ve put a bullet through the back of Billy’s head for admitting he had been the one to lead the other two men to Indy. He leaned forward in his saddle and patted the neck of his horse when it danced at the entrance to the Pass.

Indiana Wild had shown up at his and Jonathan’s ranch several months ago. She’d arrived in just the nick of time to save two of their men and a large herd of cattle from some cattle rustlers. Jake, one of the men that worked on the ranch, had been shot during the attack. Indy had patched up the old man and stayed on to help out. When Jonathan arrived the next day, he had hired Indy on as a cowpuncher.

Fortunately for Jonathan, Jacob hadn’t been there when she first arrived. He had to admit that it was probably a good thing. If he had been, Jonathan might’ve had a bit more of a fight on his hands other than the one he got with Indy.

From what he’d learned before he arrived, Jonathan and every other cowpuncher had thought Indy was a young boy. Hell, Jonathan had even kept Indy out on the range longer than he normally did the other men. It would appear Indy’s brisk attitude had rubbed Jonathan the wrong way. It’d been Jake’s frantic tale of discovering a ‘naked’ woman working on the roof of the old cabin down by the river that had finally revealed that the rude ‘boy’ was actually a very unusual ‘woman’.

Jacob had just returned home and had barely gotten cleaned up when Jake came bursting through the door talking crazy stuff about Indy and the ‘naked’ woman he had working on the cabin for him. He had almost broken his neck getting dressed so he could meet Jonathan downstairs. Jumping into the wagon, they had charged down to the river only to discover that the ‘naked’ woman was actually Indy wearing something called shorts and a sports bra.

By the next day, there had been a hasty, hogtied wedding and a lot of shocking revelations. Indy had stunned them with a tale of traveling from the future. Jacob remembered Jonathan telling him about some of the things Indy had brought back with her. Deep down, Jacob knew that his new sister-in-law was different and had quickly believed her story.

Hell, no one could make up the things she said or react the way she did when she found out she was in the past, Jacob thought.

Now, she was gone. This time, though, it was against her will. Billy had brought two men from the future through the pass. Those men had kidnapped Indy and taken her back through Spirit Pass to the future.

Glancing over his shoulder to make sure that Jonathan and Indy’s two dogs, Chester and Tweed, were still behind him, he bit back a dark curse. Behind them, a hazy fog had settled over the canyon blocking his view of where they had entered.

“Tell us what is on the other side,” Jacob demanded in a harsh, low voice as he turned back around.

Billy glanced over his shoulders with a confused frown. “What do you want to know?”

“What… What is it like?” Jacob asked as he watched small rocks rained down along the left side of him from the top of the canyon which was covered in a thick mist.

“It’s like everywhere else, I guess,” Billy said with a shrug of his shoulders. “Poorer on the reservation,” he added bitterly. “It’s not easy for a man to support his family when the jobs are hard to get. My Rosalie is expecting again. That’s the only reason I took this job. When Gent asked for someone to take him up to Spirit Pass, I just figured it would be a quick way to earn a few bucks. How the hell was I to know that he and that other guy were after Indy?”

“What did they tell you?” Jonathan asked in a quiet voice. “I want to know everything they said.”

“From what I can figure out, Indy’s older brother Hayden wanted her back for some reason,” Billy answered in a voice that echoed eerily in the suffocating stillness of the canyon. “I don’t know why, he just wants her, needs her. Whatever it is, it can’t be good. Gent, the guy that hired me was bad enough, but that other guy named Spencer was downright scary. I thought he was going to kill me.”

Jacob watched as a shudder ran through Billy. He turned when Jonathan pulled up closer to him. He raised an eyebrow at him.

“I’m going to kill that bastard,” Jonathan muttered in a low voice.

“Who? Gent or Spencer?” Jacob asked.

“Hayden Wild,” Jonathan bit out in a deadly tone. “Indy told me what he did. He crossed the line when he took her. She is terrified of what he wants to do with her. I plan on killing him. If he has hurt her…” Jonathan’s voice faded for a moment.

“We’ll get her back,” Jacob replied. “I just hope the hell it doesn’t take long. I’m not sure what the hell we’re going to find when we get there. Some of the stuff you showed me… Hell, Jonathan, I’m not embarrassed to tell you some of it scared the shit out of me.”

“I know,” Jonathan agreed as he pulled Midnight back as the canyon narrowed again. “I didn’t show you all of it.”

Jacob would have closed his eyes in frustration if he wasn’t so damn worried about what would happen. The fog, mist, or whatever it was called was swirling around them and the temperature had definitely dropped.

“How much further?” He called out quietly to Billy, who was starting to speed up.

Billy turned in his seat and grinned. “Not much. It’s spooky, isn’t it?” He asked as he looked around. “I nearly shit my pants the first time my father brought me up here when I was a boy…”

Jacob listened with half an ear as Billy told them about the first time he had come up here. He was supposed to get a feather and bring it back. He had, but it had been the one hidden in his shirt.

Personally, Jacob couldn’t really blame Billy. He had goose bumps all over his body and the hair on the back of his neck was standing straight up as if warning him that his life was about to change, in ways he wasn’t going to like. A man’s sixth sense could keep him alive, so it wasn’t something he ignored.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the mist thinning. He heard Jonathan grunt behind him. He could feel it too.

Jacob released the breath he was holding when they finally burst through the narrow cut. Billy was in the lead still, with him in the middle, and Jonathan and the two dogs. The moment they were clear, Chester and Tweed took off to water the nearest row of trees.

Hell, right now, I could water a few of them, Jacob thought with a slight grin.

He turned to look back at Jonathan. His brother was looking at the cut into the canyon with a frown. His eyes followed to where Jonathan was staring and he scowled as well. It was almost impossible to tell it was there.

“No one would ever find it unless they had been shown,” Billy commented with a grin.

Jonathan nudged Midnight by Jacob until he was beside Billy. “Where to now?” He demanded in a frustrated voice.

Jacob shifted in his saddle and glanced around. If they were in the future, it didn’t look much different from the past, he thought in relief. Maybe, this wouldn’t be as bad as he feared.



Chapter 2

Present day


Allie rested her head against the truck and slowly counted to one hundred. She would have killed Boseman if she had stopped at ten. Raising her head, she watched as her twin sister, Aleaha, walked toward her. A reluctant smile tugged at her mouth when she saw the firm, straight line of Aleaha’s lips and the dark scowl on her face.

She didn’t know what Boseman said, but if it was enough to piss Aleaha off, it must have been bad. She straightened and pulled open the driver’s door to her full size silver truck. She slid in and slammed the door before putting the key in the ignition and turning it on. A moment later, Aleaha climbed into the passenger side.

“I’m telling dad that we aren’t doing business with him ever again,” Allie muttered, pulling slowly away from the small group of men. “He has no idea how much this is going to cost him, yet. Once he does, he’ll be wishing he had kept his arrogant, unreliable nose out of ranching.”

“I’m proud of you,” Aleaha finally replied.

“Proud of me! What for?” Allie asked as the empty horse trailer bounced behind her as she drove over the cattle grate at the end of the road. She glanced both ways before she turned south onto the main road. “What did he say after I walked off?”

“That you needed a good spanking,” Aleaha answered in a reluctant voice.

“Really?” Allie asked in disbelief as her eyes flew to the rearview mirror to check on the trailer.

“Really,” Aleaha said, laying her head back against the headrest. “He also added he was just the man to do it.”

An explosive curse escaped Allie and her hands tightened on the steering wheel before she started to laugh. That dirty old man wouldn’t know what to do with her in the bedroom. While she was still pissed about driving almost three hours one way for nothing, the thought of Boseman even thinking he had a chance in hell of getting her anywhere near his bedroom was humorous.

“Oh yeah,” Allie grinned when her sister raised her eyebrow in question. “He has no idea of how much money he has just lost. He is dealing with eight ranches right now, including ours. By tomorrow, he’ll be lucky if he has one left.”

“Allie,” Aleaha cautioned in concern. “I don’t like him either, but… it could be dangerous to make a man like him mad at you.”

Allie glanced at her very prim and proper twin. Aleaha may be the older of the two, but she was also the more sheltered. She had focused on her schooling and kept her nose in books while Allie had lived and breathed anything to do with the ranch.

And that, Allie thought as she drove onto the entrance ramp to the Interstate, is why she is a doctor and I’m a cowpuncher.

She wouldn’t have it any other way. Allie knew she would have withered and died if she had been stuck inside, or had to live in a big city away from the ranch. Indiana Wild, her best friend and the only person Allie trusted outside of her family, was more like her twin than Aleaha. Even now, Indiana was out there in the mountains somewhere hiding from her own brothers

They had sold the ranch that Indy’s grandfather had promised to leave her, out from under her. Indy’s big brother was a first class ass. Allie had never liked Hayden or Matthew Wild, Indy’s oldest and youngest brothers. Gus, the middle brother, hadn’t been too bad. Hell, he was the only one that gave a damn about Indy and her grandpa after their parents and grandmother had been killed. Even so, he hadn’t come around much the last six years either as he was busy with his own family.

“What is it?” Aleaha asked in a quiet voice, turning her head to glance at her sister. “It is more than Boseman that has you upset.”

“You know, you always freak me out when you do that, don’t you?” Allie complained as she turned her blinker on to pass a slower moving vehicle. “How do you know it isn’t about Boseman?”

Aleaha’s soft, lilting laughter filled the interior of the extended cab of the truck. Allie couldn’t keep the grin off her face. She was still pissed, but it was hard to stay mad for long. It wasn’t like she had never encountered assholes before. She had a long list of names, both male and female, that she would never name her unborn children if she ever had any.

Not likely to happen at the rate I’m going through the alphabet, Allie thought with a sigh.

“You are missing Indy, aren’t you?” Aleaha asked in a quiet voice. “I can’t believe dad actually let her go. It is dangerous out there alone.”

“She’s not alone,” Allie said in a low voice as she stared at the mountains in the distance. “She has Midnight and Kahlua, not to mention, the dogs. They would protect her with their life. She’s smart, too. She knows how to survive. Dad did a great job showing both of us how to live off the land.”

Aleaha’s nose wrinkled in distaste. Allie knew her sister would be the first to admit that she didn’t like living off of anything that didn’t have indoor plumbing, central climate control, and nice locks on the doors. Allie had discovered that last little detail when she went to visit with Aleaha while she was living in Billings during her residency at Billings Regional Medical Center. If you asked Allie, that had been the two scariest weeks of her life. Give her a good bar fight, and she could take on anyone. Give her rush hour traffic and a Metro map and she was a quivering pile of mush.

The next two and a half hours flew by as Allie and her sister talked about everything from what a jerk Indy’s brothers were to Billy Cloudrunner’s wife, Rosalie expecting again. Most of the talk focused on the ranch, though. It was the one thing that Allie knew and loved.

She knew that Aleaha was probably bored to death listening about it, but her sister’s passenger seat manners were impeccable. Allie was impressed when Aleaha’s eyes didn’t glaze, she didn’t yawn, and she didn’t release continuous sighs as she talked about the new breeding methods they were using on the mares. In fact, Aleaha actually had a few good suggestions that Allie would have to talk over with the vet they had on staff.

“You should have become an animal doctor instead of a people doctor,” Allie complained as she waved a hand out the window as they passed a semi-truck. “It would have saved us a bundle and you would have been great at it.”

Aleaha shook her head. “Sorry, Allie. Humans are more my speed,” she chuckled over the sudden noise of the CB radio Allie used when there was no cell reception.

“That better not be dad telling me that Boseman has suddenly ‘found’ our missing mares and wants us to turn around,” Allie growled under her breath as CB radio squawked again.

Aleaha glanced up at the driver who was grinning and staring back down at her. Cole Jonesboro waved to her before nodding his head toward the driver’s side and using his thumb and pinky as a phone. She pretended she didn’t see the gesture.

“I think Cole wants you to call him,” Aleaha murmured after they passed the truck just as the passing lane ended. “Does he still have a crush on you?”

“Yeah, even after I broke his nose with a chair down at Butch’s place. It was an accident, but still, you’d think the guy would have learned by now that I’m not interested in him. He’s been married at least three times already anyway. I’m not looking to be wife number four,” Allie muttered with a roll of her eyes as she pressed the connect button on the mic. “This is Allie.”

“Hey, Allie,” the voice on the other end said in a cheerful tone. “This is Ansel. I’m out on the logging road up near Wilson’s Creek. Billy is here and he needs a ride back to town. Cole said you had the horse trailer with you and it looked empty. Can you give him and a couple of his friends a lift?” Ansel asked in a lighthearted voice. “Oh, hi, Aleaha. Cole said he saw you too.”

Aleaha chuckled. “Hi Ansel,” she called out.

“Yeah, I can pick him up,” Allie responded in exasperation. “I might as well make use of the trailer since I drove half way across the state for nothing.”

“Thanks, I’ll let Billy know,” Ansel said. “Hey, Aleaha, you want to go out tonight?”

Aleaha covered her mouth and shook her head when Allie stuck her finger in her mouth. Ansel was big, clumsy and usually covered in sawdust and sweat. He was definitely not her sister’s type of guy at all. His idea of a fine drink was a bottle of beer.

“Thank you, Ansel,” Aleaha answered in a voice that hid the grin on her face. “But, I already have plans for the evening.”

“That’s okay,” Ansel replied. “Maybe tomorrow night.”

Allie rolled her eyes again and shook her head. “Tell Billy he better have his ass down at the road and be ready or he can ride the rest of the way in. I’m tired and pissed off.”

“Since when aren’t you?” Ansel retorted good naturedly. “I’ll let Billy know.”

“’Eff’ you, Ansel,” Allie replied before she tossed the mic up onto the dash.

“You aren’t supposed to use that kind of language on the CB, are you?” Aleaha asked with a worried frown.

Allie glanced at her sister. She bit back the sarcastic retort she had been about to make. Aleaha was all about by-the-book rules.

“I said ‘Eff’ you,” she explained instead. “Not fuck you. There are a lot of words in the dictionary that start with the letter F. I know. I play Scrabble with mom and dad almost every night.”

Aleaha’s laughter rang out again. “Oh, Allie,” she replied, wiping at the corner of her eye as the truck started to slow down. “I love your wit and sense of humor.”

Allie placed her right hand briefly against her chest. “Sense of humor? Me? Perish the thought. I’m going for brazen, sarcastic bitch here. You are the brains. I’m just the brawn of the two of us. Don’t blow my image now that you are back in town, okay? I have a reputation to uphold.”

“Why?” Aleaha asked, suddenly serious. “Why do you let others think you’re nothing but a bad-ass, Allie? You’re smart, beautiful, talented, compassionate, and yet, you hide behind this wall.”

Allie slowed the truck to a halt on the side of the road and waited a moment before replying. A lot had changed since Aleaha left home to go to school. Pain swept through Allie for a brief moment as memories of the past threatened to overwhelm her. She wasn’t ready to deal with it yet. There were some things that a person held close to their heart and didn’t tell anyone, not even their twin.

“Billy should be here any moment,” Allie replied instead. She glanced in the mirror to make sure it was safe to exit the truck before she opened the door. “I need to get the back of the trailer opened for him.”


Jacob listened with frustration as Billy explained where they were heading. They needed to head south and were on the backside of a man called Sam Whitewater’s ranch. That was about all Jacob was able to pull from the words running out of Billy’s mouth. He still wasn’t clear what a ‘truck’ was or why a horse would need a trailer. He figured that might be some kind of a wagon.

Pulling back on the reins, he drew his horse to a halt beside his brother. Unease washed through him as he studied the back of Billy. What if this was a trap? What if Spirit Pass didn’t really take them to the future, just to the other side of the mountain? What if… His mind shied away from the thought of what would happen if they really had gone to the future. Would they be able to find Indy in her world?

“Did you understand half of what he just said?” He muttered under his breath.

Jonathan gave him a sharp nod and explained that Indy had shown him some images from her life here. Jacob wished she had shown him a few of them. He’d much rather know what he was facing instead of using his imagination. He had never thought of himself as being a very imaginative guy before, but right now, his mind was thinking of all kinds of horrible things.

Jacob restlessly fingered the gun at his waist. Comfort swept through him to know that they were not completely defenseless. Dropping his hand back to his thigh, he followed Billy and his brother this time. The dogs, seeming to sense they were back on familiar ground, ran back and forth along the small line of horses. The only sound was the panting of the dogs, the occasional snort of one of the horses, and the creaking of the saddles as they moved downhill.

It took about half an hour before they came to a wide road. Jacob’s eyes immediately went to the ground to search for tracks. Confusion darkened his gaze as he saw impressions unlike anything he’d ever seen before mixed with the hoof marks from several horses. Long lines as far as he could see in both directions ran in parallel lines.

“Wagons?” Jonathan asked, pulling back again now that they were on the wider road.

Jacob shrugged as he studied the indentions. “I’ve never seen anything like this. They are too wide and there are funny lines through them. If wagons created it, they are bigger than any I’ve ever seen,” he muttered.

They continued down the road in silence for almost ten minutes before Billy’s loud curse rang out as they rounded another bend in the road. Jacob sat back in his saddle and watched the man with narrowed eyes as he half slid, half fell off Jonathan’s horse. An amused smile quirked his lips when Billy rubbed his ass and walked funny as he turned in a circle.

“What’s wrong?” Jonathan asked.

“Those sons-of-bitches took my truck,” Billy groaned, running his hands over his hair and bending over with another loud curse before he straightened and looked down the road. “It had to be them. I had locked it. They must have taken the keys when I was unconscious,” he added as he started to frantically check his pockets.

Jonathan was about to reply when the ground began to vibrate and a low growling noise filled the air further down the road. Jacob and Billy’s horses danced nervously forcing Billy to grab for the reins while Midnight remained calm. The dogs stood in the middle of the road and began to bark in excitement.

“What is it?” Jonathan called out, nudging his horse over to where Billy was standing.

“Help, I hope!” Billy grinned. “My ass can’t take much more of riding a horse and Rosalie will kill me if I don’t find the truck.”


Jacob’s eyes widened and he started cursing under his breath when a huge beast, monster, something, came around the curve of the road. Smoke flared on each side like the dragons in the pictures he had seen back East at one of the museums. His hand went instinctively to the gun at his waist as it continued toward them.

He vaguely heard Jonathan’s choked curse as well and knew his brother was thinking the same thing he was… shoot at it and run like hell! A shudder ran through him when he saw the face and shoulders of a man through the beast’s clear belly. The man’s face was shadowed behind his hat and his hands were gripping something round in its stomach.

“What the fuck?!” He growled when Billy started waving his hands at the creature and yelling.

A moment later, the thing stopped in the middle of the road and a door opened. A large man, about Billy’s age, climbed out of the machine. Now that it was close enough for Jacob to see, he decided it looked more like the Steam Engine trains that came through North Platte, Nebraska, that he saw last year. Only this one didn’t use tracks and was smaller and sleeker than anything he had seen there.

“Hey Ansel,” Billy called in a relieved voice. “You got your cell phone on you? Mine’s dead.”

Jacob listened as Billy and Ansel chatted back and forth. He nudged his horse a little closer to the metal machine while Billy talked to the man. If he had any doubts about whether or not they had traveled to the future, they were gone now.

“What is it?” He asked Jonathan as his brother came to a halt beside him.

“It looks like what Indy called a truck, only bigger,” Jonathan replied with a grimace. “Hell, her telling me about it, even showing me pictures of it on her small box, didn’t prepare me for anything like this.”

Jacob glanced at his brother’s pale, tight face. A wave of sympathy swept through him as he realized that knowing, and really knowing, were two different things. He tried to picture how he would handle it if he’d been the one to find Indy and claim her. A grimace of distaste flashed through him at thinking of Indy as anything, but his new little sister. Still, he knew this had to be a huge shock to his brother.

They both turned their attention back to the man called Ansel as he opened the door and climbed back inside the truck again. This time, he left the door open. Jacob watched in fascination as Ansel picked up something and began talking into it. He was too far away to hear the response, but it sounded like a woman’s voice answered him back.

“What’s he doing now?” He asked in frustration, hating that he had to keep asking. “It sounds like there is a woman inside the beas… machine with him.”

“I’m not sure,” Jonathan admitted. “Whatever he is holding looks different from the box that Indy showed me.”

“I don’t like this,” Jacob said under his breath as Billy turned and gave him and Jonathan an uneasy grin, as if knowing they were talking about something important. “How are we going to find Indy in this world? We don’t know anything about it!”

“I’ll find her.” Jonathan turned, determination was clearly written across his face. “I’m not leaving without her, Jacob.”

Jacob shook his head at his brother. “I’m not asking you to,” he insisted, straightening when Ansel made the machine roar out again. “I just hate going into any situation not knowing what we are going to find.”

Jonathan relaxed slightly before he gave a sharp nod. “I don’t either,” he muttered before he repeated himself. “I don’t either.”

They broke off their conversation as Billy walked up to them, leading his horse. His face was creased into a grin and he was shaking his head. He waited until he was a few feet from them before he started talking.

“The good news is we have a ride into town which will save my ass in more ways than one,” Billy said as he slipped his foot into the stirrup and pulled himself into the saddle with a groan. “Right now, my ass is sore from riding. I’m looking forward to sitting it on a nice plush seat.”

“You said that was the good news. What is the bad news?” Jonathan asked with a dark scowl.

“The bad news is that Allie Whitewater is the one giving us the ride. I can just hear her now if she finds out what I’ve done. Hell, I’ll be lucky if SHE doesn’t shoot me. Indy is her best friend. Those two are always together when they come into town,” Billy explained with a wince as he sat back in the saddle. “God, I just hope Allie doesn’t make me ride in the back like she did the last time she picked me up,” he groaned, shifting as he tried to find a place that wasn’t hurting.

Billy tugged on the reins and tapped his heels into the side of his horse. Jacob followed behind his brother as they moved to the side of the road so they could skirt the huge black and silver machine as it rumbled. He touched the brim of his hat when Ansel waved his hand to him and Jonathan.


Chapter 3

It hadn’t been as far or taken as long as he expected to get to the spot where Billy said this Allie person was supposed to meet them. One reason it hadn’t taken very long was because they were traveling on the wide road. Still, he suspected Billy wanting to get off the back of a horse was the biggest reason they completed the almost half mile trip in record time.

Jacob breathed a sigh of relief when Billy slowed down as they neared a hard covered road. Except for almost getting unseated when the loud truck that Ansel was driving spooked him and his horse as he pulled away, they hadn’t encountered anyone else. He nodded his head when Billy called for them to stop.

“Allie should be here any minute,” Billy said as he shifted again in his saddle.

Sure enough, another ‘truck’, this time smaller than Ansel’s and completely silver, came over the small rise in the road. Jacob scowled when he saw a bright, yellow light suddenly start to flash as it slowed down. It pulled off onto the gravel at the side of the road about twenty feet ahead of them and came to a halt. Behind the silver truck was another long, silver and black container with the words Whitewater Ranch painted on the side.

“I think I should go out first,” Billy said, throwing his leg over the side the horse’s hindquarter and sliding off with a groan. “I never would have made it back in my ancestor’s time. Give me a soft seat and a cold beer any day.”

“Why should we wait here?” Jacob asked Billy suspiciously when he started to turn away. “What are you going to tell this Allie?”

Billy turned back in surprise at the hostile tone he couldn’t quite hide. Jonathan watched silently from the side. He would keep an eye on whoever was in the new truck. Billy’s widened when he noticed Jacob was fingering the gun at his waist. It was obvious Billy had forgotten why they were there, but Jacob hadn’t. His first and foremost thought was to protect his brother.

“I’m just going to let them know I’m not alone, is all,” Billy muttered with a nervous glance at the truck. He could see Aleaha in the passenger seat. “You aren’t going to do anything crazy, are you? I mean, it is bad enough about what happened, but I won’t let you hurt Allie and Aleaha.”

“Will they know where Indy is?” Jonathan asked in a husky voice.

“Hell, yeah,” Billy replied with a shaky grin. “I told you, Indy and Allie are like sisters. Besides, their dad, Sam, knows everything about everything that goes on with Indy. She practically grew up at their place all during high school.”

“Then, let them know that we are here and they are to take us to Sam, nothing else about what has happened. I want to talk to this Sam first,” Jonathan ordered, glancing at Jacob who nodded in agreement.

They both watched as Billy walked stiffly out of the shadows of the trees and down the road to where the silver truck had stopped before they dismounted themselves. The door closest to them opened and a slender woman with long, black hair slid out. She called out a greeting to Billy as he walked toward her before stopping near the back of the long silver and black wagon.

Jacob frowned as another figure came around the side. He could feel his brother’s eyes burning a hole through him when he drew in a sharp breath of surprise. Blinking rapidly, he fought the urge to rub his eyes as he gazed at the figure of the woman.

She was small and had shoulder-length black hair. His eyes swept down over her. She was wearing the dark blue trousers that Indy liked so much.

That wasn’t what had him clearing his throat. It was the top she was almost not wearing that had his attention. Hell, he thought Indy had looked pretty damn good in her shorts and top, but this… this was just… A dark scowl crossed his face when she turned to Billy and he caught the look of male appreciation in the other man’s eyes.

“Hey Allie,” Billy said with a boyish grin.

“Who the hell did you get into a fight with? You look like shit,” Allie commented in return as a greeting before she opened the back of the large horse trailer.

Jacob’s scowl darkened when he saw a flash of white lace when she raised her arms to pull the locks down on the metal doors. The top she wore clung to her slim figure and left her arms and midriff bare. Her skin was the color of honey and made him wonder if it tasted as sweet. A faint flush rose in his cheeks when he saw her looking at him with a raised eyebrow before she turned away.

“Hi Billy,” the other woman said. “Oh my, what happened to your face?”

“I ran into something,” he joked, glancing over to where Jonathan and Jacob were standing.

“Let me look,” the woman demanded.

“Ah, Aleaha, it’s nothing,” Billy muttered in embarrassment. “I just ran into a wall.”

“More like a fist,” Aleaha snapped before her eyes widened in alarm and she paled. “Allie.”

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“How the hell did we end up in Peru? And not even the good part, down in Lima where the locals think were marines,” Jordan asked, shading his eyes from the sun’s relentless glare as he peered over the helicopter’s console at the wide valley below. It was flanked by high peaks, some of the tallest in the Andes. At eleven thousand feet, it was a place none of the locals ever came willingly.

“Is shit,” Yuri agreed, the Russian’s face hidden behind a large pair of aviator glasses and a thick black goatee. The wiry pilot eased the yoke, tilting the copter forward to afford a better view of the scrubby hillsides. “Should be in jungle, is pretty there. Birds. I like birds.”

Why were they here? The team had been put together with incredible haste, dispatched from a dozen different countries to the Peruvian city of Cajamarca where they’d been given one day to acclimate to each other. They’d been dispatched here, given four old Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopters—the type that had been mothballed back in the 1980s after serving since the Vietnam War.

“Commander, are you seeing this?” A female voice crackled over the com. It was either Savinsky or Jewel, but having just met them Jordan couldn’t readily identify which was speaking.

A massive chunk of stone broke loose from the southern face of one of the mountains, plummeting to the valley floor with a crash so loud he could hear it over the rotors.

“Pretty tough to miss,” Jordan replied, studying the cloud of dust curling skyward. A smaller piece broke loose from a neighboring peak. Boulders began jouncing all over the place, bucking about like Mexican jumping beans. “Carter, this place isn’t seismically active, is it?”

“Not even slightly,” Carter’s nasally voice echoed back over the com. “We’re nowhere near a fault line.”

“Holy shit,” Another voice broke onto the com. That one was definitely Jewel.

A black spike bored out of the earth like the tip of some gigantic drill. It was nearly as large as the peaks surrounding it, a jet-black pyramid unlike anything he’d ever seen. Jordan’s eyes widened as the structure approached. “Pull up, pull up.”

Yuri yanked back on the stick, guiding the Apache up and away from the approaching structure. Savinsky wasn’t so lucky. Evidently she’d been distracted or maybe just surprised by the structure’s momentum. The pyramid slammed into the Apache, unleashing a fireball of flaming wreckage as it continued its ascent.

“Get clear,” Jordan roared. The other three copters veered safely away, hovering around the strange pyramid like angry wasps. Up and up it went, until it was towered over their comparatively tiny copters. He turned to Yuri, “What’s our current elevation?”

“Nine hundred seventy-five feet above valley floor,” Yuri said, jaw still hanging open as he gaped at the pyramid. “Is taller, so structure eleven hundred feet. Give or take.”

The pyramid finally stopped moving, its jet-black slopes covered in patches of dark soil. Jordan had a million questions. How old was it? Who’d built it? Most troubling, how had their employer known it was going to appear? That they’d been dispatched to such a remote location at the precise moment this thing had appeared was no accident.

“Carter, are you getting any readings from that thing?” he asked, tightening his sunglasses. The structure seemed to drink in the light around it, reflecting none of the midday glare.

“Nothing,” Carter’s voice crackled back. “And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. It’s not sending back radar. It just absorbs the ping. It’s eating the signal somehow. Never seen anything like it.”

Something like a heat shimmer appeared around the structure. At first Jordan wasn’t sure what he was seeing, but eventually his eyes widened. The entire thing was vibrating. The dirt clinging to the sides slid off, like butter on Teflon, falling away until the structure was as pristine as it was on the day it was built, whenever that was. Great piles accumulated around the base of the structure. They surrounded the entire thing except one place where the dirt was conspicuously absent.

“Carter, check out the center of the western face. What do you make of it?”

“There’s definitely something strange there, sir,” Carter said, a rare note of uncertainty in his voice. “There’s an area in the exact center of the wall that’s devoid of debris. If you use magnification, you can see that there are poplar trees scattered all about, but their branches stop at the edge of the clearing as if they were sheared through with a really sharp plane. I don’t know what to make of it.”

“All units, make your approach. Prepare for field recon,” Jordan ordered, filling his voice with authority and confidence he didn’t feel. What the hell had they been sent into?

Yuri eased back on the yoke, and the whirring of the rotors slowed. The craft descended smoothly, drifting to the edge of the ring of dirt now surrounding the pyramid. The copter set down just beyond, between a still-standing poplar tree and a cluster of boulders.

A hawk wheeled overhead, screeching a challenge as the whir of the rotors finally died. Jordan pushed open the canopy over the craft’s rear seat. Intended more for combat than transport, it was just large enough to hold two people. An intimidating machine gun had been bolted under each stubby little wing, along with a boxy missile launcher on the right. Hardly the sort of hardware you’d send to scout unless you were expecting serious trouble.

Jordan slid from the cockpit, dropping to the dry earth with a puff of dust. The high desert made his eyes water beneath his sunglasses even though the wind was bitterly cold at this elevation. He withdrew his pack from the boot, the harness jingling as he buckled it at his waist and chest. The black nylon was compact enough to not restrict movement and still contain the basic supplies they might need on such an op.

“We’re going in hot. No sense in taking chances,” he said into the sub-dermal microphone that Mohn Corp. had so graciously provided. It was state of the art, picking up words people right next to him would miss. Jordan buckled his side arm, an M-411 smart pistol, into place. The weapon fed targeting data to his goggles, making combat nearly as easy as your average video game.

“Is very strange,” Yuri said, dropping to the dirt beside Jordan. His gaze was fixed on the pyramid, or more specifically, the clear space in front of the wall some fifty yards from where they’d set down. He could tell the break in debris was clearly something the builders had intended, because it lay directly outside a gap in the structure. It was as if a square section had been cut away, allowing visitors to enter a tunnel that led inside.

“Carter, what can you tell me?” Jordan said, turning toward the third helicopter as the short, sandy-haired tech fell awkwardly to the ground. He got up quickly, dusting off his pants and trying to act like he wasn’t as clumsy as they all knew him to be.

The tech trotted over, taking a sip of water from the blue hose leading into his pack. “I ran a full scan on the valley. We use sonar imaging to build maps, which the satellites confirm. Only there’s gaps in my model, gaps caused by that thing. It’s eating the signal, sir. That shouldn’t be possible.”

“Yeah, you mentioned that in the air. What else can you tell me?”

“Not much,” Carter admitted, turning to face the structure. He withdrew a bulky black box from his belt and aimed it at the tunnel. It beeped and hummed for several seconds before Carter turned back to face him. “Sir, this is damn odd. That tunnel is emitting ELF.”

“Ee el eff?” Jordan asked. Carter would speak in nothing but obscure abbreviations and acronyms if allowed to do so.

“Extremely low frequency waves, sir. A very special type of signal we used back in World War Two to transmit codes. It’s slower than most signals, so you don’t see it much today,” Carter explained, adjusting his goggles as he watched the pyramid. “They’re also given off by power plants. Nuclear power plants for the most part. It’s possible there’s a power source inside, or maybe whoever built this place is using them for communication. No way to know without checking it out, sir.”

“Then that’s exactly what we’ll do. Yuri, take Carter down that tunnel to see if you can find a way inside. If there isn’t one, then make it. No chances. If you run into anything, topside. If you have a question you can’t answer, topside. Back in ten minutes,” he ordered. Jordan could have sent a larger team, but with Savinsky’s team gone there were only six of them and he didn’t want to risk any more personnel than he had to—one tech and one experienced soldier to keep him alive.

Yuri fished his M4 rifle from the cockpit. The smooth bored weapon menacing as he propped the barrel up over his shoulder. The weapon was standard issue, but in the hands of a crack shot like Yuri, it could devastate a battlefield.

The Russian trotted toward the pyramid, bringing the stock of his rifle to his shoulder as he scanned the pregnant darkness that so neatly blended with the structure’s dark surface. Carter trotted a little ways behind, replacing his bulky black box with a smaller green gizmo. Jordan was good with technology, but he had no idea what either device did. He doubted anyone other than Carter could tell him. The tech was always tinkering, and the gadgets were both things he’d cobbled together in his spare time.

The pair disappeared into the darkness, though Jordan could still make out their shapes. They stopped perhaps ten feet into the strange tunnel, a perfect square that could have been bored with a laser. Jordan shaded his eyes, watching as Yuri leaned a shoulder into the massive stone door and shoved. To the Russian’s apparent surprise, it gave easily, spilling him to the ground as the door slid soundlessly open. Damn. That kind of engineering could barely be accomplished today. How many tons did that door weigh?

Jordan began to pace, his right hand settling on the grip of his pistol. Ten minutes. Such a short span of time, but it crept by. What was happening inside? Something echoed from within. Gunshots. He resisted the urge to order another pair inside, instead gesturing at both sides of the entrance. The squad moved to flank it, each soldier leveling an M4 at the opening. Long seconds passed.

At nine minutes, sixteen seconds they heard the slaps of booted feet on stone as something approached. Yuri’s form emerged first, bent low, arms pumping as he hauled ass back into the sunlight. There was no sign of his rifle. Carter’s form trailed behind, the lanky tech clutching his side as if he had a cramp. Only it wasn’t a cramp. His black uniform was soaked with blood, and his face was ashen as he limped forward.

“Jewel, get the medical kit,” Jordan bellowed, jerking the stock of his rifle to his shoulder as he scanned the darkness. The rest of the squad did the same, including Jewel. The weapon suited the tiny blond, despite the fact that it was nearly as large as she was. She lowered it reluctantly, trotting back toward the helicopter. She was the closest they had to a medic.

Carter stumbled, sprawling to the ground just past the thick shadow provided by the tunnel. Yuri didn’t even stop to help. What the hell had spooked him so badly he didn’t stop to help a wounded squad mate?

A third figure moved in the darkness. It was tall. Too tall. Maybe seven or eight feet, if the glittering amber eyes served as indicators. Then it stepped into the thinner shadow near the end of the tunnel, providing Jordan with far more detail than he’d ever wanted to see.

The creature looked like some sort of dark furred Egyptian god, with a head that clearly belonged on a wolf. Sharp white fangs bared over black gums, and the long claws on one massive hand still dripped blood—Carter’s blood. The creature wore some sort of golden necklace, a torque, Jordan thought it was called. Its clothing was cut from shimmering white cloth, something like a Roman toga.

“End that thing,” Jordan roared, aligning the crosshairs in his goggles with the thing’s chest. He squeezed off three rounds, the gun bucking in his hands as it belched gouts of flame. Echoing fire came from all around him as the squad reacted instantly, every last member a veteran of one war or another.

The thing didn’t move. In one moment, it was standing in the center of the corridor. In the next, it stood next to Carter. The rounds they’d fired found nothing but stone, ricocheting down the tunnel. The beast knelt, savaging the back of Carter’s neck with those wicked teeth.

Jordan adjusted his aim, firing again. So did the others. This time the thing jerked backward, raising a hand to its shoulder. Its amber gaze touched Jordan’s for an instant; then the beast disappeared.

“Behind us,” Jewel roared. Jordan spun to see her drop the med kit. She jerked her rifle up, but it was too late. The beast raked its claws across her throat, showering the dusty earth with her blood.

“No,” Jordan roared, sprinting toward the downed soldier as he squeezed off several rounds. None hit, but they did draw the beast’s attention. It blurred across the space between them, looming over Jordan like a linebacker over a toddler. Its claws descended, death’s embrace plummeting toward Jordan’s face with impossible speed. Jordan dropped to his back, bringing his rifle into alignment with the thing’s midsection. He didn’t take time to aim, just squeezed the trigger.

The beast stumbled backward under a withering hail of fire, face twisting into an all-too-human expression of frustration. Then it simply vanished. Jordan scrambled to his feet, spinning around as he scanned for a target. Nothing. How did it move so swiftly? It defied reason. Yuri approached, offering Jordan a hand. The big Russian helped him to his feet.

“Is crazy. Not paid enough to fight fucking werewolves,” Yuri said, shaking his head. He was staring at Carter’s corpse. There was no way the tech had survived.

Jordan wanted to correct him. There was no such thing as werewolves. But he’d just seen one. How the hell was he going to explain this to Mohn? Maybe he wouldn’t have to. Perhaps this is exactly what they’d expected.


Chapter 1- A Bigger Bullet

Commander Jordan eyed the hangar thoughtfully. The silver dome was out of place, nicer than either of its neighbors. That didn’t fit Mohn’s low profile imperative, so who’d authorized this place? He’d never met the woman in charge of the Panama facility, though he’d seen her at a distance when he deployed to Cajamarca just a few weeks ago.

Taxis and buses flowed down the road behind him, ferrying passengers to one of the busiest airports in Central America. He slipped through the gap in the fence, walking briskly to the door near the south corner. Jordan withdrew his cell phone, speed dialing the Director. The phone clicked several times and then rang once before it was picked up. He recognized the commanding voice immediately.

“Have you arrived?”

“Yes, sir,” Jordan replied. Director Phillips was all protocol, and even though they weren’t officially military they wore the same trappings.

“Good. Review the weaponry and ensure that it will meet your needs,” the voice on the other end said. The words were clipped, efficient.

“With respect, sir, I don’t know what our needs are. That thing took everything we had to throw and kept on coming,” Jordan said. He didn’t want to be insubordinate, but command needed to know what they were facing.

“I realize that, Commander, but your own reports said that you hurt it. That was with more conventional ordnance. The weapons we’ve prepared should be considerably more effective,” the Director said.

Jordan watched traffic rumble by, so damn normal.

“Sir, we’re fighting a god-damned werewolf that crawled out of a pyramid with no right to exist. We don’t know what will be effective. I’ll take the added firepower, but what I really need is more men. That thing carved through my squad like a Thanksgiving turkey,” he said, trying unsuccessfully to keep the heat from his voice.

“That takes time, and you damned well know it,” the Director snapped. Jordan was shocked. He’d never heard the Director lose his composure before. “We’re working on replacements, but they’ve only had two weeks training. If I send them in now, I’m as good as pulling the trigger myself.”

“What about mercs, sir? There has to be an off-the-books option,” he offered. Mohn Corp. had ties with a number of black ops organizations that specialized in wet work.

“That could bring unwanted attention,” the Director said, sighing heavily. “I just got off a call with the Peruvian president. They want to know what the hell we’re doing up there and why we’re bringing in so much hardware. I can’t afford any more scrutiny, and that’s exactly what sending in cowboy mercs will do. You’re just going to have to make do with the personnel you have. Review the weapons and get your ass back to Peru.”

“Yes, si—“ Jordan began, but the phone beeped as the call ended.

He wiped sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. Damn, this place was hot. Such a contrast to the frigid Andes. He resisted the urge to see if anyone was watching, and instead pounded the hangar’s door three times with his fist. The hollow booms were swallowed by the road noise, but the door opened almost immediately. A hard-eyed man in full Kevlar opened the door. He carried an unfamiliar rifle, front hand resting on the underside of the barrel, with the other over the trigger guard. In one fluid motion he could snap it to his shoulder to fire. His face screamed drill sergeant, though he bore no insignia except Mohn’s standard green triangle on his shoulder. The guy could have been R. Lee Ermey’s shorter, angrier brother.

“Jordan?” he barked, leathery face set in what Jordan guessed must have been a permanent scowl. “Get your ass inside. This isn’t the goddamn shopping mall.”

He opened the door just wide enough for Jordan to slip through, slamming it behind them the instant they were clear. The place was pitch black except for a pair of stand lamps overlooking narrow tables lined with weapons. Behind them stood a skinny, nerdy-looking guy with a thick mustache and small tinted glasses. He wore a flannel shirt under a polyester vest, not exactly standard-issue gear. The guy reminded him of Carter, summoning a memory of the dead tech’s lifeless eyes. Jordan had seen a lot in his time, but that memory was one of the worst.

“You’re here to get some real firepower,” Sarge said. A made-up name helped because it was the only one Jordan was likely to get. Mohn ops were anonymous. You never knew more than you had to about the people you were working with.

Sarge walked over to the tables, gesturing at one of the rifles. “Your last op used the M4, right?”

“Yeah. Lacked stopping power though,” Jordan replied, crossing to stand next to the table.

“The M4 is great,” the skinny guy broke in. Jordan decided to call him Lester, after a character from a video game he’d played back in the 90s. “Um, it’s one of the most ubiquitous military firearms on the modern battlefield. Definitely the most familiar rifle to your mercs…er…soldiers.”

“A lot of operatives,” Sarge corrected. “Use the Russkies’ AK. Cheaper than the M4.”

“Yeah, uh, operatives. Anyway, the AK’s great too, but I like the M4, and that’s what we’ve got here, a typical M4,” Lester said, patting the stock lovingly. “The locking bolt gives a more stable ballistic chamber and, thus, a more accurate shot than an AK.” He picked up the rifle, thumbing the switch near the trigger to full-auto. “Even fully automatic, your first three or four shots are dead on.”

“Yeah, and that’s why we love it,” Jordan agreed. He knew the rifle’s internals intimately. “But, like I said, it didn’t have enough stopping power. The 5.56 round just isn’t enough.” He picked up a long brass bullet from the table to illustrate.

“Yeah, I’m not surprised,” Lester said, grin spreading. “The round is only twenty-two caliber, even if it is high velocity. You’ll core soft targets, but it doesn’t do squat against anything with armor. Even a car windshield will stop a round. The bullet just punches through your target without much expansion. That’s why it lacks the stopping power you’re after.”

Jordan folded his arms. “I didn’t come here to talk about what didn’t work. I came here to get something that will. If we’re going to take down my target, I’m going to need…”

“…A bigger bullet,” Sarge and Lester finished in unison.

“Not just any bigger bullet. Something special I invented,” Lester said. Jordan hadn’t thought the kid could get anymore perky, but somehow he did. He patted a sleek black rifle a little larger than the M4. “I modified the M4 to fire a thirty-caliber Blackout AAC. You keep the same shell base, thus same bolt carrier group, magazine, etc. All that is needed is a barrel and chamber change, and violà: stopping power and penetration of a heavier bullet without changing the familiarity of your weapon. I call it the XM8.”

“That might give us the edge we need. How many can I have, and when will they be ready?” Jordan asked.

“We have a demonstration ready and—”

“That’s not necessary. You’ve explained how the gun and the round work. This is what I need. Can I leave here with a case? I need to get back on-site for my op,” Jordan replied, cutting Lester off. The kid clearly wanted to say more but gave a heavy sigh instead.

“All right. We can skip the demo. I guess the pig would appreciate that, if no one else,” Lester said, offering Jordan the XM8. “You can take this one with you now. I’ve got another crate of eight I can have loaded on your departing flight. Was there anything else you needed?”

“Yeah, some luck,” Jordan replied, accepting the rifle. He set it gently in the rectangular case, settling the weapon into the foam before snapping the case shut. “Thanks, guys. These weapons are going to save lives.”

Jordan hoped that was true. He’d never seen anything like the monster in Peru. M4s hadn’t even slowed it down, though they had driven the creature off. That meant it feared pain and could probably be killed through conventional means. Guess Jordan was about to find out, assuming the thing came back to the pyramid. He walked back to the door, case in hand.

Jordan withdrew his smartphone and called the Director. “It’s done.”


Chapter 2- Prehistoric Aliens my Ass


2,600 BCE. Blair wrote the words out laboriously, fingers cramping around the tiny nub of chalk. He underlined the date, turning to face rows of disengaged freshmen. Santa Rosa JC’s finest. The back rows shot clandestine gazes at smartphones under their desks, either not knowing or not caring that Blair could see. If today’s lesson didn’t grab them, they’d be the ones who dropped.

“Why is that year significant?” He asked, pausing for a full three seconds as he scanned the room. Curiosity lurked in a few corners, but no one ventured a hand.

“That’s the approximate date the Great Pyramid of Giza was built,” Blair said, taking a step toward the front row. He began to pace. “You’ve seen it in movies. It’s the most well-known wonder of the ancient world, a masterpiece that has endured for millennia. It’s visible from space, forty-five stories tall, and has fascinated every culture from ancient Greece through the United States. Today you’re going to learn how and why Pharaoh Khufu built it.”

Several hands shot up, the most enthusiastic in the front row. It belonged to an Asian girl with long black hair and a pink backpack. Jesus, these kids were young.

“Yes, Miss…”

“Samantha. You can call me Sam,” The girl said, all but bouncing in her seat. Probably her first semester. The boys were just as bad, worse if their voices cracked during questions. “You said it was built by a pharaoh, but how do we know that? I saw this show, and it said that the Pyramids were built by aliens. It makes sense. I mean, how did cave men move those giant stones? They would have needed, like, cranes and stuff.”

Every semester, it was the same. A misguided student, or six, parroted the drivel they’d read on Google or seen on Netflix. Not that he could blame them. If the Internet said it, it must be true, right?

“Was it the one with the guy’s hair that gets crazier every season? Looks like a bird that got on the wrong side of a hurricane,” Blair said, fanning his fingers out in parody of the host’s incredible hair.

“Yes,” She said, eyes widening as she straightened in her seat. “That’s the one. That guy is crazy, but like, brilliant, too.”

“Yeah. Here’s the problem with that show. It’s bullshit,” Blair said, crossing his arms. Had he just gotten chalk on his sleeve? Damn it. “We know who built the Pyramids. We know when. We even know how. That’s what—”

A cell phone went off, obnoxiously loud. He seriously doubted anyone else was using the Game of Thrones ringtone, which meant he’d just broken his own phone rule in class. He glanced at the desk drawer. If he answered it that would legitimize students doing the same for the whole semester. He ignored it.

“That’s what we’re going to discuss today. I promise by the end you’ll agree the only thing alien on that show is that guy’s hair,” he said, pausing for a few polite chuckles. The phone stopped. Thank God. “I’ll begin by passing out—”

There it went again, somehow more obnoxious. Snickers rippled through the class. He was losing them. “You know what, guys? I don’t know about you but I could use some coffee. Let’s take a fifteen-minute break. Go grab a Starbucks and get back in here.” The stampede began.

Blair walked over the desk, jerking the drawer open and fishing out his phone. He almost dropped it when he saw the caller. It was Bridget. He was paralyzed, a deer about to be run down by a careless driver. Fuck. He sagged into his worn leather chair.

“Hello,” he said. Somehow the phone had found his ear.

“Blair?” a trembling voice asked. He recognized it immediately. How could he not? “Listen, I know this is out of the blue, but my God, you’ve got to see what we’ve found. It’s enormous, bigger than Giza, older than Göbekli Tepe, at least thirteen thousand years from the sediment covering the structure. How soon can you be here?”

“Bridget?” he asked, chair creaking as he leaned back. He removed his wire-frame glasses and set them on the desk. He’d need his full attention or she’d have him agreeing to some crazy plan before he even knew what she was talking about. “I haven’t heard from you in almost three years, and our last conversation wasn’t exactly friendly. I don’t even know what country you’re in. Slow down and explain.”

“Peru. Blair, we’ve found a pyramid unlike anything ever discovered. It’s at least thirteen thousand years old. Thirteen, Blair,” she said, pausing long enough for the implications to sink in. “The hieroglyphs don’t match any recorded style. They’re not Incan, and they’re more advanced than the Mayans’. Steve is completely baffled.”

“Ahh,” he replied, surprised by the depth of his bitterness. Blair rose from his chair, pacing back and forth as he watched the last student trickle from the room. “So that’s why you called. Steve ran into more than he could handle, and you need me to bail him out. Then, assuming I can somehow help, he takes all the credit. Again. Is that it?”

“He doesn’t even know I’m calling. Leave him out of it, just for a moment. Don’t you want to be a part of this?” she asked, plunging forward with the conversation like an implacable wave, as always. “Think of it. This could completely redefine our understanding of—”

“Let me stop you there,” he interrupted, cradling the phone with his ear while he shoved the day’s quizzes into his briefcase. “I’m not interested, Bridget. I have tenure. I live in Wine Country. Things are good for me here. Besides, I don’t want to play Indiana Jones anymore. The pay is shit and the hours suck. I like sleeping in a real bed. You know what I like even better? Not having to see you on a daily basis.”

“I deserved that,” she said after a long pause.

Her contrite tone didn’t seem feigned. She must need his help badly. “Blair, you’re too young to be a stuffy professor. Don’t cheat yourself out of this because you’re angry at me. This could make your career. Think of what we could learn. This could be your chance to—”

“I mean it, Bridget. I’m not budging on this one,” he said as firmly as he could manage. It was difficult to deter her once she had decided she wanted something.

“I understand your reservations. I get that. Things didn’t end well, but please don’t let my mistakes make you miss this. You’ll never forgive yourself once you understand what we’ve found. It’s beyond amazing,” She said, tone suffused with her usual passion.

There was a long pause that stretched until he thought maybe she’d hung up. “Besides…I’m scared. I’ve never seen Steve like this. He’s obsessed, more than usual. He won’t eat, and he barely sleeps. All his time is spent down in the temple’s central chamber.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Really,” Blair answered dryly, grabbing his keys and trotting up the stairs to the door. He almost flicked off the lights before remembering the students would be returning in a few minutes. He left them on, slipping into the cool evening. “If you want to send me some pictures, I’ll take a look. That’s the best I can do. I’m not flying six thousand miles to bail Steve’s ass out. Again. I have forty tests to grade.”

“All right, all right. I’ll leave you be, for now. Just remember that I don’t fight fair,” Bridget replied, giving one of those throaty little laughs he’d so loved when they first met. It sliced through the intervening years.

The phone beeped its melancholy disconnect. Blair threaded past clusters of students as he crossed the lawn, toward the south lot. A handful of cars still dotted the parking lot. At least he wasn’t the only one desperate enough to teach night classes. The extra pittance mattered more than he’d like to admit.

He fumbled in his pocket for his keys, opening his Ford’s door with a reluctant groan. Blair tossed his briefcase in the back, dropping onto the sheepskin seat cover he’d added to hide the battle scars. If only he could do the same to this thing’s tragic paint job.

Damn Bridget for knowing him so well. The oldest known pyramids in the Americas had been built, what, 2,600 years before Christ? Around the same time as the Egyptian ones, though the ones at Norte Chico were little more than large mounds. In both cases, the structures had been the center point of an entire culture. The implications of one existing six millennia earlier were monumental. That meant that there had been an older culture that had left almost no trace of its existence.

Who were they? Why had they disappeared? What had knocked their descendants down so hard that recovering even a fragment of their culture had taken eighty centuries? It was just the sort of mystery he’d always dreamed of solving. Discovering a common parent culture meant leaving a legacy that would endure as long as mankind continued to record knowledge. More than that, it might answer his own questions. What had come before the Egyptians and the Sumerians? Who built Göbekli Tepe? Why was it buried?

He smothered his enthusiasm. Was it worth leaving Santa Rosa, knowing he’d have to deal with Bridget and Steve? No, no it wasn’t. He turned the key, and the Ford revved to life. “Fuck her and fuck Steve.”

His phone buzzed in his jean pocket. Blair fished it out, thumbing the home button and checking the notification. He swiped the screen and peered at the image that sprang up. It had been taken from the bottom of a ravine and angled steeply upwards along the slope of a jet-black pyramid. Calling it massive was like calling a Siberian tiger a kitty cat.

Blair turned off the car. Nothing in the Americas—hell, nothing in the world—rivaled it. From the context, he guessed the height at more than three hundred meters, over twice as large as the Great Pyramid of Giza. The structure was carved from obsidian or maybe polished slate. Did they even have obsidian in the Andes? Even if they did, how had they gotten it there? The seams between the blocks must be incredibly fine for them to not show up in the photo.

“Clever Bridget,” he said, slouching into his seat. She definitely wasn’t fighting fair, but he wouldn’t take her bait. It was an amazing discovery, but not amazing enough to deal with her cheating ass again.

His phone vibrated. This time the picture was darker, probably a shot of an interior wall. It showed highly stylized hieroglyphs with more complexity than anything ever exhibited by a Mesoamerican culture—or African, for that matter. That wasn’t what caught his eye, though. The glyphs could have been painted yesterday. They were a riot of colors the equal of anything Photoshop might churn out.

The dense script contained thousands of symbols. That would make deciphering their alphabet impossible. Blair couldn’t even hope for a Rosetta stone. Modern societies shared no common language with a culture this old. No wonder Steve was baffled. Blair opened his recent calls and tapped Bridget’s name. The first ring hadn’t even finished when she picked up.

“How soon can you be here?” she purred.

“I can’t just walk out on my job, Bridget. I have rent,” he replied.

“If that’s the hang-up, I think we can reach an agreement. How does a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for eight weeks of work sound?” She said. He could practically hear the smile.

“That kind of money is too good to be true. Way too good,” he replied, but he’d already made his choice. Sometimes, you walked into the trap even though you knew it was there.

“I know, but it’s true. If you’re in, I can have the funds wired as soon as you sign your NDA and contract,” she said. “We’ll even arrange for a call from the president of Peru to arrange a leave of absence. So what do you say?”

“If you’re on the level? I’d say I’m in,” he replied, turning the car back on. This was going to be the most memorable mistake he’d ever made.


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Award-winning novelist Gillian Bradshaw’s exciting fantasy-history tale of a thief, a dragon, a princess, monsters, sorcery, and battles in ancient Africa.
Teen fisherman Prahotep is nicknamed “bad-luck” because everything he touches turns to disaster. When his father dies, he sets off to Thebes in Egypt to improve his fate, but instead of finding riches, he finds Lady Hathor, a proud, irritable dragon—and a creature that an evil sorcerer in the capital will kill to find.
Meanwhile, to the south, in Nubia, the princess Kandaki’s family is murdered by a usurper. Kandaki refuses the usurper’s offer of marriage, and is sent north to be offered as a sacrifice to a “swamp dragon.” When all their paths cross, more than sparks fly.


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Lazy Hero Cat of Egypt

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Bubastis the cat is too lazy to see, smell, hear, taste, or feel. So what happens when thieves sneak into his home in Egypt?
Lazy Hero Cat of Egypt is a funny adventure for children ages 4–8 that also explores the senses.


Lazy Hero Cat and the Pirates

by Stanford Crow

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Bubastis the cat is too lazy to get out of trouble, even when he drifts out to sea and is captured by pirates! Even when they force him to walk the plank in shark-infested waters! Is he really too lazy to save himself, or will his laziness make him a hero again? Find out in this funny adventure.


The Hawaiian Hiatus of Herkimer Street

by Desirae Foston

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A little boy’s family is going on a holiday to Hawaii. But he doesn’t want to go without his neighbors on Herkimer Street. How can he bring his block along? Everyone helps out in the wild and funny adventure that follows.
The Hawaiian Hiatus of Herkimer Street is a beautifully designed, tall-tale of community for the preschool set.


The Alien in the Garden

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A dancing shape-shifting alien, outer-space monsters, inter-galactic police, and the fate of a planet in another universe.

In Alien in the Garden, young outcast Alex Marsh finds a sickly looking swan in his back yard, but when he tries to feed it, the swan bites him—and that’s when things get crazy! Alex is thrown into the middle of a desperate plot to thwart outlaw aliens who have come to earth to steal weaponry to kill their own kind. Can he step up to save his family and millions of lives in this exciting sci-fi adventure?


Bliss Group Books was formed by music producer and entrepreneur Laru Larrieux, singer/songwriter Amel Larrieux, and publishing professional Alan Bradshaw. BGB is dedicated to pursuing that blissful feeling that great books create–curling up in body, stretching out in mind, and going someplace new, exciting, magical, or humorous.

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Happiness is something I knew so long ago, and now it’s nothing but a faint, distant recollection of the life I once had. My name is Arion LaSalle, and seven months ago my life was shredded to pieces when my fiancé disappeared while deployed. He never came home, burning a hindrance of pain and agony within my soul. For so long, I lived my life believing everything happens for a reason, until now. ‘Cause none of it makes any sense. Why Nate? Why only him? Since getting through each breath is a struggle, I put on a fake persona, pretending I’m someone I’m not, living my life recklessly. Because for me, it was all taken far too soon.

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Single mother, Jade Miller, has just witnessed a murder. Now, set to testify against the cold-blooded killer, Jade must be placed under protection. While she is grateful to the kind folks who’ve offered to take in her and her son, Jade is surprised to find the man escorting them from L.A. to Montana is Gavin Emerson.

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“Yeah, though I walk through the valley…”

Special Investigator Teri Altro is a hard-driving member of the Drug Interdiction Task Force. She is cold and aloof, with no room in her life for personal entanglements. No one is allowed to call her by her first name. No one is allowed to get close to her. Any form of physical contact is unacceptable to her, except when her body demands it. People who work with Altro respect her, but have learned to stay out her way. She carries a gun in her shoulder bag.

When Altro first notices the man staring at her, he doesn’t seem like anything special… just some guy in the drugstore. But when three men walk in the door to assasinate her, he kills them all with fluid ease, and so quickly that she doesn’t even have time to pull her own gun. The confrontation is so eerily violent that it leaves Altro wondering just who… or what… the man is.

Over the next four days she learns the man is John Walker Michaels, a man known to the Hmong of Laos as the Valley Walker. He is a Vietnam War deserter, an openly emotional man who draws her out of her shell and into the world of Hmong mysticism. At the end of this time… even after talking to him, learning his history and meeting his family… Altro can only shake her head when asked what he is like.

She had touched him and felt his warmth. She knew he was real.

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Inspired by a true story Someone has taken my place is an epic account of identity thefts and multiple insurance fraud. Irish private investigator Andy Stone is on the trail of the serial fraudster the Cowboy. Expert in the forensics of financial fraud investigations, Stone is obsessed with obtaining justice for the vulnerable citizens whose identities have been taken.Follow his chase across Europe and the United States of America as, with the help of FBI, ex-KGB and CIA agents, the American Secret Service, Interpol and the Irish police force, Stone pieces together the international conman’s tortuous spider’s web of illegal aliases and criminal intent.

What is the evil secret at the heart of the multiple identity thefts and will Stone catch the Cowboy in time for justice to be served?

Join him in his search for the truth.

In reality the book examines the complexity involved in the investigation of insurance fraud and other financial crimes caused by identity theft. The horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks, an attack not just on the United States of America but on all countries that enjoy freedom and liberty, made it clear that in order to assist in counter-terrorism the Irish authorities need to ensure passports are not issued under false pretentions.

Identity Theft is relatively new to Ireland when compared to the United States. However it is a growing problem. Effectively identity theft is the ability to take somebody’s identity and use it to commit fraud. The most common form of identity theft is obtaining credit card details and using them to purchase goods or services in that person’s name. If you combine identity theft with the obtaining of insurance policies, opening false bank accounts and making fraudulent insurance claims, it makes the investigation of these crimes extremely complex and difficult. Identity theft of the dead is also a major problem in the United States. Sources there estimate that there were 800,000 attempts to steal dead people’s identities in 2011 alone. The website of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) states: “A stolen identity is a powerful cloak of anonymity for criminals and terrorist and a danger to national security and private citizens alike.”

There is a clear need for the harmonisation of all investigators, so that insurance investigators like myself, can work together with law enforcement agencies, nationally and internationally to reduce fraud and crime, and to above all protect our citizen’s identities and our national identity.


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