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Box Set Alert!! 3 great books for .99 cents! Free Sample of U.S.A Today Bestselling author Kylie J. Colt’s The Healers of Meligna Series Boxed Set (Books 1,2,3)

The Healers of Meligna Series Boxed Set (Books 1,2,3)

by K. J. Colt

The Healers of Meligna Series Boxed Set (Books 1,2,3)
4.6 stars – 28 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled

Here’s the set-up:

A three novel digital boxed set containing over 300,000 words of page-turning, fantasy reading. There will be 5 books in total for the Healers of Meligna series.

Concealed Power

Adenine is blind and isolated in her small attic bedroom. Haunted by the recent deaths of her uncle and father, she is alone and afraid. Believing she is a carrier of the incurable Death Plague that ravished the lands twenty-five years ago, she never goes outside.

When her mother falls ill, Adenine begins to starve. Despite her terror of infecting others, she goes in search of the town’s doctor. Friends are made, enemies are discovered and every secret unravels. Pursued by the country’s exiled healers, Adenine’s life now depends on who she trusts.

Blood Healing

Banished to the healer city of Meligna, fourteen year old Adenine must adapt to the strange customs and fickle personalities of its citizens. The Queens have but one goal: to create a perfect city. But when Adenine pulls at the loose threads that bind the city together, what she unravels shocks and angers her.

The populace is brainwashed and delusional. When Jemely, her loyal friend, becomes a victim, Adenine takes a stand against the Queens.

But Adenine has no power, and her strong ideals injure the few friends she has. When she stumbles upon the Queens’ most shocking secret, she risks everything to save the lives of those she loves.

Blood Sacrifice

With the threat of the Queens’ army increasing, only blood healing can save South Senya. Adenine continues her journey alone, encountering constant danger and tragic loss. Clutching at the strands of her sanity, Adenine barely makes it to Juxon City where the king proves untrustworthy and hostile.

The Queens quickly destroy all Adenine’s hope for the kingdom of Senya. Under their rule, the people are doomed. She has allies, but they are too few to take back the city. The only one who can challenge the Queens is the emperor of Bivinia: a monster responsible for the deaths of hundreds of healers. She must convince him to invade Senya, replacing one evil for another.


“Just keeps getting better.” — Kayla

“What a fun world to discover.” — Jannet McClure

“The world of Adenine is well developed and her characters well defined.” — James Phillip

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And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample of The Healers of Meligna Series Boxed Set (Books 1,2,3):


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