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A Regency Romance in which passion matters a lot more than manners! The Abyss by Lara Blunte. All rave reviews, this smoky romance can be yours for 99 cents!

The Abyss

by Lara Blunte

The Abyss
4.9 stars – 17 Reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

A Regency Romance with a difference!

“I have sworn to love you, and I will, I will love you even if you have been dishonest, but you need to confess to it now.”
It was her turn to sound calm. ”I shall not confess to an untruth.”
He now faced her, and his eyes were dead. “Well, then we have a problem, don’t we?”
Her voice was now trembling with anger. “When you realize what you have done, you’ll beg me to forgive you, and I never shall!”

During the period of the British regency there was another prince regent in Europe: John of Portugal.
When in 1807 Napoleon sends him an ultimatum to side with the French or lose his kingdom, John instead sides with the British – and must flee as the forces of one of the greatest generals of all time invade Lisbon.
Fifty ships carrying the flower of Portuguese nobility set sail for their biggest colony, Brazil. The year will change before they arrive in Rio, bedraggled and exhausted.
With the court goes Clara, a beautiful woman whose life has been made impossible by a greedy mother seeking to marry her to a rich nobleman. Clara dreams of no one but Gabriel, a man disinherited by his father for loving her, whom she had to forsake.
In the new tropical court Clara meets Gabriel again, and in spite of thinking that he no longer wants to give his heart away, she is irresistible to him and he again asks her to marry him.
However, a terrible calumny sent from abroad will separate husband and wife, and they will have to live in a wild land with an abyss between them.

Lara BlunteABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lara Blunte has written six romance novels. She won the Wattys Award 2015 for To Be King.
Lara began writing romance novels because she missed the ones written in the past, when lyrical prose, complex characters and an omniscient narrator led to a wealth of emotion for the reader.
She believes that a story of passion should be told with passion, and that people with flaws create a compelling narrative.
In The Abyss she delivers a Regency Romance that is filled with desire and deep love, as well as terrible misunderstandings. As Lara has traveled to 65 countries of the world, in each of her novels she adds a place that she knows well, in this case courtly Portugal and then beautiful, savage Brazil.

Published on April 23, The Abyss has sixteen  5-star reviews in Amazon. Here is an excerpt:
“The Abyss is a dazzling page turner in Lara Blunte’s classic style that is smooth as silk. Spinning a web of deception and just-out-of-reach romance, Blunte satisfies the reader with sexy details that bring the romance to fruition. The lush historical setting of colonial Rio is painstakingly researched and painted with vivid imagery, and Clara and Gabriel bring out the best and absolute worst in each other, even at the brink of life and death.”

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